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“like me?”

Zhan Qingchen was stunned.

She had imagined countless answers in her mind, but she didn’t expect Su Shi to be so direct!

This is the first time someone has confessed to her.

And it’s his own nemesis!

Unprepared, her mind went blank and she stammered, “How can you like me?”

“Yeah, how can I like you?”

Su Shi still smiled, but he couldn’t hide the loneliness in his eyes, “You are a peerless genius, the chief successor of Tianji Pavilion, and a sword fairy admired by thousands of people.”

“and I?”

“It’s just a demonic evildoer who has been spurned by the world and killed by everyone.”

“How can a stone full of mud be worthy of liking the bright moon?”

His voice was low and full of self-deprecation.

The dark eyes were bottomless, filled with a touch of sadness.

Zhan Qingchen clenched his heart and said subconsciously, “I didn’t mean that…I…”

She had never been so flustered.

It is said that Su Shi has done such an excessive thing, she should be eager to cut the other party into eight pieces.

But looking at his appearance now, I can’t bring up any hatred in my heart.

Zhan Qingchen controlled his emotions and explained: “It’s not a question of whether you’re worthy or not, I just don’t understand why you like me? You and I are both righteous and devilish. Kill you.”

There was constant friction between the two, but there was no deeper intersection.

Most of Zhan Qingchen’s knowledge of Su Shi came from Zongmen intelligence.

A demonic demon who does all kinds of evil, is a rich and unkind scoundrel, and the son of Yun Qiluo, the Nether Demon Venerable…

The reason why he wanted to kill him was also a task assigned by the sect, in order to clear Yun Qiluo’s influence in Southwest Prefecture.

“Don’t know each other?”

Su Shi said: “Zhan Qingchen, the nickname is famous, it is taken from ‘Lianlian curled up, rotten and splendid in Weiyang’, it has the meaning of splendor and bright, only your master can call you that.”

“Love meditation, love sweets, hate men, hate clutter.”

“Occasionally I go to listen to music, but I only listen to ‘Nine Songs’ in Yushulou.”

“Has a serious cleanliness addiction and doesn’t like to have any kind of contact with anyone…”

Listening to him talking, Zhan Qingchen couldn’t help being stunned, his eyes were full of disbelief.

In the whole, one is not bad.

Although these are not secrets, there are some petty hobbies that even the closest master doesn’t know, but the person in the demon sect in front of him understands it so clearly.

Zhan Qingchen was puzzled: “How did you know this?”

Su Shi said lightly: “When you like someone, you will naturally find ways to understand everything about the other person.”

Zhan Qingchen’s ears were blushing, and his slender hands quietly grasped the hem of his clothes.

It turns out that there are really people in this world who love me silently!

This made her feel numb, at a loss, flustered and shy, not knowing what to do.

Su Shi was quietly relieved.

In order to find a reason for his previous behavior, he could only take risks and choose to confess affectionately.

It’s a test of acting skills.

It seems to be working fine now.

Although his cultivation base is average, he has given birth to a good skin, coupled with the pale face caused by the unhealed injury, it is easy to awaken the sympathy and pity of women.

Who would have the heart to hurt a man who is both emotionally and physically injured?

What’s more, this man still loves you deeply.

Even the most indifferent people can’t do it, right?

Zhan Qingchen really couldn’t do it, but she wasn’t that easy to deceive either.

“Since you like me, why did you fight against me everywhere before?”

Su Shi sighed and said in a low voice, “People in the demon sect, I can’t help myself. Even though I’m not a good person, I have never really hurt Chief Zhan.”

Zhan Qingchen frowned.

Thinking about it, it seems that it is.

Although Su Shi opposes her everywhere, she is resolved by her every time, and she has never caused substantial harm to her.

So it was all his intention?

“I know that I will die. If I can choose, I hope to die at the hands of Chief Zhan.”

There seemed to be a glimmer of light in Su Shi’s eyes, and the corners of his mouth raised a clear arc, “If this life is destined to not be able to love you, then I am willing to use my own death to add another merit to Chief Zhan, this is the last thing I can do for you. A little thing.”

Zhan Qingchen was stunned.

“I regard him as an enemy, but he has always thought of me, even at the risk of dying at my hands?”

Thinking of Su Shi’s satisfied smile “before she died,” a string seemed to be broken in her mind.

Su Shi took a breath, “Everything that needs to be said has been made clear, Chief Zhan can do it now.”

Zhan Qingchen came back to his senses, “What hand?”

Su Shi frowned: “Didn’t you come to kill me?”


Zhan Qingchen hesitated.

According to the sect mission, it is indeed necessary to kill Su Shi, but after knowing the other party’s intentions, how can she still do it?

She even began to doubt the accuracy of Zongmen intelligence.

Is this gentle man in front of him really a villain who does all kinds of evil?

At the same time, a prompt sounded in Su Shi’s mind:

[The plot has changed. 】

[Zhan Qingchen changed his mind, affecting the subsequent plot trend, and gained 5 plot points. 】

【The host please make persistent efforts. 】

“Does this change the plot?”

Su Shi’s eyes lit up.

He just wanted to save his life, but he didn’t expect to have a windfall!

Zhan Qingchen is one of the heroines.

Her every move, even a single thought has the potential to change the plot, which is a treasure for Su Shi!

At this time, Zhan Qingchen stood up and said, “You should have a good rest first, other things… I’ll talk about it later.”

She is ready to be alone and calm down.

“Is this going?”

Su Shi was in a hurry.

This is a baby, how can I let it go easily.

“Chief Zhan, I like you!”

“I know, don’t shout so loudly.”

Zhan Qingchen’s cheeks were flushed, and he could not wait to find a crack in the ground to get in.

Seeing that she was about to run away, Su Shi blurted out in a hurry: “Please fall in love with me!”

Zhan Qingchen froze and stayed in place like a puppet.

“Talk about, fall in love?!”*


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