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Su Shi slowly woke up.

I saw myself lying on a luxurious bed, with the Ling Luo Qing gauze treasure tent embroidered with Luan Feng in front of me.

There is a refreshing fragrance in the air.

“Where is this?

Just as he was about to sit up, there was a burst of pain all over his body.

Had to lie back helplessly.

Feeling the empty dantian and meridians, Su Shi couldn’t help shaking his head and smiling bitterly.

“There really isn’t a drop left.

“It’s just a bell, but all the spiritual power has been knocked out?”

The mysterious ancient seal on the Jiuyou Bell actually came from the same source as the Hunyuan Taihe Fu.

Induced by an inexplicable force, he subconsciously used the first turn of magical powers:

Invert yin and yang.

Use the power of good fortune to exert your own body, rush away with the general trend of heaven and earth, and explode the power far beyond your own realm!

The price is that the body is hollowed out…

“In the final analysis, the realm is too low. With the cultivation base of Jindan realm, it is still not enough to stimulate such supernatural powers.”

“But that ancient bell is very beneficial to me.”

At the beginning, Su Shi spent 300 plot points to learn “Heaven and Earth Hunyuan Jiuzhuan Taihe Fu”.

But limited by his own realm, he can only comprehend the first turn for the time being.

The nine secluded bells improved his understanding of Taihe Fu.

Now that the first round has been fully integrated, it has reached the threshold of the second round.

Su Shi frowned slightly, “This exercise was obtained in the inheritance of the ancient emperor, but the Jiuyou Bell was a treasure that existed when the sect was founded.”5

“Is there any connection between the two?

Just when he was puzzled, a prompt sounded in his ear:

[The host ascended to the throne of the Holy Son of the Demon Dao, the reputation of the Nether Rakshasa Sect has been greatly increased, and the plot value has been obtained by 50 points. 】

[Sikong Luoyue’s heart has undergone a slight change, which affects the subsequent plot trend, and gets 4 plot points. 】

Su Shi froze for a moment.

He can understand the increase in the reputation of the Nether Sect.

But what does this have to do with Sikong Falling Moon?

“Could it be that there was so much noise that she had murderous intentions towards me?’35

Su Shi thought to himself.

That girl is not to be provoked.

Although the meaning of killing is not as good as that of the Demon Sovereign, the realm cultivation base is not weak at all.

There is also the Empress Linlang who holds the king and sits on the frosty sky.

If he chooses to stand beside Yun Qiluo, then these will become his enemies.

“In any case, we must improve our strength as soon as possible.

Open the system panel.

[Host: Destiny Killer Su Shi]

[Status: Spiritual exhaustion, mental apathy]

[Talent: Perfect Saint Product]

[Realm: Late Jindan]

[Gong method: Heaven and Earth Hunyuan Jiuzhuan Taihe Fu (First Revolution), Heaven and Human Scripture (Consummation), Nether Breathing Method (Dacheng), Netherworld Magical Art (Xiaocheng)… 1

[Plot value: 110 points]

“Although the state is very poor, the plot value is quite a lot.

Su Shi rubbed his hands together and decided to open a blind box to find out how he felt.

The prize pool rotates, and the divine light flows.

“Open to daddy!”

He shouted the three-word mantra loudly.

Huaguang blooms, and the gift box opens.

[Obtaining Strange Objects: Phoenix Wearing Peony Costumes]


Su Shi picked up the red cloth in his hand, with question marks written all over his face.

It is silky smooth, delicate in texture, hollowed out everywhere, and has a faint fragrance.

“Isn’t this special code a belly pocket?!”

“Laozi’s story value is ten points, and he opened this thing?”

be cheated!

Sure enough, there is no eternal European emperor, only eternal routines!

He was now as black as Chief Afika.

[Feng wearing peony sacrificial costume: This sacrificial costume is embroidered with a phoenix wearing peony pattern, which is endowed with mysterious power. Wearing it, you will always be rich and noble, and have eternal glory, with beauty, light and happiness. 】

Su Shi frowned wildly.


