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A middle-aged man in a black robe with a fleece collar walked into the room.

He had fair cheeks and a thin body, like a weak scholar.

Yu Lian’er hurriedly hid the beast ring and sat up, “Father, why are you here?”

Seeing her small movements, Yu Yuan shook his head helplessly.

Since the last time she came back from Linlang Country, she has become a little distracted, and she doesn’t know what she has been thinking about all day.

“I’m here to tell you, don’t run away secretly recently, especially you can’t go to Wasteland City.

“Got it. 35

Yu Lian’er responded weakly.

The last time I ran out secretly, only to be severely reprimanded after being discovered by Yu Yuan.

Seeing that she was in a low mood, Yu Yuan sighed: “The wasteland city has been frequently attacked by beasts recently, and the Linlang country suspects that it is my alien instigation. Your status is special, and if you are discovered by the human race, you may be in big trouble.”

Yu Lian’er frowned, “What the hell is going on here?”

Yu Yuan said solemnly, “It should be related to the Tiger Clan, but I don’t know exactly what they are thinking about.

The barbaric world is vast and boundless, not a piece of iron.

Similar to the human kingdom, there are hundreds of different ethnic groups, distributed in various regions of the wild world.

Ethnic groups with noble bloodlines and powerful strength are called “nobles”, and there are usually many small ethnic groups attached to them.

Both the Dangshan Tiger Clan and the Qingqiu Fox Clan belong to the top nobles.

But the relationship between the two races is very bad.

The strength of the Tiger Clan was originally very strong, but it has plummeted since the death of the ancestor, and has been suppressed by the Fox Clan all these years.

“If there are nearly a hundred Golden Core Thunderbirds, if there is no one behind them, I absolutely don’t believe it.

Yu Yuan’s eyes flickered.

What the hell are the tigers thinking?

Yu Lian’er was stunned, “So many! The wasteland city must have suffered heavy casualties, right?

Although she doesn’t have a good opinion of the human race… Of course, except for Su Shi’s brother.

But most people are always innocent.

Yu Yuan shook his head and said, “None of them died.

“The reinforcements from Linlang Kingdom have arrived, and some of the sect disciples are here, and their strength is not bad, especially that Su Shi, who killed dozens of thunderbirds with one sword~

“As expected of a complete saint, there are no rivals in the same realm.”

Linlang country has a super genius, and this matter has already spread to the barbarian world.

But Yu Yuan did not expect that the young man would be so strong.

“Su Shi?

Yu Lian’er was stunned for a moment and couldn’t believe it: “Brother Su Shi is here too?!

“Su Shi…brother?

Yu Yuan looked at her suspiciously, “You two know each other?”

Yu Lian’er’s pretty face blushed, and he stammered: “It’s just that I went to Linlang Country last time, and I had a relationship.”

“Really? 35

Yu Yuan pinched his chin, always feeling that something was wrong with his daughter.

Yu Lian’er bowed her head, and there seemed to be stars twinkling in her eyes.

“Brother Su Shi is in Wasteland City!”

“Then can I see him again?”

“So happy!

Wasteland City, City Lord’s Mansion.

In the council hall, representatives of various sects sat in the seats.

Their expressions swept away the panic before, smiling and talking freely.

“Let me just say, with Su Shengzi here, what kind of beast can be an opponent?

“Yes, that sword is really amazing, it’s like opening up the world!

“Dozens of Golden Core Realm instantly kill, what kind of concept is this!

“And Chief Zhan and Yushi Chen, tsk tsk, they are indeed top talents!”5

“To be honest, my legs were a little weak just now.”

Wang Mao also smiled.

The beast that attacked was extremely powerful.

Originally, the officers and soldiers were already determined to die, but in the end there were no casualties. The main credit for this is Su Shi!

Wang Mao said: “Su Shengzi, why don’t you say a few words?

The atmosphere was instantly quiet.

Everyone looked at the man sitting in the first place.

Su Shi, who had been silent all the time, raised his head and said lightly: “If you want me to tell you, you should go back early and don’t risk your own life.

Everyone’s expressions froze.

They didn’t expect Su Shi to say such a thing.

Zhan Qingchen and the others were also stunned.

Wang Mao frowned: “Su Shengzi, what do you mean by this?

“literal meaning.””

Su Shi raised his palm and threw out two corpses.

Looking at the human-faced beast-eared corpse on the ground, Wang Mao’s pupils shrank, “Alien?!

Su Shi said: “Ferocious beasts attacked the wasteland city, and there are aliens behind them. The flock of thunderbirds is not the end, on the contrary, the real danger has not yet begun.

Wang Mao frowned: “Then what was the purpose of their attack on the Wasteland City? 99


Su Shi said frankly: “The alien race will set up a blood slaughtering formation in the wasteland city, using the city as a melting pot, and using blood energy as an array to refine all the creatures in the city into blood essence.

he’s not loud,

But in the ears of everyone, it is like a thunderbolt!


“Making the entire city into a formation?! 39

“This, this is too scary!”

Everyone’s scalp was numb, and cold air was blowing from their backs.

Wang Mao suddenly stood up, “Su Shengzi, are you sure?!

Su Shi sighed and said, “I wasn’t quite sure at first, but now…

When he just got off the flying boat today, he saw the black air condensing over the city, and the blood was soaring to the sky.

Great omen of great evil!

Plus the flock of thunderbirds and those two aliens… exactly as in the books!

Nine days and ten places of blood massacre!

Wang Mao sat back on the chair feebly.

Su Shi won’t joke about this kind of thing, the crisis in this wasteland city is far beyond everyone’s imagination!

The other party actually wants to slaughter hundreds of thousands of human races!

“.” The Thunderbirds were defeated. In order to avoid the exposure of the plan, the other party is likely to start the action in advance, so…”

Su Shi glanced at the crowd, “You guys have time to run now.

This group of people is only Jindan cultivation base, even if they stay, it will not have any effect.

Might as well make it clear.

Everyone’s faces were pale and their heads were lowered.

The atmosphere became dead and oppressive.

Wang Mao was silent for a long time, and then he said: “What about the people in the city?”

Su Shi said, “Let’s get out as much as possible.

Wang Mao gave a wry smile, “More than 200,000 people, how to withdraw?

Wasteland City is located on the frontier and is in a remote location. The nearest city is also thousands (good), and their total number of people is only a few hundred…

Even if you send a letter to Weiyang now, it will take at least two days to deliver it.

By the time reinforcements arrive, it may be too late.

Wang Mao let out a suffocating breath, his expression became firm, “I will never abandon the people! Whether you go or stay, please feel free, I will take the officers and soldiers to fight until the last moment! 95

Although he was arrogant, it didn’t help.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Wang.

“This matter is no longer something I can wait to resolve.”9

“I will go back to the sect to bring rescue soldiers.

The practitioners got up and left.

No matter the right way or the devil way, no one wants to die in vain.

Soon, only a few people remained in the crowded chamber.

Wang Mao’s face turned pale and looked at Su Shi, “Su Shengzi, you…

At this moment, this magic star has become his only reliance.

Su Shi got up and stretched.

“Is there enough room for tonight? 39


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