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Chief disciple.

The real one is below ten thousand people!

In the Nether Rakshasa Sect, there is no need to obey anyone except the Holy Master.

Even the elders and the holy messengers will shout Su Shengzi when they see it!

Su Shi walked slowly into the main hall.

All eyes were on him.

The eyes of the elders and disciples were excited and frenzied.

A perfect genius!

Such a genius has become the holy son of the devil, and will shine in the future. Why should the devil not be successful?

The eyes of the holy envoys from the four directions are also full of interest.

Cen Baihu hugged his shoulders and sighed: “I have to say, the Holy Master’s vision is still good. 39

When Su Shi first joined the sect, he obviously only had high-grade ordinary talents.

But the Holy Master, regardless of everyone’s opposition, must personally guide him in his practice.

This caused quite a stir at the time.

But now it has been proved that,

There is nothing wrong with the vision of the Holy Lord!

Feng Zhongque nodded and said: “Su Shi is really good “Three Three Zeros”, and the talent and temperament are all good. 99

The old man with a short stature and a ricket envy said: “He is really handsome, and his figure is also very good. If the old man can have this appearance, it will not be popular with thousands of girls?

Cen Baihu frowned and said, “Wu Xuanming, don’t be disgusting, can you?

“Come and spit in my mouth.”

“I ride a horse…”

The two of you choked with each other.

Yu Jiaolong didn’t say a word, holding the jug to keep pouring.

Su Shi walked to the center of the hall, bowed and said, “Disciple Su Shi, I have seen the Holy Master.

Yun Qiluo nodded, “Go and ring the bell.””

She doesn’t like complicated and complicated rituals, and no one will question Su Shi’s talent.

But this step cannot be omitted.

Nine secluded bells.

The ancient bronze bell hanging above the main hall.

The origin of this bell is mysterious, and it existed when the Nether Sect was founded.

Every time the head and the chief ascended the throne, they had to ring the bell in person.

“Yes. 99

Su Shi flew up and came to the bronze ancient bell.

I saw that this ancient bell was simple in shape and rough in appearance, and seemed to have experienced thousands of years of rain, snow and frost.

It is engraved with complicated and mysterious ancient seals.

Su Shi always felt that she looked a little familiar.

He stretched out his hand and slowly touched the ancient bell.

There is a feeling of being one body, as if it is connected with the blood of this ancient bell!

The Hunyuan Taihe Fu was running rapidly, ancient seal characters appeared faintly on the surface of the body, and a faint divine light flashed on the bronze bell.

Yun Qiluo frowned slightly, “This seems to be the same as that night…”

Time passed by minute by minute.

“Why doesn’t he ring the bell?”

“Isn’t it impossible to get Gu Zhong’s approval!

“Impossible, Commander Su is a perfect talent of the saint!”5

“But Jiuyouzhong doesn’t just see talent.

The disciples talked in a low voice, and even the elders couldn’t sit still.

Yu Jiaolong seemed to be aware of it, and there was a hint of surprise in his eyes.


Su Shi closed his eyes, and the light under his slightly trembling eyelids was bright!

Heaven and Earth Hunyuan, Taihe Jiuzhuan.

This bronze bell actually comes from the same origin as “Heaven and Earth Hunyuan Jiuzhuan Taihe Fu”!

Countless information poured into the sea of ​​consciousness, like a commentary on the exercises, which continued to deepen his understanding of Taihe Fu.

The realm of the first turn has become more and more harmonious, and it is approaching the point of complete breakthrough!

“I don’t think I’ve ever used the magical power of the first turn?”

Su Shi suddenly opened his eyes and burst out with dazzling glory!

Gong participates in good fortune, inverts yin and yang!

The world fell into darkness in an instant.

Only he and Gu Zhong bloomed with brilliant brilliance.

The hall is filled with endless visions, the sky is falling, the ground is surging with golden lotuses, and the blue-blue dan fire is like auspicious clouds covering the dome.

