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Looking at the “hard-working” Su Shi, Cen Baihu could not hide the horror in his eyes.


Some people might think that Her Majesty’s temperament was not bad.

Yet that was because everyone who had seen her temper had died!

Ruling over the demons, her words were law.

Yun Qiluo’s thinking could not be understood by ordinary people.

Cen Baihu has been with her for many years, but he has never dared to go beyond his limits, and he has never seen anyone eat with her!

Su Shi ……

Is it just because of his small merit in the Southwest Region?

Cen Baihu shook his head darkly.


Although the Southwest Region was important, it didn’t rank high among the Nine Regions of the Linlang Empire.

Moreover, in terms of merit, the four Saints had achieved great success in battle and followed the Demon Empress in the conquest of the Nine Regions, so it wasn’t too much to say that they were her left and right hands.

But they had never been treated like this before!

This kid was truly something else!

“What do you want from me?”

Yun Qiluo asked aloud.

Cen Baihu gathered his thoughts and said while clasping his hands together, “This subordinate heard that Your Majesty wants to revoke the Black Killing Order?”

Hearing these words, Su Shi’s eating movements stopped for a moment.

The Black Killing Order was revoked?

“That’s right.”

Yun Qiluo nodded, “After all, Zhan Qingchen is Tianji Pavilion’s Chief Disciple, if she is killed, Sikong Lanyue will not remain silent, and now is not the time to start a full-scale war against Righteous force.”

Currently, although the Righteous force and Demonic force are fighting each other, there are unwritten rules that apply.

First, the battle between the main forces cannot be done easily.

No egg is intact when a nest falls from a tree. If the major forces of all parties fight and kill each other, it is feared that the world will be destroyed, which is not in the interests of all parties.

The other is that the main heir must not be deliberately targeted.

This is because it represents the future of the sect.

If you kill the opponent’s heir, the opponent can also kill your heir, which will consume the inheritance in vain, and the end result is that both parties are harmed.

And the Black Killing Order previously issued by the Demon Empress had completely touched these two red lines.

This is undoubtedly a declaration of war against Tianji Pavilion!

Cen Baihu frowned and said, “Your Majesty, the Black Killing Order is not child’s play, since it was issued there is no reason to retract it. With such irregularities, I am afraid that some people might question Your Majesty’s mightiness’.”

Yun Qiluo’s voice was low, “Are you teaching me to do something?”

Cen Baihu’s spine went cold and he fell to his knees with a “poof”.

“I dare not!”

His face was white and cold sweat soaked through his shirt.

Yun Qiluo said indifferently, “I know that you’re the outspoken type, so I’ll ignore it this time.”

“As for the Black Killing Order ……”

She glanced at Su Shi who was eating his rice, “Since Su Shi is not dead, there is no reason for me to kill Zhan Qingchen.”


Su Shi, who was drinking soup, spit out a mouthful.

“Cough cough!”

“Sorry!! You both keep talking, I don’t hear anything.”

He wiped his mouth awkwardly and shouted in his heart.

What’s with this Demon Empress!

Did she issue the Black Killing Order to avenge me?

There was no such part in the original plot!

Could it be that the plot secretly changed when I gave her the sweet gourd back then?

Su Shi suddenly felt that things seemed to be moving in an uncontrollable direction ……

Cen Baihu was also confused.

“What does Your Majesty mean by this?”

“Zhan Qingchen is the main heir of Tianji Pavilion, while Su Shi is just one of the many demon generals, his status is very different, …… this also doesn’t make sense.”

Her words were not insulting.

Zhan Qingchen, a genius with Super Grade Perfect talent, she’s the treasured child of Tianji Pavilion.

And Su Shi is just a little demon general, even if he died, she will still have 197 generals left.

The two were not even comparable!

Yun Qiluo’s voice was calm, but the words that came out were extremely cold.

“Therefore I intend to choose Su Shi as the main heir.”

“If Tianji Pavilion kills my Chief Disciple, I will kill their Chief Disciple, is there a problem with that?”


The spoon fell to the ground.

Su Shi looked dumbfounded and confused.


“Chief Disciple?”

“Are you sure you’re alright, Your Majesty?”

He himself had just given the Demon Empress two bites of food and the she was going to make him the main heir?

What the hell is this!

Cen Baihu couldn’t understand it either.

“Your Majesty please think twice!”

“The position of heir is a very important matter, it should not be taken lightly!”

“Besides, his talent is not very good either!”

The position of sect heir had been vacant for many years.

Now it was said to be passed down to a little demon general with ordinary talent?

Maybe Su Shi had a few encounters and was able to defeat Chen Qingluan, but in the long run, this was definitely not a wise decision!

“Right, right, I can’t do it!”

Su Shi nodded vigorously.

He just wants to make a fortune in silence, but he doesn’t want to be a winner!

Yun Qiluo glared at him, “If it was before, I wouldn’t force you, but right now, what kind of talent do you have, don’t you clearly know it?”

When she first met Su Shi, she could tell that something was wrong.

Originally, she also couldn’t believe it in her heart.

But in the process of hitting this man hard and healing him again, she had completely mapped out his roots and bones.

Su Shi’s talent today was countless times greater than Zhan Qingchen’s!

This was not something that could be achieved by chance!

Could this …… be the will of heaven?

A smile swept across the bottom of Yun Qiluo’s eyes.

“This is ……”

Su Shi touched his nose, his expression not quite natural.

Could it be that the Demon Empress had seen through me?

Seeing that he was unwilling to admit it, Yun Qiluo hummed, “If I remember correctly, this year’s Talent Testing Event has already started, right?”

“It’s the perfect time, Su Shi, you go and take the test.”

Cen Baihu breathed a sigh of relief at her words.

As long as he participated in the Talent Testing Event, then everything would be self-evident.

When the facts were laid out before her, in the face of opposition from the entire sect, I believe that Her Majesty could no longer remain stubborn.

Su Shi had a bitter expression on his face, “Can I not go?”

Yun Qiluo was very firm, “No!”


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