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Nether Rakshasa Sect.

As the No. 1 Demon Sect, with its profound heritage and strength, it is a superpower that can compete with the Righteous Path and the Dynasty.

The Nether Demon Emperor Yun Qiluo is a peerless giant.

Across thousands of miles, tyrannical and invincible!

There are very few people in the world who can compete with it.

So even if You Luo Sect is a Demon Dao Sect, there are still countless people who want to come in.

But wanting to worship the sect is not easy.


You Luozong only has half a month to recruit disciples every year.

Everyone is strictly screened to ensure that their identities are clean.

The second is talent.

You Luozong is extremely strict with talent requirements.

Each grade is divided into: Normal, Premium and Perfect.

The high quality of the middle grade is only the minimum requirement for entering the sect. If you want to worship the inner door, you must at least start from the top grade.

As for direct disciples…

So far no one has been able to meet the requirements.

Quiet Valley.

The valley is at the bottom of the rift, just between the inner and outer gates, like a gulf separating the two worlds.

One side is prosperous like a royal capital, and the other side is like a depressing backcountry.

This is where the test-taking conference is held.

At this time, the valley was crowded with people, and young people from Wuyang gathered here, and there were even young children under ten years old.

Tension and anticipation were written on everyone’s faces.

If the talent is strong enough, you can step into the inner door and enjoy the complete inheritance and abundant resources.

If the talent is not enough, then he will go back to the original path, and at most be an ordinary disciple with no name in the outer sect.

For them, this is a moment of destiny.

There is a bluestone square in the middle of the valley, and a man-high white jade stands in the middle of the square.

Inspiration Jade.

As long as you put your hand on it, you can feel the root of the talent, and the brighter the light, the stronger the talent.

The deacon holds the list in his hand.

The person whose name was pronounced stepped forward to touch the jade.

“Fan Debiao, the talent is middle-rank and ordinary, not allowed to enter the sect.”

“Zhang Sirui, the talent is high-grade and ordinary, and he can enter the inner door.”

“Li Fuer, the talent is of high quality and can enter the outer door.”

“Sun Xiang…”

After hearing the result, some people were excited, some were depressed, and some even cried on the spot.

All beings are different.

Cen Yiren sat on the high platform with Erlang’s legs crossed, watching this scene boredly.

As a senior sister from the inner door, she must be present at the test-fu conference.

“I don’t even have a high-grade Consummation, this class of disciples doesn’t seem to be very good.”

Her talent is super-ordinary, and she has already entered the ranks of first-class Tianjiao, and she does have the capital to be proud of.

At this moment, a figure flashed in Cen Yiren’s mind.

“Su Shi is only high-quality and ordinary, how can he be favored by the Holy Master?”

“Isn’t that just defeating Chen Qingluan?”

“If you let me be the commander, I can definitely do better than him!”

Thinking of Su Shi’s contemptuous eyes, Cen Yiren felt annoyed.

“Bastard, how dare you say I’m naive?”

“Be sure to make him look good next time we meet!”

No disciple in the sect dared to speak to her like that!

At this moment, the deacon looked slightly stunned, as if he had received some instructions.

“The endowment test conference is suspended!”

“The head has an order, please let the commander of Fengsha City Su come to the stage to test the fortune!”

The air fell silent.

The crowd separated on both sides, and looked back, only to see a white clothed walking slowly.

“Commander Su?”

“It’s the hero who pacified the Southwest Prefecture!”

“He can beat Chen Qingluan, he must be very talented, right?”

“Good, handsome man!”

on the high platform.

Cen Yi looked dazed.

“Su Shi?”

“Why is he here?”

Seeing the elegant appearance of the white clothes and the worship of the disciples, she felt resentful in her heart.

“A mere high-grade mediocre, dare to show off at the test-fu conference?”

“Wait for shame!”

Against everyone’s gaze, Su Shi’s footsteps were very heavy.

He just wanted to make a fortune in silence, but he didn’t expect to be forced to this step.

“What does the Demon King want to do?”

“I haven’t seen each other for twelve years, and you just made me the chief successor?”

“It’s not a joke!”

If you are a little devil, you can pour any dirty water on the devil emperor.

But if you become the chief of the Demon Sect, you will be the real villain, and it will not be so easy to escape in the future!

But as of now, he has nothing to do.

“Forget it, let’s take one step at a time.”

Su Shi stood in front of the inspiration jade, sighed slightly, and put his hand on the jade.

The jade lit up with white light.

“Su Shi, the top grade is ordinary…”


Cen Yi showed a smug smile.

But the next second, her smile froze on her face.


With a soft sound, the Inspiration Jade burst into a dazzling light, as if a scorching sun was rising, and the dazzling light made it impossible to look directly.

“Super quality?”

“No, the super product is perfect?”

The deacon was stunned.

The brightness is still increasing, and even the temperature of the air is rising, and the searing heat wave makes everyone retreat unconsciously.

Dazzling white light illuminates the entire valley, and even the haze above the rift is pierced!

“Holy, holy?!”


A muffled sound came.

Under everyone’s astonished gaze, the Inspiration Jade exploded into countless pieces!

The fragments are suspended in the air, exuding infinite rays of light, like a vast universe of galaxies!

Under the starry sky, Su Shi stood tall and straight.

Peerless in white, like a god!

Youjue Valley was dead silent.

After a long time, the deacon’s trembling voice sounded:

“Su Shi, talent…”

“The holy product is perfect!”*


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