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After Su Shi heard the prompt, he was also slightly stunned.

Tianyizong was destroyed by the Demon Emperor?

Although Tianyi Sect is a righteous sect, it is actually not a good thing. From top to bottom, the sect has done dark things behind the scenes.

It can be seen from the choice of the brothel where the Zongmen resides.

In the plot of the book:

Tianyi Sect was just a springboard for Ye Xiao. After obtaining enough benefits, he left. Finally, he discovered the darkness of the sect. The backhand was a righteous move to destroy relatives, reflecting the stalwart personality of the protagonist.

Therefore, even if the Demon Sovereign does not destroy the Heavenly Sect, it will eventually be destroyed by the “heir” Ye Xiao.

“But the Demon Sovereign is definitely not trying to act for the sky, there is only one reason for her to act…”

Before entering Tianqu Mountain, Tianyizong Keqing attacked Su Shi, but was beheaded by the holy envoy Fengzhongque.

This has obviously touched the inverse scales of the Netherworld Rakshasa Sect.

Yun Qiluo wants to stand up!

Since then, apart from superpowers, no one in the right way dared to attack Su Shi’s idea!

Ye Xiao frowned, “What do you mean by that?”

Su Shi shrugged, “Just now, the Demon Sovereign defeated Tianyi Sect, and your sect no longer exists.”

“Hmph, don’t lie to me, how can 12…”

The voice stopped abruptly.

Ye Xiao stared blankly at the broken jade pendant on his wrist.

It was the spiritual jade that his Taoist protector kept close to his body so that he could sense his position in a critical moment, but now it has been shattered into powder for no reason!

The Guardian has fallen!

Turns out Su Shi wasn’t lying…

One day is over!

Ye Xiao was in a hurry, and a mouthful of blood spurted out, his face turned ashen.

Looking at the almost substantial dead energy, Su Shi’s Qingshuang moaned softly, and said lightly, “Guess luck will be on your side this time?

“Don’t kill me, I have a great chance! I know a lot of secrets, as long as you don’t kill me, I, I will tell you everything!”

Ye Xiao spoke incoherently and looked terrified.

Under the shadow of death, his psychological defense has completely collapsed.

Su Shi shook his head boringly, “Shout, Son of Destiny…”


Cyan frost flashed, and the sword energy was vertical and horizontal.

Ye Xiao’s neck was cold, and his expression completely solidified on his face.

“Impossible… I am favored by the destiny… When I look down on the Nine Realms… I haven’t…”

Consciousness completely slipped into the dark abyss.

A series of prompts sounded in Su Shi’s ear:

[The host killed “Ye Xiao”, which greatly changed the plot trend and gained 270 plot points. 】

[The Son of Destiny falls, the fortune is reversed, and the destiny falls side by side. 】

[The host’s luck increases, and the current camp “Nether Rakshasa Sect” has an increase in the luck. 】

[The host obtained the title of “Destiny Killer”. 】

“Less than three hundred plot value?”

Su Shi frowned slightly.

This plot value seems a lot, but you must know that the other party is Ye Xiao!

As the man of destiny, is it worth these three melons and two dates?

A top-level exercise in the store costs 998!

“What a scammer!

Su Shi complained silently.

Seemingly heard his voice, the system responded:

[The amount of the plot value reward depends on the degree of change in the subsequent plot. Destiny is endless, and the Nine Realms are vast and boundless. Please make persistent efforts. 】

Su Shi understood what the system meant.

Although Ye Xiao is the male protagonist in the book, the reality is not a novel, and it will not revolve around only one person. This is a real and cruel world.

Even without Ye Xiao, the wheels of the Nine Realms will continue to roll.

Zhengmo will still compete in the Central Plains.

Feng Chaoge, Yun Qiluo, Sikong Zuyue… These days, people who hit each other will still dominate the ups and downs.

What Su Shi wants to change is not just the plot, but the whole world!

“Okay, the layout is open.”

Su Shi didn’t care anymore.

In addition to the plot value, there are other gains.

Luck is nothing but an ethereal thing, but it affects everything invisibly. Anyway, it’s luck given for nothing, so who would think that he is lucky?

What interests Su Shi the most is the title “Destiny Killer”.

Closer look:

[Destiny Killer: When interacting with the Destiny character, the physical and mental state will temporarily improve, including but not limited to: spiritual power running speed, spiritual power recovery speed, physical strength, qi and blood strength, willpower…]

Looking at the dense text behind, Su Shi couldn’t help scratching his head.

The status bar is too long!

“I can understand everything else…but what the hell is a charisma boost!”

At this time, Chen Qingluan walked up to him.

“Su Shi, shall we go or not…

Before she finished speaking, she was stunned.

I saw that Su Shi’s cheeks were handsome and unpretentious, and there seemed to be bright stars in his eyes, and his eyes looking at her were extremely deep, as if a mysterious black hole made people sink into it.

“Hey, talk?”

Su Shi reached out and shook his hand in front of her.

Chen Qingluan came back to her senses, her pretty face was faintly hot, and her heart was about to jump out.

“Damn it!”

“Why is this person getting better and better?”

She is addicted to swords and never cares about appearance, but now she feels that Su Shi’s face can’t be seen enough!

“Calm down, men only affect the speed at which I draw my sword!

Chen Qingluan took a deep breath, looked up and said, “I said, let’s… no, you, turn your face away first.”

Su Shi: “???”

At this moment, the ground suddenly trembled violently, and the entire palace was crumbling.


The dome collapsed!

I saw that the outside world was collapsing rapidly, revealing dark voids.

“No, this place is going to collapse!””


Su Shi’s expression changed.

There is no such plot in the book, is it a chain reaction caused by killing the heart lice?

“Go, there is an exit under the sky steps!

Everyone quickly left the palace.

The illusion attached to the sky has dissipated, but the spiritual energy in the secret is disordered, and it is impossible to fly in the sky.

At this time, the platform is already in danger, and this place cannot be left for long!

“Just go on foot.

Su Shi said: “You go ahead, I will cut the back! 35

“I’ll come!


The children all wanted to fight for the throne, Su Shi said impatiently: “Shut up!”

The air was immediately clean.

At this moment, the black-clothed girl said, “Why don’t I come…”

Su Shi nodded, “Okay, then you can come.”

The girl in black smiled bitterly.

This guy is really rude.

“Without using spiritual power, my body technique should be better than all of you.

She is not the Virgin of the Heart.

It’s just that she was in Asgard just now, if it wasn’t for Su Shi’s reminder, she might have really fought for the “Inheritance of the Ancient Emperor”.

Thinking of Ye Xiao’s terrifying appearance, I was still a little scared in my heart.

“Forget it, if it wasn’t for him, I might have become ugly.”

“Just take it for peace of mind.”


The secret realm is already on the verge of collapse!.


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