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Yun Qiluo looked at Su Shi blankly.

I saw his figure hanging in the air, the blue-blue flame was burning, and mysterious seal inscriptions appeared all over his body, exuding a mysterious and mysterious aura.

Obviously, Su Shi was practicing.

The mysterious level of this practice method is inferior to even the Netherworld divine art.

But Yun Qiluo’s focus is not here at all.

“Is he in such a good shape?”

Su Shi usually wears white clothes and looks like a handsome scholar, but she didn’t expect her body to be so strong!

The muscles are knotted, blood is like a dragon, but it is not bloated at all, and the lines are clear and smooth.

Exudes a strong masculine charm.

Yun Qiluo’s cheeks flushed instantly, and she hurriedly turned her head and didn’t dare to look again.

But after a while, he quietly turned back, and Feng Mu looked at him curiously and shyly.

“I’m worried that he’s going crazy, um, yes, that’s it.

She comforted herself silently.

After an unknown amount of time, the flame gradually extinguished, the ancient seal on Su Shi disappeared, and he fell from the air.

Yun Qiluo hurried forward to catch him.

I saw Su Shi’s eyes closed and his brows furrowed, and he seemed to be in a coma.

She mobilized her spiritual power and walked around for a week, only then did she breathe a sigh of relief.

Su Shi was fine.

On the contrary, his meridians are like jade, his roots are round and his bones are mellow, his spiritual power is rushing like a river, and his physique has improved several times than before!

It’s just that the improvement was too fast, and it was too late to fully absorb it, resulting in some confusion in consciousness.

Just wait until he wakes up.


Looking at Su Shi, who was holding her hand and refused to let go, Yun Qiluo’s expression stiffened, “What should I do now!”

Su Shi had a dream.

I dreamed that I fell into the alchemy furnace of Taishang Laojun, and was burned and tempered by the raging fire.

After a long time, the flame finally went out.

He was hot all over, his anger attacked his heart, and it was as uncomfortable as a high fever.

Suddenly encountered a touch of coolness, as if found an ice cube in the desert, immediately clinging to it and not letting it go.

In a daze, Su Shi opened his eyes and found himself holding a beautiful figure.

“It should be Qing’er…

A thought flashed through him, and then he fell back into a drowsy sleep.

The sky is bright.

Su Shi opened his eyes, his mind was clear, and he stretched out comfortably.

“Cool! 35

The power of Hunyuan Taihefu is beyond his imagination!

He is a saint-grade perfection talent, and his bones are round and flawless, but this practice method has even improved his physique again.

It was as if the meridians were smelted into jade!

The most important thing is that every turn of Taihe Fu will come with a supernatural power.

The power is immeasurable!

“These three hundred points are worth it, and this is only the first turn.”5

The corners of Su Shi’s mouth twitched slightly.

Unlimited potential!

Suddenly, he smelled something and sniffed carefully.

“What does this taste like, it smells so good…”

Turning his head to look, his expression instantly froze, as if he had been cast on a body-fixing technique.

“Holy, Holy Lord?!

I saw Yun Qiluo lying beside her, her face blushing, her clothes messy, her eyes staring at the ceiling.

Su Shi’s scalp was tingling.

Looking around, I was sure it was my room.

“Holy Master, what have you done to your subordinates?”

He grabbed the quilt and huddled in the corner, weak and pitiful and helpless, “This subordinate is not such a casual person, even if you get my body…”


Yun Qiluo gritted his teeth and said, “It’s clear that you are holding on to this seat!”

Thinking of what happened last night, she couldn’t wait to find a hole to dig into.

I wanted to put the person on the couch and leave, but this guy didn’t know what he was dreaming about, and his hands and feet were not honest at all.

She was flustered and throbbing in her heart, she couldn’t use her cultivation, let alone break free, she didn’t even have the strength to speak.

Like a stiff piece of wood, he was held by Su Shi and slept all night.

“This prodigal son! 99

Yun Qiluo was ashamed and angry.

She is the Holy Master of the Netherworld, the Supreme Being of the Demon Dao, the synonym of killing, and the ruthless emperor who is cold-blooded and cruel!

To sleep with this guy?

If this is spread out, how will she face the people of the sect?

Su Shi scratched his head, “But this is the subordinate’s room, why does the Holy Master appear here? 95

Yun Qiluo’s breathing stagnated.


“Cough cough, I noticed that there was movement in the room, and I came to check it without worrying, who would have thought that you would be so presumptuous?

Su Shi recalled last night, “Could that ice cube be the Demon Emperor?!”

Thinking of this, he hurriedly got up and said, “My subordinates have offended, and I hope the Holy Master will not blame me!””

Yun Qiluo turned her head and said with a blushing face, “You, you put on your clothes first.

Su Shi was in a hurry for a while.

Just got dressed, but found that Yun Qiluo had disappeared.

Her indifferent voice came from the air:

…for flowers…

“This seat is going back to the sect first. If you dare to spread the word about this matter, this seat will kill you with my own hands!”

The room was quiet again.

Su Shi looked at the messy mattress with an unreal feeling.

He, and the Demon Emperor, slept for a while?

and still alive?

outside the room.

Yun Qiluo leaned against the wall, covering her hot and pretty face, her heart beating like a deer.

“How absurd! 35

All morning, Su Shi couldn’t hold back.

He leaned on his chin and stared blankly.

“I actually slept with the Demon Emperor?”

Although there was no substantial relationship, he fell asleep when he slept.

“When she reacts, she won’t kill me!”

Su Shi shuddered.

I began to seriously think about whether to pack up and run away.

dong dong dong.

At this moment, the door rang.

Su Shi packs up her emotions, “Come in. 35

Wu Mang pushed open the door and walked in, “Commander, the commander of Qianyang City is here. 99

“Commander of Qianyang City?”

Su Shi thought back for a while, thinking of Cao Jie who had his arm broken in Yulin City.

“Why is he here? Please come in.


Wu Mang backed out.

After a while, Cao Jie walked in, followed by a few followers who were carrying boxes.

“Come on, put it on the ground here.

Su Shi was taken aback for a moment, “Commander Cao, what are you doing?”

Cao Jie smiled warmly and said: “Commander Su, it’s been a long time since I missed you, so I came here to bring you some special products of Qianyang City.

The attendant opened the box, and the high-level spirit stones inside were full of dazzling treasures.

Su Shi laughed and said: “This is the special product you said? It turns out that there are spirit stones in Qianyang City?

“Commander Su is joking, a little thought.”

Cao Jie rubbed his hands together and smirked.

This is not a point of intention.

This is almost all of his family wealth since he was in command for so many years!

To say it doesn’t hurt is a lie.

But no way, who made him offend Su Shi?

I originally thought that the other party was a dandy who relied on the background, but I didn’t expect that in just over a month, it had already soared into the sky!

The saint is a perfect genius, and the Nether Demon Emperor personally protects the Dao!

Who in the world can compete with each other?

In case the other party settles accounts with him after the autumn…

Cao Jie shivered.

He is afraid! Thousand.


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