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Cen Yiren stepped on the corpse of the fierce tiger with one foot, carrying a broad knife larger than hers on his shoulder, and snorted coldly, “A mere reptile, dare to block the way of the old lady?”


Su Shi shook his head.

Sure enough, the taste is still familiar.

“In comparison, Senior Sister Cen is more like a tiger.”

“Hmph, of course… Wait a minute, are you scolding me?”

“Have you heard all this?”

Suddenly, a suppressed growl sounded in his ears.

The two of them heard the sound and looked, and saw the dense red light shining in the dense forest, the tigers slowly walked out of the darkness, and the stench of saliva dripped on the ground.

The blood-red eyes are mad with murderous intent!

Cen Yiren swallowed his saliva and silently withdrew his feet on the tiger corpse.

“Su Shi, what should I do now?”

“What else can I do… run!”

Su Shi picked up the Cen Yiren and flew away.


The roar was deafening, the tigers rushed after them like a tidal wave, the trees fell in pieces, and the dust was overwhelming!

“Shouldn’t the tiger demon be alone? Why is it still on the team!”

Feeling the gust of wind behind him, Su Shi frowned wildly.

It seems that due to the influence of the ancient emperor’s inheritance, the monsters here have become abnormal.

Although the tiger demons are not very strong, they can’t hold up too many, and there is no need to waste time on them.

Su Shi discerned the direction and flew towards the inside of the dense forest.

in the jungle.

A group of people carefully shuttled through the forest.

It is a disciple of Tianyi Sect.

They were in ragged clothes and looked tired, and a few of them were already painted.

The sky above Tianqu Mountain is a restricted area, with a large number of thunderbirds hovering, almost every one of which is comparable to the strength of Jindan.

It is safest only in the woods.

“It’s so dangerous, I was almost caught up by that tiger demon.”

“This day, Qushan is indeed the most dangerous place in the Northern Territory!”

“It would be nice if I could go with Chief Zhan, Yushi Chen and the others.”

“Yushi Chen? You forgot how she helped Su Shi last night?”

“Hmph, in my opinion, there must be a secret relationship between her and the devil!”

“I also heard that in the days when she disappeared, she was actually with Su Shi…”

“I’m going, is it true?!”


At this moment, the ground suddenly trembled violently.

They looked back suspiciously, and saw the smoke billowing in the distance, as if there was an earth dragon sweeping towards it.

“What’s going on? There’s an earthquake?”

“Looks like Su Shi!”

I saw Su Shi with the Cen Yi people in his arms, and was speeding towards them.

Everyone hurriedly took out their weapons and looked alert.

However, Su Shi didn’t even look at them, and just passed by.

Everyone was stunned for a moment.

Isn’t this devil coming for them?

That is……


I saw that in the flying dust, countless tiger demons were rushing towards here, and the terrifying momentum made people tremble!

“Fuck! Run!”

“It’s a group of tigers!”

“This devil is definitely intentional!”

Before everyone could think about it, they turned around and ran away.

The noise here attracted more monsters, and it suddenly gathered into a beast tide, chickens and dogs jumped in the dense forest, and bursts of screams and curses were heard incessantly.

Ye Xiao was walking through the forest alone.

In his hand he held a compass with a gold needle pointing the way.

This is the Spirit Treasure Monster Hunting Plate, which can detect monsters within a radius of dozens of miles.

By chance, he learned that a strange treasure was born in Tianqu Mountain, so he sneaked in before the imperial court closed the mountain, and relied on this monster-seeking plate to escape all the way, and he came to the depths of the jungle without a fight.

“Hmph, that group of people should have just entered the mountain, right?”

“Tianqu Mountain is in danger, and there are so many fierce beasts. How easy is it to enter the depths?”

“When you come here, I have already left with the opportunity!”

Ye Xiao smiled proudly.

He touched the scar on his chest, and there was a glint in his eyes.

“Su Shi!”

“When I get this ancient emperor inheritance, I will settle the account with you!”

When he was in Yulin City, Su Shi left a great psychological shadow on him.

Especially the sword that pierced through his chest, which almost cost him his life!

“Saint-grade perfect genius?”

“so what!”

“I am the child of luck determined by destiny, and one day you will be my stepping stone!”

At this moment, the compass suddenly trembled violently, almost out of his hand, the golden needle spun for several weeks and suddenly pointed behind him!

Ye Xiao frowned, “What love…”

At this time, he heard the terrifying neigh of the mountain and tsunami coming from the rear.

His body stiffened, and he slowly turned to look.

I saw a group of people running wildly towards this side, with the smoke billowing behind them, and countless fierce beasts rushing in like a tide!


The compass fell to the ground.

Ye Xiao’s eyes were dull and he swallowed.


“Laozi hid for two days before groping here, who brought the beast tide on a horse!”

Ye Xiao’s eyes were red, he turned around and ran away, joining the army of escape.

After an unknown time, the roar gradually faded away.

Su Shi slowed down, his body bursting with white steam.

The Sutra of Heaven and Man is constantly running, and the spiritual power seems to be endless. It rampages like a bulldozer all the way, and it came to the depths of the jungle in just half an hour.

“There are too many beasts in Qushan today. Fortunately, Laozi ran fast.”

“Can you, can you put me down?”

The faint voice of Cen Yi came from his ears.


Su Shi looked down.

I saw that Cen Yiren was caught in his arms, and his hand was just right…

“Cough cough.”

Su Shi blushed and hurriedly let go of her, “Sorry, the situation is urgent, I didn’t have time to think about it, it really wasn’t intentional this time.”

No wonder it was so easy to hold along the way!

The greater the mass, the greater the gravitational force. Master Niu will not deceive me.

Cen Yi’s legs and feet were a little weak, her cheeks were as red as blood, and she whispered, “If you dare to do it again, I will chop off your hand!”

“This is the end?”

Su Shi scratched his head.

Didn’t get mad?

It’s not like her character.

The two continued to walk towards where Jin Guang was.

Cen Yiren followed behind him, his head bowed, wondering what he was thinking.

Suddenly, Su Shi paused.

She almost bumped into it.

Dazedly raised his head, he saw a huge stone stele dozens of meters high not far in front of him. The stele was engraved with dense and mysterious characters.

The beam of light that penetrated the sky and the earth was emanating from the stone tablet.

In the open space in front of the stone tablet, several figures were confronting each other.

Two of them were dressed in white and green.

It was Chen Qingluan and Zhan Qingchen!

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