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The gate of the Asgard Palace opened in front of him.

Among them, the spiritual light is shining, the fairy energy is vertical and horizontal, it seems to contain infinite treasures, and there is a faint musical sound calling everyone to enter it.

Ye Xiao’s eyes were greedy.

The eight-faced exquisite, the sun and the moon rabbit, and the treasures of the spirit are all collected in the fairy palace!

Enter the fairy palace and grant longevity!

According to Leiyin, within this fairy palace, is the inheritance of the ancient emperor, which contains the law of longevity!

Which practitioner can refuse such good fortune?

But he didn’t dare to act rashly, and looked at the tall and straight figure.

Su Shi!

Asgard has opened, he has lost his right to speak, and now the situation is completely controlled by this devil!

If the other party is motivated to kill…

Ye Xiao silently took a few steps back.

Su Shi stood with his hands behind his back, looking at the luxurious palace in front of him, his eyes were deep – thoughtful.

“Let’s go.”

After saying that, he raised his legs and stepped into the palace gate.

The crowd followed behind.

Ye Xiao breathed a sigh of relief and followed them in, keeping a safe distance.

Opportunities are important, but you have to have your life to take them!

Enter the palace.

The clouds in the hall are white and clean, reflecting crystal pearls, and the ethereal and illusory like flowers are separated by clouds, making it difficult to distinguish between reality and reflection.

The flowing clouds are flowing under the feet, and the eaves are carved with golden dragons.

It is extremely luxurious, as if it is really like a fairy palace!

On the high golden dragon throne, a man sat.

Wearing a golden armor, wearing a bead curtain, and leaning on a sharp and unforged sword in his hand, the golden sword of the horse is like the king of the world!

“This is……”

Everyone was stunned.

Unexpectedly, there are still living people in this fairy palace!

Ye Xiao’s breathing was a little short, “Could this be the legendary Emperor Hanjiang? He is still alive! 99

The ancient emperor Li Hanjiang.

Overwhelming the world, arbitrary spring and autumn!

Pushing mountains and rivers 90,000 miles across, suppressing the world for hundreds of years!

Such a strong person has disappeared inexplicably, and no one in the world can find the slightest trace.

Some people say that it has fallen in a sitting position, and some people say that it has gone to an extraterritorial space.

I didn’t expect it to appear in front of my eyes now!

Ye Xiao once obtained the door knocker by chance, and learned that the inheritance of the ancient emperor was about to be opened.

Now that I can see it with my own eyes, my blood is almost boiling!

A majestic voice resounded:

“To be able to enter the fairy palace and see the widow, one must have the unparalleled talent, perseverance, and determination to be as solid as a rock.”35

The ancient emperor slowly raised his head.

Under the bead curtain, I can’t see the face clearly, but I can still feel the torch-like gaze:

“Saints are complete? It’s really rare.

Apparently, it was Su Shi.

Su Shi’s expression was calm, “It’s okay, compared to my handsomeness, my talent is only average. 39


Everyone was almost stunned.

This guy’s words are too outrageous!

Sitting across from him is the Emperor Qiangu!

The ancient emperor was slightly silent.

He doesn’t seem to know how to answer.

The bead curtain swayed, and the voice came again: “Since there is a fate, I will give you a fortune.

The ancient emperor stretched out his hand and seemed to be calling him over.

Ye Xiao lowered his head and clenched his fists into his flesh.

This is a real great creation!

The ancient emperor of Hanjiang!

Not to mention the entire inheritance, just a little leaking from the cracks of the fingers is enough to cultivate to the immortal and the Tao!

The jealousy and unwillingness in my heart were burning, almost devouring Ye Xiao!

However, Su Shi’s answer surprised him.

“I have always kept my word, and I have given this inheritance to others.”

Give it to someone else?

The children were stunned.

Has Su Shi lost his mind?

The ancient emperor seemed to be a little displeased: “Presumptuous! My supreme inheritance, how can you let it come and go?

