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Qiu Hu was dumbfounded.

He had learned his lesson from the failure of the Thunderbirds to attack the city before.

This time, the blood jade was used to connect the depths of the barbaric world, and the beasts were directly thrown into the city.

As long as the blood energy is sufficient and the blood moon is complete, the blood slaughter formation can be successfully launched.

Refining blood essence, nourishing demon embryo.

More than 200,000 human blood essence!

If the ancestor’s demon embryo can hatch smoothly, then the tiger clan will have the supreme power!

At the same time, it can provoke the war between the two clans, the forces of the entire wild world will inevitably be reshuffled, and the tiger clan can take the opportunity to return to the top of the wild!

This game of chess, he has planned for nearly ten years!

Now it has been ruined by these few Jindan practitioners?

The ghost-faced man said in a low voice, “My subordinates said that among the practitioners supported this time, some of them are very strong…”

Qiu Hu gritted his teeth, “Then you didn’t say it was so strong!

He has been cautious enough.

Whether it is the tide of beasts or the terrifying beast, it is definitely not something that the Golden Core Realm can resist.

It stands to reason that there can be no mistakes.

But there are only four people on the other side, but they have turned the world around abruptly!

The ghost-faced man said with difficulty: “They are the top talents of the Linlang country, especially the man in white, who is the holy son of the Nether Sect, Su Shi, a genius who has never met in ten thousand years. 35

Qiu Hu was stunned for a moment, “Netherworld Sect? That Yun… Netherworld Demon Emperor’s sect?

“That’s right.”

The ghost-faced man nodded.

Qiu Hu’s expression changed, and a trace of fear flashed in his eyes.

“No, absolutely can’t let them go!

“Even if the blood is not enough, I can’t wait, ready to launch the formation to catalyze the hatching of the devil’s embryo!

The ghost-faced man hesitated: “But the blood moon has not been completed yet, even if it is successfully hatched, the strength of the ancestor will not reach its peak.

Insufficient blood qi, evil spirits leaked out.

The power of the blood slaughter formation has been lost.

Qiu Hu frowned and said, “It can’t be delayed any longer! If the great human race comes, you and I will be finished~”!”

“All right.”

The ghost-faced man squeezed the blood jade in his hand.

At this moment, an indifferent voice sounded:

“Ha, found you.


The two looked back suddenly.

I saw a woman in strong suit standing behind her, shaking a jug in her hand.

The ghost-faced man was stunned for a moment, then he gasped, “Qing, Qinglong?!”

Yu Jiaolong tilted his head and asked curiously, “You actually know me? 35

“Sir, run quickly, she is the Eastern Saint Messenger of the Nether Sect!

The ghost-faced man turned around and ran.

next second,

His legs left his body, like a kite with a broken string falling into the clouds.

Qiu Hu didn’t even see how the opponent made his move!

He finally realized that something was wrong, the tiger stripes flickered on his forehead, and his figure instantly spanned hundreds of miles!

Yu Jiaolong hesitated for a moment.

Glancing at the city below, he shook his head and said, “Forget it, just run and run, anyway, my mission is to protect Su Shi.”5

She slowly fell from the air and walked to the ghost-faced man.

His body was almost cut in half, and he fell from a height of 10,000 meters, but the ghost-faced man still did not die.

Lying on the ground and twitching constantly, blood flowed freely on the ground.

Lifting off the green ghost mask, Yu Jiaolong frowned slightly.

“Human race?”

This ghost face turned out to be the face of a middle-aged man!

Yu Jiaolong shook his head, “As a human race, but you like to be a dog for other races, your hobby is quite special.

The ghost-faced man spat out blood in his mouth, and said with a wicked smile: “Unfortunately, you are still one step late.


Yu Jiaolong looked down.

I saw that the blood jade was soaked in blood, emitting a strong red light!

And the great formation that enveloped the wasteland city started to slowly turn!

“not good!”

She instantly appeared over the city.

But the blood-colored shield kept her out.

Yu Jiaolong stretched out his palms, his brilliance condensed, and a silver overlord spear appeared out of thin air!

“Open to me!


In the wasteland city.

The void fissure was closed, and there was no continuous beast tide, and the fierce beasts in the city were finally slaughtered.

The corpses filled the streets and piled up into hills, and the pungent smell of blood filled the nostrils.

Su Shi’s face paled slightly.

Even with the blessing of the Heaven and Human Scriptures, the use of supernatural powers at such a high intensity made his spiritual power almost dry up.

Children are in worse condition.

They sat on the ground one after another, took out the spiritual stone and began to adjust their breath.

Most of the officers and soldiers were painted, and many people were buried in the beast’s mouth, but overall the casualties were very minor.

Wang Mao limped over, panting heavily: “Su Shengzi, is this safe for us temporarily?”

“It should count…”

Before he finished speaking, he suddenly looked up.

I saw the blood moon on the horizon was blooming with dazzling light, and a faint red mist filled the air.

Su Shi’s pupils contracted, “No, the formation is activated!”9


A baby-like cry rang out.

In the background of the blood moon, a baby with a dark demonic energy was hanging in the air.

The eyes are blood red, the skin is dark, and the mouth is full of terrifying teeth!


Qiu Hu’s vain attempt to refine 200,000 living beings is for this ancestor’s demon embryo!


The baby cries shrilly.

Everyone’s body sank suddenly, as if there was a heavy burden on them.

The officers and soldiers poured out blood from their noses and mouths, but instead of dripping down, they rolled backwards and flew into the air, condensing into a blood-colored crystal.

As the blood crystals got bigger and bigger, the blood in their bodies seemed to boil.

Even the skin began to seep a drop of blood!

The officers and soldiers are still like this, the people can imagine!

Suppressing the surging qi and blood, Su Shi clenched his teeth, “The blood qi is insufficient, and the evil spirit is leaking, even so, do you have to force the formation?”

Simply insane!

Zhan Qingchen walked over with difficulty and asked, “What should we do now?”

Su Shi’s eyes were cold.

The power of the blood slaughter formation was greatly reduced (good) weak.

But even so, it is not something that ordinary people can afford.

If the blood essence condensed is enough, this devil embryo really hatches successfully, I am afraid everyone will die here!


The scarlet eyes of the demon fetus looked at the crowd, cracking open its hideous mouth, revealing a greedy smile.

“The only way at the moment… ear”

Su Shi looked at a blood moon, and said lightly: “Just take that moon off.

Zhan Qingchen was puzzled: “Pick the moon?”

How can this be done?

Su Shi took out the spiritual energy chalcedony, swallowed a drop of spiritual liquid, and his pale face recovered a trace of blood.

Then he took out a bunch of spiritual tools and immortal materials, and quickly arranged the formation around the few people.

A bright light lit up, protecting them in it.

The pressure of the big formation was suddenly relieved a lot.

Su Shi looked at Zhan Qingchen with a bright smile.

“You wait here, don’t move, I’ll take off the moon and show you.


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