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Gift box opened.

The golden light slowly floated up and fell into Su Shi’s eyebrows.

It seems that a warm current is injected into the body, constantly scouring the meridians to remove impurities, and transforming the root bone into a perfect harmony without a single flaw.

Spiritual energy poured into the body like a swarm, replenishing the nearly dry dantian.

Even the wounds on his chest were healing quickly, his weak Qi and blood became surging, and his body was filled with endless energy.


Su Shi sighed.

Stretch out, move your muscles and bones, and make a “crackling” sound like fried beans.

Open the system panel:

【Host: Su Shi】

[Status: full of qi and blood, refreshed]

[Talent: Perfect Saint Product]

[Boundary: Early Stage of Jindan]

[Gong method: Nether breathing method (Dacheng), Netherworld magic (Xiaocheng)…]

[Plot value: 10 points]

“Wait, in the early stage of Jindan?”

Su Shi noticed the change and hurriedly looked inside his dantian.

I saw a golden core suspended in the middle of the dantian, as if a scorching sun was emitting a dazzling light.

The aura was continuously compressed by the golden core, and the quality was unknown how many times stronger than before.

What a breakthrough!

He couldn’t come back for a while.

This is the Golden Core Realm!

The so-called “Building foundations and enlightening spirits, Jindan changes bones”.

If building a foundation is the beginning of cultivation, then the Golden Core Realm is truly reborn.

But if you want to practice Qi into Dan, how easy is it to say?

Throughout the ages, very few have entered the Golden Core at the age of 20.

Su Shi was in the late stage of foundation building before, and it seemed that he was only one step away from the golden core, but he knew in his heart that if there was no big chance, it would take at least ten years to get over this shackle.

But now, with just a cup of tea, a golden pill has been condensed.

Holy talent, coupled with washing the essence and cutting the marrow, the effect is terrifying!


With just 10 plot points left, Su Shi struck while the iron was hot and opened another blind box.

[Magic Powers: Eight Desolates and Liuhe Palm]

Su Shi frowned, “Heavenly supernatural power?!”

The magical powers in the world are divided into four grades: “Heaven and Earth Xuanhuang”.

The sky is the highest and the yellow is the lowest.

Most of the supernatural powers in circulation in the world are of the yellow level, and the earth level is already considered rare. If you master the supernatural powers of the mysterious level, it is enough to become a first-class sect leader.

As for the most powerful heavenly supernatural powers, most of them are firmly grasped by top sects and dynasties.

Only core members are eligible to study.

As a ghost general, Su Shi is in charge of some affairs in Southwest Prefecture, but he has only learned a “quasi-xuan-level” supernatural power.

That’s what the sect bestowed upon him.

Su Shi couldn’t wait to swallow the golden light, and Ling Taizhong suddenly felt infinite, and he perfectly mastered this magical power in an instant.

The spiritual power in the body circulates and gathers on the right hand, and the green lotus blooms in the palm, filled with the aura of desolation and destruction.

Even if you don’t make a move, you can still feel its terrifying destructive power!

And as the cultivation level improves, the power will become stronger and stronger!

“The Eight Wastes and Six Harmonies are my sole honor.”

A smile appeared on Su Shi’s mouth.

Although no special prize was drawn, the quality of the prize is quite good.

“Talent plus supernatural powers, this time I really turned around!”


“What about Zhan Qingchen?”

“If you let her know that I lied to her, she will definitely fight with me…”

Su Shi’s smile narrowed, and he rubbed his brows in distress.

Next room.

Zhan Qingchen sat blankly on the bed, his eyes blank and out of focus.


In the face of Su Shi’s “affectionate confession”, she was so excited that she actually agreed to fall in love with her!

Now calm down and realize how outrageous this decision is.

She is the chief of the righteous way, and the other party is a member of the demon sect. If this matter is exposed, there will be an uproar.

If nothing else, Tianji Pavilion will definitely not be able to accommodate her.

“I’m so impulsive, how can I accept Su Shi’s confession?”

“Although his feelings are so sincere… but he is a person in the devil’s way after all!”

“But looking at how he looks today, if he rashly proposes to break up, he will definitely choose to commit suicide, right?”

Zhan Qingchen knew nothing about men and women.

The other party’s fiery confession, even at the expense of her life, had a great impact on her heart.

“Is this love?”

Recalling Su Shi’s gentle and firm eyes, her heart trembled, her head was buried in the pillow like an ostrich, and she didn’t look like a chief disciple at all.

dong dong dong.

At this moment, the door knocked.

Zhan Qingchen hurriedly sat upright and his expression became cold.

“Come in.”

Xiaoqing pushed open the door and entered, holding a stack of documents in his hand, “Chief, the information you want has been collected.”

Zhan Qingchen nodded, “Well, let it go.”

Xiaoqing put the information on the table, then bowed and walked out.

As soon as he walked to the door, he heard Zhan Qingchen say, “By the way, don’t let anyone know about Su Shi’s being here for the time being.”

“Where is the sect?”

“I’m talking about anyone, including the sect.”


Xiaoqing hesitated for a moment, then said cautiously, “Chief, you seem to be very interested in Su Shi?”

Zhan Qingchen has always hated evil and never showed mercy to people in the devil’s way.

Now not only does he help Su Shi to heal his injuries, but he even lets him live in Yushulou, which has never happened before.

“I have my own plans for this matter, you just do it, don’t ask any more questions.”

Zhan Qingchen’s tone was indifferent, but the tips of his ears were faintly red.


Xiaoqing did not dare to ask again.

After she left, Zhan Qingchen sat for a while before walking to the table to pick up the paperwork.

Turning the first page, the dense text came into view:

[Su Shi, twenty years old, the first son of the Su family in Nanli City…]*


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