Su Shi shrugged and said as a bachelor: “I don’t want it anyway, you can give it to whoever wants it.”

“I want!

Ye Xiao shouted loudly.

He knelt down and prostrated before the ancient emperor, “Your majesty, my emperor, the emperor who has ruled the ages! I am willing to accept your inheritance!

The words are incoherent, for fear that Su Shi will go back on it!

Don’t you want the inheritance you got?

This idiot!

The black-clothed girl was also a little nervous.

But she still kept her sanity, and her instinct told her that something was wrong!

The ancient emperor was silent for a long time, sighed, “Forget it, I will give it to you.

Ye Xiao’s face was red and ecstatic!

Su Shi’s eyes were deep.

Is the inheritance handed over to people?

He is not stupid!

Under the blessing of the True Dragon Wangqi Technique, the ancient Emperor Jinjia in his eyes was filled with a strong death aura!

The black fog billows, and the dead air is steaming like a cloud cover, covering the sky and the sun!

God damn it!

This is clearly an ancient corpse!

Seeing the ancient emperor’s palm caressing Ye Xiao’s forehead, Su Shi whispered: “Get ready!”

Zhan Qingchen and others saw that something was wrong long ago, and they all stood beside him and waited.


Just as the palm of the hand pressed Ye Xiao’s forehead, the thick black mist instantly swallowed the two of them!

“Ah ah ah!

The sound of beasts gnawing in the black fog was accompanied by Ye Xiao’s heart-breaking screams!

The girl in black shivered and looked at Su Shi in surprise.

…for flowers…

“He even counted this?”

After an unknown time, the screaming stopped abruptly.

The black fog gradually dissipated, revealing a ferocious and terrifying monster!

The body of dozens of meters high is composed of black mist, like a rolling and boiling swamp, and four strong arms are waving, and the appearance is extremely terrifying!

The face that was originally blocked by the bead curtain is now clearly visible.

It was Ye Xiao!

The monster’s voice was deafening, “Damn, I could have obtained the perfect body of the holy product!””

Scarlet eyes stared at Su Shi, the greed and unwillingness in his eyes were not concealed!

Cen Yiren said with difficulty: “This, this does not look like the ancient emperor!””

“Who said it was the ancient emperor?”

Su Shi’s eyes were cold, “The inheritance of the ancient emperor ends after ascending the ladder!

I am originally illusory, and there is no reason for immortality to exist.


Lei Yin said it very clearly, the external objects are all illusory, and the real immortal way no longer exists!

As for this thing in front of me, it’s just a demon who occupies a magpie’s nest!

No one can get out without killing it!

This is also the reason why Su Shi keeps Ye Xiao!


The roar resounded through the hall, and Ye Xiao and the monster’s voices overlapped, “Su Shi, damn you! 35

Crazy killing intent brought the temperature down to freezing point!

Although Ye Xiao has lost consciousness, the hatred for Su Shi in his heart is completely aroused!


Chen Qingluan’s face was frosty, and Qiushui came out of the sheath, “Tian Yizong’s waste, I wanted to kill you for a long time!”


Body shape like a lasing away!

The Cen Yi people carried the big sword, jumped up, and smashed the monster in the face!

Zhan Qingchen’s robes flew, and the divine light was as bright as the scorching sun!

And Su Shi…

He was rummaging through boxes and cabinets on the side.

Even the eyeballs of the dragon carvings on the pillars were buckled.

The girl in black frowned and said, “What are you doing?”

“Looking for the baby, didn’t you see it?

Su Shi didn’t turn his head back and said, “Although this ancient emperor is fake, this palace is real, and if you take out anything, it’s an antique! 99


The black-clothed girl looked at the crowd, “You…are you not nervous at all?”

“It’s just a monster, let’s train them first.”

“Since I dare to bring them here, it means that this monster must not be able to make any waves.”

Su Shi pointed at her feet and said, “Please excuse me, this carpet seems to be a spirit treasure.”9

The girl in black swallowed.

In contrast, this guy is the real monster! Thousand.


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