The sound of Mingming Dao is deafening, and the image of the Dao is like boiling water churning!


The ancient bell made a shocking loud noise, and the mist over the rift was washed away!

The sound of rolling thunder spread across the sky.

Bells are ringing in Kyushu!

At this moment, the world knows it!

Everyone in the hall was dumbfounded.

Even the holy envoys from all directions were shocked.

Although it is said that the louder the bell sounds, it means that the person who ascends the throne is affirmed, but in fact, the material of this nine secluded bell is special, no matter how high the realm is, how strong the strength is, it is good to be able to ring!

But this Su Shi…

Cen Baihu swallowed, “This is too loud!

“The breath on his body seems to come from the same source as Jiuyou Zhong.”

Yu Jiaolong evoked a smile, “It seems that the Holy Master has indeed picked up a treasure.”

Looking at the smile that was like ice and snow, Wu Xuanming licked his face and said, “Longlong, you look so beautiful when you smile, like a spring flower…”


His whole body was directly smashed into the ground.

Cen Baihu also followed suit.

The bells stopped, the darkness dissipated, and the great hall returned to light.

Everyone looked at Su Shi frantically.


So shocking!

What kind of creation does this have to be to do this?

However, Su Shi swayed and fell like a kite with a broken string.

A shadow flashed by, and Yun Qiluo took him in his arms.

“You fool, you have used up all your spiritual power.

“You can just knock it, so why do you work so hard? 99

Yun Qiluo’s eyes were angry, she hugged Su Shi and flew away…

Leave a voice echoing in the hall:

“The nine secluded bell rings, the ceremony is completed, and from now on, Su Shi will be the holy son of the secluded Rakshasa Sect! 35

The hall was quiet for a moment, and then it boiled over to the sky!


Chen Wangchuan watched the clouds in the sky dispelled by the sound of thunder, and his eyelids twitched slightly.

“Nine secluded bells are ringing.”

“It should be Su Shi’s enthronement of the Son of Magic.”

“But this momentum is too amazing!

Thinking of the young man who saved his life, Chen Wangchuan sighed faintly, “Unfortunately, it can’t be used by my court…

Chen Qingluan on the side smiled brightly.

“Su Shi is amazing! 35

Yugan Palace.

There was dead silence in the hall.

The magic star ascends the throne, contrary to the sky!

Civil and military officials looked solemn.

Feng Chaoge looked out the window and said indifferently: “Last time the Jiuyou bell rang, it was Yun Qiluo, right?”

All the ministers shuddered.

The last time the bell rang, the Demon Emperor was born, opening a bloody chapter in the invasion of imperial power!

Then this time…

“Your Majesty, this Su Shi can’t be left alone! 35

“Saint products are perfect talents, and they are so compatible with Jiuyou Zhong, how terrifying the future will be… I dare not think about it!

“Let’s do it anyway!”

“Make sure to kill it!”

The ministers spoke up.

Feng Chaoge nodded and said, “Okay, the matter of assassinating Su Shi is up to the minister who made this opinion.

“The treasure house gods are chosen at will, no matter whether it is successful or not, I will give you a first-class official.”



Everyone looked at each other and lowered their heads.

Assassination of Su Shi?

What a joke!

They were only responsible for raising questions, and even Han Chen, the commander of the Imperial Guard, couldn’t do it, how could they have the ability to take Su Shi’s life?

Officer plus one…

That’s gotta be a life too!

Feng Chaoge’s phoenix eyes were cold.

A group of rubbish who only want to protect themselves!

“Since no one wants to go, I don’t want to hear this kind of talk again.””

“In the current situation, the frontier is the most important thing, don’t mention Su Shi again! 35


Sikong Yueyue listened to the sound of rolling thunder, and the clouds and mist all over his body churned endlessly.

“Su Shi is no better than a golden elixir, how could he have such power? 35

“Yun Qiluo really found a treasure!

“It would be great if the apprentice of Pindao… No, how could Pindao accept men as apprentices?”

“Impossible, absolutely impossible!”


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