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“No wonder you seldom go back to the sect, so you are hiding in the golden house?

Yun Qiluo sneered.

This Damn it guy!

I just said that she was the only one in my heart, and I gave her a red heart pendant. It turned out that it was all a lie?

There is really nothing good about men!

Looking at her resentful and bitter eyes, Su Shi swallowed nervously.

Why do you feel like the Demon King…


“The Holy Master really misunderstood. Bai Qing has followed her subordinates since she was a child. She was a maid brought from the Su family. As for the cultivation talent…it was discovered by accident recently.”

Su Shi explained.

Bai Qing also nodded vigorously.

Although she is stupid, she is not an idiot. There is only one person who can make the young master worthy of the Holy Master.

The legendary cold-blooded, ruthless, murderous ghost emperor!

Yun Qiluo frowned slightly.

A dim light flickered in his eyes, and he looked carefully at Bai Qing.

I saw that the other party’s eyes were clear and bright, and the yin between the eyebrows was still not dissipated, and he was indeed still a virgin.

“Is it really a maid?

Yun Qiluo said hesitantly, “The warm bed I just said…”

Bai Qing blushed and said: “It’s just warmth, the slaves are not overstepping the rules.

Yun Qiluo breathed a sigh of relief.

The haze in my heart dissipated, and my mood eased a lot.

“Hmph, count you acquainted.

“Cough cough.”

Su Shi patted his chest and said, “Don’t worry, Holy Master, your subordinates are like jade, keep your body clean, you are definitely not such a casual person.”

Yun Qiluo’s pink cheeks were slightly red, and she snorted, “What does it have to do with this seat if you are casual?”

After speaking, he walked into the hall with his hands behind his back.

The steps are brisk, the skirt is flying, and the pearls are round and jade under the Luo skirt, which is full of bright and beautiful atmosphere.

Su Shi’s throat moved.

This Demon Emperor is so damn sweet!

in the hall.

Yun Qiluo sat first.

Looking at the few people in front of him, his eyes were slightly startled.

“This is all… you cultivated?”

I saw six people kneeling on one knee, with vigorous energy, all of them were practitioners of the Golden Core Realm.

Although this strength is insignificant to her, it is a very exaggerated force in Southwest State!

There is a tacit understanding between various forces, and the powerful and strong cannot arbitrarily interfere in the mundane.

The commanders of the cities in the Southwest Province are all in the realm of Jindan, and even Su Shi was only in the late stage of foundation building, so he could serve as the commander of the Sandstorm City.

six golden pills,

Enough to make Fengsha City No. 1 in the Eight Cities in Southwest China!

“Six Jindan subordinates, a super-quality perfect genius~”

Yun Qiluo’s original intention was to make Su Shi a free and easy leader, but he did not expect him to manage this small town so powerfully!

There was a glimmer of admiration and pride in her eyes.

“You’ve done a good job, as expected of a man who is respected…

Su Shi modestly said: “It is all up to the Holy Master to cultivate.

Yun Qiluo deliberately frowned: “Are you mocking this seat?”

Over the years, she has never offered any help.

Su Shi hurriedly said: “The Holy Master has misunderstood, subordinate…”

“But that’s okay.”

Yun Qiluo blinked, “This seat will train you well in the future.”

Su Shi’s heart beat faster.

Why is this Demon King so attractive?

At this time, Yun Qiluo looked at Bai Qing and asked, “You are very talented, are you interested in joining my Netherworld Rakshasa Sect?

The Nether Demon Emperor personally issued an invitation.

So far, only Su Shi has this honor.

Bai Qing did not answer, but lowered her head and said: “All slaves and servants obey the command of the son.

“You are faithful.”

Yun Qiluo was not angry and asked Su Shi, “Then would you let her join the sect?”

Su Shi hesitated for a moment, then shook his head and said: “Thanks to the Holy Master for his love, but my subordinates don’t want Qing’er to be involved in the dispute between the righteous and the devil.

Superb perfect talent,

In time, it will be the second Zhan Qingchen.

The addition of a super genius to the magic path will surely make waves in Kyushu. If the imperial court and the righteous path take action against Bai Qing, the consequences may be unimaginable.

“Okay, this seat knows.”

Yun Qiluo nodded, but did not force it.

Su Shi cautiously said: “Holy Lord, are you not angry? 39

After all, he refused the invitation of the Demon Emperor.

Yun Qiluo smiled and said: “Of course not angry, it is enough to have you in this seat.”

After she finished speaking, she realized that something was wrong, and hurriedly changed her words with a blushing face: “This seat is saying that it is enough to have your subordinates.”

Bai Qing on the side was stunned.

Isn’t it said that the Nether Demon Emperor is the most cold-blooded and ruthless?

But the woman in front of her was so bright and beautiful, so charming that she couldn’t take her eyes off her!


On the top of the mountain, in the clouds.

The two figures sat opposite each other.

Sikong Yueyue was still shrouded in clouds and mist, his voice was ethereal, “Qingchen, your realm has broken through?

Zhan Qingchen nodded, “Tianqu Mountain has the opportunity to inherit, and the disciple has entered the middle stage of Jindan. 35


Sikong Zuiyue praised: “It seems that this trip to the Northern Territory is not in vain.

Then he asked, “What about Su Shi? What about him?”

Zhan Qingchen replied: “Su Shi is the leader in all tests, and his realm has entered the late stage of Jindan, and no one can compare with him.

The air fell silent.

After a long time, Sikong Zuiyue sighed and said, “.” He is extremely talented and has boundless luck. I’m afraid no one will be able to stop him in the future.

Yun Qiluo was so protective of her shortcomings, Feng Chaoge would definitely not dare to act rashly.

But let this child grow up, is it a blessing or a curse for the common people in the world?

Zhan Qingchen hesitated for a moment and said, “Master, Su Shi is actually not a bad person…”

Sikong Zuiyue wondered, “What do you mean by that?”

Zhan Qingchen said: “In the secret realm of inheritance, Su Shi has helped many times, not only helping the disciples pass the test, but also saving everyone’s life in the end.

“If it wasn’t for him, the disciple would have fallen into the secret realm.”

The monster pretended to be the ancient emperor, and the secret realm collapsed and collapsed.

If it weren’t for Su Shi, they would probably be buried with Asgard.

Sikong Yueyue was stunned, “Really?”

Zhan Qingchen nodded, “It’s absolutely true.

Seeing that she didn’t seem to be lying, Sikong Yueyue fell silent.

“For Mo Dao, this time is the best time to get rid of (Qian Hao) Righteous Dao Tianjiao.

“But Su Shi not only didn’t fall into the trap, but actually saved Qingchen’s life?”

“Yun Qiluo is so cold-blooded and crazy and regards human life like a mustard, how could he cultivate such a disciple?”

The clouds and mists were rolling in endlessly, and it was obvious that he was not at peace.

“No wonder you and Chen Qingluan would stop Han Chen, it turns out that Su Shi was your savior?”

“He’s still a disciple’s man…”

But Zhan Qingchen didn’t dare to say this.

Thinking of what happened in Tianqu Mountain, her eyes were cold and her face was frosty, “Su Shi didn’t do anything evil, should he die just because his talent is too strong?

“Feng Chaoge is too unreasonable!

Sikong Yueyue shook his head, “For the imperial power, how can there be any distinction between good and evil? As long as the imperial family is threatened, they are all enemies.”

Zhan Qingchen rolled his eyes and said cautiously, “Master, why don’t we bring Su Shi in?”

Sikong Falling Moon: “Huh?” 9


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