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Su Shi couldn’t help being stunned when he heard the sound of beeping one after another.

“Could you have so much plot value by pretending to be a bee?”

The reputation of Nether Rakshasa Sect has increased.

This is understandable.

After all, he showed his talent in public, and he was an unprecedented saint.

Coupled with the previous military exploits in Southwest State, it was inevitable that everyone would be shocked.

Not to mention the Netherworld.

In a few days, Su Shi’s name will be resounding across the land of Kyushu!

As for the “major decision” made by Yun Qiluo, it should be that he wants to make him the chief successor.

It really does have a huge impact on the plot.

It is reasonable to give 20 points of plot value.

But what he couldn’t understand the most was…

“Cen Yi people have a change in their hearts?”

Su Shi pinched his chin, frowning, “That big brainless violent man will also change?”

Thinking of Cen Yiren’s actions just now, it seems that it is not the same as before.

Although he was still stubborn, he was really helping him out.

Su Shi shook his head and thought no more.

Focused on the system panel.

【Host: Su Shi】

[Status: full of qi and blood, refreshed]

[Talent: Perfect Saint Product]

[Boundary: Early Stage of Jindan]

[Gong method: Nether breathing method (Dacheng), Netherworld magic (Xiaocheng)…]

[Plot value: 101 points]

Even though he was mentally prepared, Su Shi couldn’t hold back his excitement when he saw the three-digit plot value.

This time, I got a total of 35 points, plus the 66 points I had accumulated before.

A full one hundred and one!


Su Shi showed a smile, “So it seems that this public appearance is not a bad thing?”

Although the gun hit the first bird.

But what if he was Kunpeng who only covered the sky and the sun?

As long as he grows fast enough and his strength is strong enough, no one can target him!

So much plot value, enough to spend in the store.

Open the mall, there is a dazzling array.

[Phantom Yin Promise, Price: 500 Story Points]

[Incarnation of the Nine Nether Demons, Price: 998 Plot Value]

[Heaven and Earth Yin-Yang Magic Heart Sutra, priced at 888 plot points. 】

[Qianyuan Qingfeng Sword (with Peerless Sword Intent), priced at 666 plot points. 】

【The Great Desolate Prisoner…】

Countless supreme exercises and magical powers appeared in front of them.

Just spreading it out is enough to make the world go crazy!

Su Shi had no remorse, and his eyes flew over.

The merchandise, while appealing, is completely beyond his current capabilities.

You can’t eat a fat man.

What he needs now is something that can quickly improve his strength.

At this moment, Su Shi noticed an item, and there was a faint glow in the corner.

[The Book of Heaven (recommended), the price is 100 plot points. 】

“The system will still actively promote it?”

Take a closer look at the product introduction:

[The Classic of Heaven and Man: Auxiliary exercises. 】

[After comprehension, the spiritual power will run on its own according to the established route, and the speed of cultivation depends on the host’s own talent. 】

“Run by itself?”

Su Shi’s pupils shrank.

He knew what that meant.

As long as one comprehends the Sutra of Heaven and Man, the spiritual power can be automatically operated, and there is no need to meditate and exercise, and the cultivation can continue to increase.

“Then am I practicing all the time!”

“Such a good thing only sells for 100 plot points?”

Su Shi clicked his tongue.

Actually the price is very reasonable.

The Book of Heaven and Humanity is only an auxiliary, and cannot directly improve the strength.

The specific effect also depends on the host’s own talent and skills.

It’s just that Su Shi happens to be the perfect talent of the holy product, and he is also practicing the ghostly magic that was handed down by the demon emperor!

It’s almost like it was made just for him!

Su Shi clicked to buy without hesitation.

The plot value was instantly cleared, leaving only a pitiful 1 point.

A touch of spiritual light floated into the eyebrows, and the sky and clouds were suddenly shadowed in the spiritual platform, and the mysterious energy quickly combed his dantian meridians.

The spiritual power in the body seems to be guided by some kind of guidance, and it runs automatically along the route of the ghostly magic.

Su Shi took out a spirit stone.

The spiritual energy was quickly absorbed and merged into the meridians, continuously enhancing his cultivation.

“It’s just the gospel for lazy people!”

Su Shi is very satisfied.

Whether walking, eating, or even sleeping, he is practicing, and he himself does not need to do anything.

Free your hands and enjoy life!


At this moment, Yun Qiluo’s voice transmission suddenly sounded in his ears:

“Su Shi, come to the Rakshasa Palace.”

Su Shi’s smile froze, and his head was downcast, “Yes.”

I was so excited just now that I almost forgot about it.

The Demon Emperor called him over, and nine times out of ten, it was for the position of chief.

The chief of magic means a lofty status and almost unlimited resources.

But at the same time, it will be tied to the chariot of the Netherworld Rakshasa Sect, becoming a thorn in the side of other forces, a thorn in the flesh!

“Sikong Falls to the Moon, Feng Chaoge, Chen Wangchuan…”

He is now fledgling, and it is not a good thing to rashly enter the eyes of these powers.

Besides, accompanying you is like accompanying a tiger.

The devil’s temperament is too elusive.

Although it is good for him now, no one knows what will happen in the future.

And in front of Yun Qiluo, he always had a feeling of being seen through, as if all the secrets were invisible.

“I knew earlier that I wouldn’t invite her to eat candied haws.”

Su Shi murmured inwardly.

Rakshasa Palace.

Yun Qiluo sat on the phoenix chair and looked at Su Shi who was standing with hands down in front of her.

“You have proved yourself, and I believe that after today, there will be no more opposition in the sect.”

The holy product is complete.

If this talent is not enough to be the chief, I am afraid that no one in the world has this qualification.

Su Shi bowed his head and said, “Thinking again, Holy Master, the subordinates are weak, and I am afraid they are not qualified for the position of chief.”

Yun Qiluo’s phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, “You don’t want to follow this seat?”

“The Holy Master has misunderstood.”

Su Shi shook his head, “My subordinates just want to be a little commander and open up territory for the Holy Master on the front line.”

The air fell silent.

After a long time, Yun Qiluo’s low voice sounded:

“You said that the mountains and seas are not flat, but now this seat has leveled the mountains and seas, why do you still dare not approach this seat?”

Su Shi froze for a moment, then looked up.

I saw the Demon Sovereign, who was killed and killed, bit his lip lightly at this time, and there seemed to be a mist of water in his bright eyes.

It seems a little light…


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