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The blood moon is in the sky.

Scarlet light shone on every corner.

The blood slaughtering formation was slowly turning like a grinding disc, as if it was going to grind all the creatures in the city into powder.

The blood and blood in the crowd were churning, and they looked at the terrifying demon embryo in horror.

The blood moon is incomplete and dissatisfied, yet it has such power.

If the blood qi fills up and turns into a full moon, I am afraid that all living beings will turn into blood water in an instant!

Wang Mao’s eyes trembled.

If it weren’t for Su Shi, Yangyang Wasteland City would be completely reduced to a ghost land!

But now…

“Saint Son Su. 35

Su Shi paused.

Wang Mao stopped in front of him.

Su Shi frowned: “What are you doing?”

Wang Mao said with a smile: “Let me come, I will destroy this devil.”

Slaughter thunderbirds, find out the truth, break the evil spirits, and stop the tide of beasts.

In the eyes of the world, this devil, who is a disaster for the common people, has already paid too much for the common people.

“It is my duty to protect the wasteland city, thank Su Shengzi for everything he has done, and then leave it to me. 35

Wang Mao’s expression was firm and unafraid, “I will burn my blood and self-destruct, and I will perish with this demon. Please ask Su Shengzi to protect the people in the city!”

He’s already dying!

This is the land of the King of Linlang, how can foreign races be rampant and arrogant!

But Su Shi shook his head and said: “I understand Wang Zongbing’s mood, but even if you burn your life, it won’t help.

“This demon embryo and the big formation are a whole, as long as the blood slaughter big formation is not broken, it cannot hurt the demon 330 embryos.

A flash of despair flashed in Wang Mao’s eyes.

He remembered that Su Shi had said that this formation could not be broken at all.

Could it be that they have done so much, but in the end they can only wait to die?

“I couldn’t break the formation before because I couldn’t find the formation eye.”

Su Shi looked at the blood moon, and said lightly: “Now the eyes are in front of you…”

He slowly stepped into the air, swaying up against the scarlet moonlight, “Let’s watch me pick the stars and embrace the moon.”

“Su Shi!

“Su Shi, come back soon!

“I’m coming, let me break the line!

The girls were furious.

Just staying on the ground has such pressure, how terrifying is the formation at the high altitude?

They wanted to fly to block, but were trapped by Su Shi’s formation.

His spiritual power was nearly exhausted, and he couldn’t break free for a while, so he could only watch him vacate in the air.

Wang Mao stared blankly at the white robe.

“Su Shengzi…”

outside the array.

Yu Jiaolong looked at this scene, and his indifferent eyes finally made waves.

anyone can die,

But Su Shi must not die!

Boom boom boom!

She speared out like a dragon, and the silver spear carried the Dao Law and poured out like a storm.

The blood-colored shield was crumbling.

But this is a ten-year-old formation of the Tiger Clan, and it has been integrated with the entire wasteland city. If you want to break through the formation, you can only start from the eye of the formation.

Even she can’t forcibly break it in a short time.


Yu Yuan’s black robe swayed in the wind.

Looking at the bloody light on the horizon in the distance, his brows could not help frowning.

“grinding, refining… what kind of formation is this?

“What does the Tiger Clan want to do?”

He had a bad feeling in his heart.

“Patriarch, no, it’s not good!”

A clan staggered and ran over.

Yu Yuan said in a deep voice, “Frightened, what happened?”

The clansmen looked terrified and trembled: “Miss, Miss, she’s gone!”

“What did you say?

Yu Yuan was stunned for a moment.

Then suddenly turned back and looked at the city surrounded by blood in the distance.

Thinking of her daughter’s performance last night, her heart clenched tightly.

“Lianer she…”

“not good!””

Yu Yuan took a step, and his figure dissipated instantly!

Su Shi flew towards the blood moon.

The demon fetus has a ferocious expression, and his voice is sharp and harsh:

“It’s useless, the blood grinds and turns, the living beings are crushed, and you will become the nourishment of the old body, giggle!”5

Under the nourishment of blood essence, its face gradually became clearer, and tiger stripes appeared faintly on its forehead.

You can even spit it out!

“Although the power of the great formation does not exist in ten, it is enough to hatch the old demon embryo.

“It’s just a pity that the supreme demon body cannot be achieved.

The devil’s eyes were a little unwilling.

It itself is the ancestor of the tiger clan, and its strength disdains hundreds of clans, but even so, it cannot stop (bcec) from the arrival of the cycle of life and death.

At the time of its fall, it held a breath of demonic energy and used it to conceive a demonic embryo in an attempt to cover up its secrets.

If the plan is successful, it can not only bring the dead back to life, but also achieve the supreme demon body that is immortal and immortal!

Become a true superpower!

“The blood evil spirit is seriously insufficient, Qiu Hu is a waste! 39

“But that’s enough, as long as the dead can be brought back to life, it’s not a waste of time. 99

The devil obviously didn’t take Su Shi seriously.

How can a mere Jindan practitioner break through the blood slaughter formation of nine days and ten places?

Su Shi ignored it.

Because he knows that this devil embryo is not the key, and the only way to turn things around is to break the formation!

The closer to the formation eye, the greater the pressure, as if the whole world was pressing on him.

Stars twinkled all over Su Shi.

Dressed in a starry sky, he flew away from the sky against the sky.

Seeing that he was getting closer and closer to the blood moon, the devil finally realized that something was wrong.

“Is this the meaning of the stars?”

“How can the Jindan realm grasp the meaning of the stars?!

before it responds,

Su Shi has slammed into the blood moon!

As if falling into the boundless sea of ​​blood, Su Shi drifts with the waves like a lonely boat.

Countless cruel thoughts surged in my mind.

Su Shi’s eyes were blood-red, with blue veins bursting out, full of mad and tyrannical killing intent!

The demon fetus sneered: “Giggle, so you are also a demon?

“Don’t bear it anymore, kill it, kill all the creatures in this city, and become the supreme demon together with the old man!”


A soft sound.

Su Shi’s body shone with golden light, and his eyes instantly regained clarity.

The golden body of no guilt, removes all distractions!

“Magic? 35

Su Shi sneered and said, “Gong participates in good fortune, it is extremely exhausting, and it acts arbitrarily, and replaces it with oneself! 55

“Such a square is a magic!””

“As for you…”

He looked sarcastic, “Buried in the soil for nearly ten years, you have to rely on the lives of mortals to survive, look at your ridiculous appearance, what is the difference between you and maggots?

The demon fetus jumped like thunder, and said in exasperation: “Let’s be presumptuous! Huangkou child, when the old body regains its vitality, I will definitely tear you to shreds with my own hands!

Su Shi shook his head, “Unfortunately, you don’t have that chance.””

“Oh, you are nothing but a golden core…”

Before the devil’s words were finished, his expression froze on his face.

I saw the mysterious ancient seals appearing on the surface of Su Shi’s body, and the sound of the avenues reverberated through the world.

He seems to be like an oven, burning the boundless sea of ​​blood to boiling!

“The void is broken to see the true me.

“Hunyuan is infinite, yin and yang are reversed!”


The sea of ​​​​blood rolls back, and the world changes!

In the wasteland city.

Everyone stared blankly at the blood moon disintegrating.

In the vast blood mist, faintly through the blazing sun!

Change the day, change the day, reverse the yin and yang!

Wang Mao’s throat was dry and his lips moved, “Su Shengzi…he really took off the moon.


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