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Su Shi stared blankly at Yun Qiluo.

How can the cold-blooded and ruthless Demon Emperor show the appearance of this little daughter?

I have to say, Yun Qiluo is really beautiful.

Dark clouds and fine hair, icy muscles and jade bones, eyebrows and eyes are like the mountains in the distance, and the light in the eyes is like a light cloud covering the moon.

A plain skirt can’t hide the proud figure, and the white and delicate wrists and neck that are occasionally exposed are better than frost and snow.

Like a person walking out of a painting.

Rao Shi Su Shi has seen many beauties and is still deeply amazed by this beauty.

“In order to protect you at the beginning, this seat can only let you go to Southwest Prefecture to be a carefree commander.”

“Now that you have extraordinary talent, this seat will remove all obstacles and make you the chief successor of a lofty position.”

Yun Qiluo looked at him fixedly, “A hundred steps away, I have already walked ninety-nine steps, why are you still reluctant to take the last step?”

Su Shi swallowed.

Why does this sound like a confession?

“Don’t forget, you personally said that you wanted to protect this seat.”

“In those days there was no scruples in Tong Yan…”

“But this seat is serious.”

Yun Qiluo’s cherry lips pursed slightly, she seemed a little stubborn and dissatisfied.

Su Shi’s heart beat faster.

What happened to the Demon King today?

Without the coercion and domineering of the past, she is just like a girl in Huai Chun!


“This is the Nether Demon Emperor who kills like a numb!”

Su Shi secretly pinched himself.

Yun Qiluo got up and walked in front of him, the hem of her skirt was full of fragrance.

“As long as you are willing to be the chief, you are one person below ten thousand people, and you have endless cultivation resources.”

“If nothing else happens, the entire Netherworld Rakshasa Sect will be yours in the future.”

“Wealth, status, women, there is nothing in this world that you can’t get.”

Her voice seemed to have a demagogic charm.

Seeing the beauty of the world so close at hand, Su Shi said mysteriously, “Including the Holy Master?”


Yun Qiluo froze for a moment, “What did you say?”

Su Shi’s eyes were deep, and he said, “Since the entire Nether Sect is mine, naturally it also includes the Holy Master?”

Yun Qiluo’s heart jumped suddenly!

A touch of red pink climbed up his cheeks, like a charming sunset in the sky.

I didn’t expect the other party to dare to say such rebellious words.

But the strange thing is that she didn’t have the slightest anger in her heart, but was filled with panic and shyness.

“You, want this seat?”

“Everyone has a love for beauty. The Holy Master is extremely talented. Isn’t it normal for subordinates to like it?”

Su Shi’s mouth was dry, his mind was in chaos, and the words he said were completely thoughtless.

Yun Qiluo’s chest was heaving and her eyes were shining, “Can you afford that price? If you like this seat, you may have to pay with your life.”

“Die under a pomegranate skirt, and it’s romantic to be a ghost.”

Su Shi raised her chin lightly, and said solemnly, “This subordinate is willing to die for the Holy Master.”

Yun Qiluo bit her lip, and her eyes seemed to be misty.

The two were getting closer and closer.

Su Shi could smell the intoxicating fragrance, see his own reflection in Shui Shui’s eyes, and even feel the other person’s slightly rapid breathing.

“Not right!”

He found out that something was wrong with him!

Reason told him that he should stop, but his body was completely out of control, and there was only the delicate face like a flower like jade in his sight.

At this moment, the voice of the deacon came from outside the door:

“Revelation to the Lord, dinner is ready.”

The charming atmosphere was instantly broken, and the two quickly separated as if electrocuted.

Su Shi’s eyes returned to clarity, and he stammered: “My subordinates and subordinates are abrupt, and I hope the Holy Master will not blame them.”

Yun Qiluo blushed pretty and pretended to be calm: “Okay, you go to the dining room first, this seat will be there in a while.”


Su Shi fled.

Looking at his flustered back, Yun Qiluo covered her hot cheeks.

“This seat is really crazy!”

Just now they almost…

Thinking of the eyes that were so close at hand, she could not wait to find a crack to get in.

“What kind of breaking method is this?!”

She took out an ancient book, and on the cover was written the five characters of “Sangnu Liuli Jing”.

Cen Baihu said that Su Shi likes beautiful women, so she planned to try it herself. In order to ensure the effect, she found this exercise in the Book Collection Pavilion.

This method has the ability to deceive people, it can make people give up thinking, let go of disguise, and stimulate the instinct deep inside.

I never thought that even the caster would be affected!

She was planning to confuse Su Shi, but she didn’t want to put herself in!

“Su Shi is really a prodigal son, how dare he be so presumptuous to this seat!”

“But why does this seat…”

“It must have been influenced by him, this seat is not that kind of frivolous woman!”

Yun Qiluo stomped her feet in embarrassment.

Finally came to the conclusion: “It’s all Cen Baihu’s fault!”

“Come on!”

The deacon outside the hall walked in, “My subordinates are here.”

Yun Qiluo gritted her teeth and said, “Notify the Western Holy Messenger to immediately go to the frontier to suppress the alien race, and you are not allowed to come back without this seat’s order!”


The deacon withdrew.

The blush on Yun Qiluo’s face did not dissipate.

He wanted to throw away the ancient book, but Su Shi’s obsessed eyes suddenly appeared in his mind.

She hesitated for a moment and silently put away the ancient book.

“This practice method is too evil, and it will not affect it well if it is spread out, so I should keep it in person.”

in the dining room.

Su Shi sat blankly.

Looking at the table full of delicious dishes, I couldn’t get any appetite.

“The color character is the first knife, and the ancients can’t afford me!”

Thinking of the scene just now, he looked very bitter.

“Am I actually kissing me with the Demon Emperor?”

“Isn’t this courting death!”

“Why don’t you just find a chance to run away, and it will be over when she reacts!”

But it was too late, Yun Qiluo walked into the dining room.

His expression had returned to his coldness, and his indifferent eyes could not see any emotion.

She sat down silently.

The atmosphere was dead silent.

Su Shi swallowed and said with difficulty: “Holy Lord, what happened just now…”

“To shut up.”

Yun Qiluo instantly broke down and glared at him angrily, “Eat your meal!”

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