Clearly false advertising!

Even if it really works, he can’t wear it by himself, can he?

It’s too shameful!

“you’re awake?”

At this moment, a sound of footsteps came from far and near, a familiar voice.

Magic Emperor?!

Su Shi was in a hurry.

If this thing is seen by the Demon Emperor, it will die!

But at this time, his spiritual power was exhausted, and he couldn’t even open the storage ring, so he could only stuff it under the quilt in a panic.

Yun Qiluo opened the gauze tent, holding a bowl of soup in her hand.

Looking at Su Shi, who was sweating profusely, he asked with concern, “Why are you so pale? Could it be that you are not feeling well?”

Su Shi wiped his cold sweat and sneered: “It’s okay, my subordinates are just a little empty…55

“Weakness is normal.

Yun Qiluo said: “You forcibly activated the supernatural power, and the spiritual power in your body was exhausted, but fortunately, the foundation was not damaged.

Speaking of this, she complained in her tone, “This seat is just letting you go through the motions, who told you to be so serious?”

Su Shi shook his head and said, “The Holy Lord trusts me, and I naturally cannot disgrace the Holy Lord.

Yun Qiluo smiled, “Shout, you are sweet.”

Su Shi really didn’t embarrass her.

On the contrary, it gave the whole sect a big face.

The nine secluded bells rang through Kyushu, the imposing manner of the secluded sect soared, and the momentum of the demonic way reached an unprecedented peak 1

Seeing that beautiful smile, Su Shi’s throat moved, “It’s the Lord’s smile that is sweeter.”

Yun Qiluo’s pretty face blushed instantly.

She looked a little flustered, and snorted coldly: “You bastard, your speech is getting more and more presumptuous.”

“That subordinate will not talk about it later.”

“Ben, this seat doesn’t mean that…”

Seeing his wicked smile, Yun Qiluo glared at him resentfully.

This bastard!

“This is made from the nine-turn golden elixir and the blood essence of Qianyang, and you can recover quickly after drinking it.

She picked up the soup bowl, scooped up a spoonful of soup medicine and put it to his mouth.

Su Shi scratched his head and said, “Don’t dare to trouble the Holy Master, it’s better for your subordinates to do it yourself.

Yun Qiluo glared at him, “Are you despising this seat?”

“Of course not. 39

“Open your mouth.

Su Shi obediently drank the soup.

I remember it was Zhan Qingchen who fed him 330 pills like this last time…

“Open your mouth, ah~”


The medicine that the Demon Emperor personally boiled, the effect was truly extraordinary.

In almost a moment, his dantian was filled with spiritual energy, and the abundant spiritual energy was surging in the meridians.

Refreshed and alive, swept away the previous malaise.

Su Shi surrendered. “Thank you Lord.

Yun Qiluo shook her head and said, “It’s okay.

“By the way, your new residence, this seat has been cleaned up.”

Since he is already a holy son and has an honorable status, naturally he can no longer be crowded with those inner disciples.

But Su Shi frowned slightly and seemed a little hesitant.

Yun Qiluo snorted coldly: “This seat knows that you can’t worry about Bai Qing, even if she doesn’t join the sect, you can bring her to the sect, and the position of the commander of Fengsha City will be reserved for you.

Su Shi breathed a sigh of relief and said gratefully: “Holy Lord, you are so kind to me.”

The corners of Yun Qiluo’s mouth twitched slightly, “It’s good to know.”

At this time, she glanced at it and noticed that there was a red corner of the quilt under the quilt.

“Huh? What is this?”

Su Shi’s pupils shrank, “Wait!

But it was too late, Yun Qiluo had already tore out the piece of cloth.

Looking at the hollowed-out red apron in her hand, her cherry lips were slightly opened, her pupils trembled, and her pretty face smudged bright red.

Brighter than the color of the apron!

“Su, Shi!! 99

Su Shi lowered his head and wanted to cry without tears.

This time it’s really over!


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