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Looking at Su Shi who was rummaging through boxes, the girl in black’s eyes flickered.

He has a strong and ruthless personality, and he can take advantage of every chance he has. His determination is rock-solid and can even ignore the test of heaven.

Even in the face of the ancient emperor’s inheritance, he still remained calm and keen.

Although the girl in black looked unhappy at him, she had to admit that this was the strongest of all the geniuses she had ever seen!

none of them!

Strength, temperament, and talent are all impeccable. Given time, he must be a giant demon owl who covers the sky with one hand!

Now, there is no image to search around…

But the girl in black did not show any contempt.

As the top genius of Mozong, resources must be inexhaustible, but he still does not miss any opportunity to improve himself!

This man is the most terrifying!

“Being his enemy should be miserable, right?”

For some reason, this idea suddenly popped into her mind.

As everyone knows, Su Shi didn’t think so much at all.

Although “Two Five Zero” is occupied by monsters, the Asgard Palace itself is indeed of extraordinary origin. It should be one of the ancient emperor’s palaces. Even some of the decorations are high-level spiritual treasures of excellent quality.

It’s a bastard to take advantage of it without taking advantage of it!

Even if you can’t use it yourself, you can bring it to Zhan Qingchen and Bai Qing.

“Unfortunately, this is not the real Emperor Zang, and there is no legendary extraordinary sacred treasure…”

At this moment, Su Shi noticed something.

I saw a simple wooden box lying quietly under the golden carved dragon chair.

He reached for it.

After opening it, there was an unknown ancient book inside.

Opened it casually, it was full of complicated ancient seals, and Su Shi didn’t even know a single word.

A reminder sounded in the ear:

[Obtaining the practice method: “Heaven and Earth Hunyuan Jiuzhuan Taihe Fu”, which can be acquired by consuming 300 plot points. 】

Su Shi was first taken aback by such a long name.

Then he was dazed by the huge sum of money.

“Three hundred points? That’s too expensive!

Su Shi was a little stunned.

There are many expensive exercises in the mall, and the price is even as high as nearly 1,000 points, but that is mainly the value of the exercises themselves.

If it is the practice that he has acquired himself, the plot value required to learn is very small.

“True Dragon Hope Qi Technique” only needs 40 plot points.

But this mysterious Taihe Fu actually requires a full 300 points!

“It is absolutely no trivial matter to explain the origin of this exercise!

Su Shi took the ancient books into his arms.

Although I still can’t learn it now, I always have a little dream to be a human being.

The monster who was fighting with everyone noticed this scene, and suddenly let out a piercing scream: “Put it down, Taihefu belongs to me! 35


The monster opened its big mouth and suddenly took a breath, and its body grew rapidly as if it was inflated.

The black energy in the four large hands condensed, forming the shape of a sword, axe, and tomahawk.

The magic power is surging, and it is invincible!

Everyone was forced to retreat by the magic flame.

Chen Qingluan frowned slightly.

The strength of this monster is not particularly strong, but it is extremely difficult to deal with. It is completely unbearable with black energy, and it can almost ignore the sword energy to kill.

Even if the figure is broken up, it will quickly reorganize.

Only Zhan Qingchen’s Taoism can cause substantial damage.

But compared with its huge stature, the power of Dao Fa is obviously not enough.

“It’s really troublesome…”

At this time, Su Shi’s voice sounded: “Thank you for your hard work.

I saw him walking slowly in front of the monster, looking at Ye Xiao’s ghastly pale face, and said lightly, “Let me end all this.”

“Su Shi!”

Ye Xiao’s voice was sharp and hoarse, “Damn it, I want to tear you apart!”

Su Shi’s eyes were indifferent, “You only have the courage to say such things through the body of a monster, right?”


Ye Xiao seemed to be stabbed in a sore spot, and the monster slashed at him with a sword!

The raging demon flames are wrapped in killing intent, and the strong wind pressure makes the spine chill!

Zhan Qingchen exclaimed: “Su Shi, be careful!

Su Shi’s expression did not change, and he took a step forward.

The world is suddenly quiet.

The movements of the monsters seemed to be slowed down countless times.

The dome above the palace disappeared, revealing the endless cosmic void, in which the dazzling galaxy revolves and shines!

The monster looked up, his body trembled slightly, and his voice was unbelievable, “The power of the stars? You actually realized the complete power of the stars?!

how can that be!

Even a saintly perfect genius, he is only in the Golden Core Realm!

Su Shi raised his right hand, palm facing the sky.

A gigantic star is rapidly approaching, hovering above the monster’s head, and the breath from the vastness of ancient times makes people tremble!

“Son of Destiny?

“Today, I will bury you, together with the destiny, together!”

The palm pressed down suddenly.

Divine Ability · Fallen Stars!


Earth collapses!

“Do not!”

The monster tried to raise its hand to resist, but it was instantly annihilated into fly ash!

The magic energy wants to regroup again, but the Milky Way is shining brightly, and the second star is falling fast!

The third one!


Su Shi hunts in clothes, black hair dances wildly like snakes, and the spiritual power of Jindan in the later stage is motivated to the extreme!

The stars crashed down with a fiery tail of flame!

The entire palace trembled violently, and the luxurious palace instantly turned into ruins…

It’s like the end of the world!

Looking at the mighty meteor shower in front of them, everyone stood there dumbfounded.

Is this definitely the power of the Golden Core Realm?

The girl in black swallowed.

No wonder this guy is in a hurry…

It turns out that the strength is so strong!

“You must tell the clan when you go back, don’t offend this guy!



With the last star falling, the black magic energy has completely dissipated.

Su Shi’s face paled slightly.

Although this magical power is powerful, it also consumes a lot of spiritual power.

If it wasn’t for the support of Heaven and Man, he might not be able to achieve this level.

Falling Stars is a divine power that he has realized, and its power is difficult to measure at the level of use.

Now with his realm, he can only imitate a trace of the meaning of stars.

If you can prove the Tao and ascend to the immortals, and even attract the stars of the nine heavens, that is the real destruction of the heavens and the earth!

The smoke cleared.

Ye Xiao was lying on the broken wall, his face was like golden paper, he was dying, and blood kept pouring out of his mouth.

There was a black reptile beside him, crawling far away with difficulty.

Blue flames flashed across.

Reptiles turned to ashes.

There is a sound in the ear:

[The host kills “Ancient Emperor Heart Louse”, which affects the subsequent plot trend, and gets a plot value of 4.2 and 20 points. 】

To put it bluntly, this monster is just a stray thought in the ancient emperor’s heart, which was enlightened after countless years of spiritual power.

“A mere louse dares to pretend to be an emperor, trying to take his body?”

Su Shi shook his head.

Walking in front of Ye Xiao, he looked down at the Son of Destiny.

The power of the magical power was absorbed by the monsters, Ye Xiao was able to survive, but he was on the verge of dying from serious injuries.

“Su Shi, you can’t kill me!

“I, I am a disciple of Tianyi Sect, if you dare to touch me, Zhengdao will not let you go!””

Ye Xiao looked frightened, and his voice was hoarse.

Su Shi was about to speak when a beep sounded in his ear again:

[Yun Qiluo destroys “Tian Yizong”, which affects the subsequent plot trend and gets 30 plot points. 】

Su Shi was stunned for a moment, then smiled brightly.

“Tell you the bad news, Tian Yizong has just become history.”


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