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Su Shi didn’t even think about it himself.

There are even “hidden rewards”!

Not only to be the first to reach the top, but also to endure the strongest illusion.

This condition is harsh.

But correspondingly, the rewards are also very impressive!

Directly let him ignore the shackles and break through two small realms in a row!

Moreover, this spiritual power has been tempered, and it is extremely pure without the slightest impurities, so even if the entry is fast, the foundation is still solid and solid.

The real Jindan late stage!

Feeling the surging power in his body, the corners of Su Shi’s mouth twitched slightly.

Twenty-year-old Jindan late stage?

Not only is there no one in the past, I am afraid that there may not be any comers in the future!

The girls looked at Su Shi with sparkling eyes.

If it weren’t for him to help, even if several people could reach the top, the speed would not be so fast.

to some extent,

This is the chance Su Shi gave them!

Zhan Qingchen smiled lightly in his eyes.

“This bad guy, in order not to arouse suspicion, even brought Qingluan with him?

Chen Qingluan’s face was slightly red.

“Su Shi is so brave, he was almost seen by Qingchen!”

Cen Yi lowered his head.

“Although this bad guy likes to bully people, but this time it’s really 250 thanks to him…”

The three are not on the same channel at all.

The despair in Ye Xiao’s eyes deepened.

Su Shi broke through again.

Originally, their strength was not as good as the opponent’s, but now the gap has widened even further, and a strong sense of powerlessness arises in my heart.

“No, I can’t give up, I still have a chance…”

At the same time, a prompt sounded in Su Shi’s ear:

[Chen Qingluan makes a decision, which affects the subsequent plot trend and obtains 10 plot points. 】

[Cen Yiren’s heart changes, which affects the subsequent plot trend, and gets 10 plot points. 】

[Ye Xiao is depressed and his luck declines, which affects the follow-up plot trend and gets 20 plot points. 】

Su Shi couldn’t help stunned.

Didn’t expect to get drama value like this?

Inadvertently insert willows and willows.

Originally, I just wanted to help them, but I didn’t expect that I would become the biggest beneficiary.

Not only did you break through two small realms in a row, but you also got 40 plot points!

[Do you want to learn a different technique: “True Dragon Watching Qi Technique”?]


Su Shi didn’t hesitate at all.

Although this thaumaturgy cannot directly improve the combat power, its effect is not comparable to that of any cultivation technique (bcec)!

The ancient book was automatically flipped, and the words appeared in the air, and finally turned into a bright light that disappeared between the eyebrows.

The world in Su Shi’s eyes suddenly changed!

I saw that there seemed to be a mist of mist around me, and my eyes were full of colorful “qi”!

The technique of hope.

Through the communication of aura and yin and yang, we can seek good luck and avoid bad luck, and observe the fortune.

The higher the realm of cultivation, the clearer you can see, and you can even reverse your lifeline if you cultivate to the depths!

Su Shi’s eyes swept across the crowd.

Everyone looked bright and prosperous.

They are the arrogance of the heavens, their destiny conforms to the destiny, and their luck is naturally far beyond that of ordinary people.

When looking at Ye Xiao, Su Shi’s eyes paused slightly.

I saw that the face of the other party’s head was dim, and there was a faint black mist transpiring. This is the sign of defeat!

Reminds the system prompt: Depression, luck decline.

Su Shi shook his head and sneered.

It seems that these tests of several realms have dealt a huge blow to Ye Xiao, and he has even begun to doubt himself.

“The mind is not strong, the will is weak, can’t stand a little setback, and dare to claim the destiny?

There was no sympathy in Su Shi’s eyes, only frosty coldness!

If Ye Xiao gains power, he will only be worse than this!

At the moment when the opponent moves to kill, everything is a foregone conclusion!

At this time, the thunder sounded:

[Snow-colored phantom muscles and bones, Yuehua borrows spirit, things are originally illusory, how can immortals survive?]

There seemed to be a hint of self-deprecation in his voice.

Then it was completely dead.

“Is it gone?”

Everyone was slightly taken aback.

There is neither prompt nor inheritance, just a little poem with no beginning and no end.

This made them a little confused for a while.

Looking at the immortal palace in front of him, Zhan Qingchen pondered: “Could it be that we want to enter the palace to find it ourselves?


Chen Qingluan stepped forward and pushed it, and the scarlet door remained motionless.

There is no response even with the use of spiritual power.

“Can’t open.”

Chen Qingluan frowned slightly.

Ye Xiao showed a sneer, and secretly said in his heart: “Of course you can’t open it! Without me, no one will want to inherit the inheritance!”

Suddenly, he found that Su Shi’s eyes were playful, as if he had seen through him completely.

“Ye Xiao, what are you waiting for?”

Ye Xiao was stunned, “You, what do you mean by that?”

Su Shi said indifferently: “You entered Tianqu Mountain in advance, and you were fully prepared for each level. Obviously, you know this inheritance very well. You should be the only one who can open this gate, right?”

Ye Xiao has a corresponding cracking method for almost every level, including alchemy, formation breaking, and illusion.

This obviously cannot be a coincidence.

Ye Xiao came prepared!

Everyone moved slightly and surrounded Ye Xiao in the middle.

“Chief Zhan? Chen Yushi? You guys…”

Seeing their indifferent expressions, Ye Xiao finally came to a realization, “So you guys have been colluding with this devil for a long time! 35


Originally, I wanted to take advantage of the number of people to kick out the devil Su Shi first.

I didn’t expect him to be the target of the crowd!

Except for him, these people are all a gang!

Ye Xiao’s face was pale.

One Su Shi can make him breathless, and with these top talents, what else can he do to turn around?

His expression changed, and he gritted his teeth: “You can open the door, but this last inheritance must be opened by me first, otherwise I’d rather leave the secret realm!

“You dream…

Before Cen Yiren finished speaking, he saw Su Shi nodded and said, “Okay, I promise.”

“So happy?”

Ye Xiao frowned: “You don’t want to wait for me to open the door and then go back! 35

Su Shi said indifferently: “Anyway, I have enough opportunities, and it doesn’t matter if there is any inheritance in the end. You can open this door if you want, and I will kill you if you don’t want to. 35

“It’s that simple.”

I didn’t expect the other party to say so straightforwardly.

Ye Xiao fell silent for a while.

Su Shi may not care about the Gudi lineage, but he must seize the opportunity!

Besides, with Su Shi’s ruthless means, he will never let him leave alive!

Must fight!

Ye Xiao stood up and walked to the palace gate.

He took out a golden ring and slowly stuffed it into the mouth of the beast head on the door.

The hideous beast head seemed to come to life, and two dim lights lit up in his eyes.

Ye Xiao murmured a vague incantation and pulled the door knocker hard.


With a dull loud noise, the scarlet door slowly opened.

Zhan Ran’s divine light shines through, and there seem to be countless treasures in it!

The long silent thunder sounded again:

【Eight-faced exquisite, sun-crowded, moon-rabbit, spiritual treasures, all in Asgard!】

【Enter Asgard, grant longevity!】

Inheritance begins!.


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