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The atmosphere is quiet.

Yu Yuan and the others looked sluggish, and there were still tears on Yu Lian’er’s face.

Su Shi wondered, “What happened?”

“Brother Su Shi!

Yu Lian’er came back to her senses, got up and threw herself into his arms, “Where have you been? I’m so worried, I thought something happened to you!

Su Shi was stunned for a moment, and then he understood.

I think it was his sudden disappearance that scared them.

Yu Yuan’s voice moved, “Nephew, what are you doing?

Su Shi said: “It’s nothing, just going out for a walk.99


Yu Yuan shook his head secretly.

They searched the entire Qingqiu Plain, but there was no trace of Su Shi.

Being able to hide from the guards and disappear out of thin air is obviously not as simple as taking a walk.

The elder’s voice moved, “Su Shengzi, were you just… crossing the void?”

The void just burst, and Su Shi appeared instantly.

There is no spiritual power fluctuation, and even the guardian formation did not trigger.

It looks very much like crossing the void.

But that is clearly a means only the strongest can do.

Su Shi shook his head and said, “It’s almost, but I’m just taking chances, and there’s still a gap between it and the real crossing.

As long as the strongest person moves his mind, he can instantly traverse the void of thousands of miles.


Although he can do it by relying on the picturesque landscape, it is limited to use in the unlocked camp, and there is a limit on the number of times per day, which is far less flexible than the real crossing of the void.

The crowd was shocked.

It’s true that Su Shi is a genius, but this method is completely beyond their comprehension.

It is not something that any supernatural power or magic weapon can do!

“No wonder the nephew suddenly disappeared, and no one could be found in a radius of hundreds of miles, so there is still such a means.

Yu Yuan shook his head and said, “We were not prepared at all, we thought something happened to you.

Su Shi said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t think well.”

“But you will get used to it later, and I may cross over often.

Yu Yuan smiled bitterly.

How could it be as simple as eating and drinking water in the mouth of the other party?

Seeing that Su Shi was all right, everyone felt relieved and left the room one after another.

Quiet in the bedroom.

Su Shi looked down at the girl in his arms and said with a smile, “How long are you going to hold me?”

Yu Lian’er hugged him tightly, with a trace of tears hanging from the corner of her eyes, “You, you, don’t say a word when you go out, so people are worried to death, and they think something happened to you.”

Su Shi wiped the tears from her face, “I didn’t tell you because I saw that you slept so soundly.

Yu Lian’er pouted, “Then I won’t sleep for a few days, I have to stare at you twelve hours a day, or else you should sneak away again.”

Su Shi shook his head amusingly.

Yu Lian’er looked at him and said obsessively: “Alright, this time I come to Qingqiu to stay with me for a few more days, but I’m not allowed to leave without saying goodbye.

“Got it, little crying bag.””

Su Shi scratched her nose.

Yu Lian’er hugged his arm like a koala and refused to let go.

After seeing Su Shi’s methods, he was afraid that the person would disappear in the blink of an eye.


At this time, Yu Lian’er thought of something and said, “Apart from Qingqiuyuan, my brother has not been to other places, right?”

Su Shi wondered: “Is there any fun in the barbarian world?”9

The barbarian world lives up to its name.

It is mainly reflected in the word “barbaric”.

In addition to the distinct tribes, there is only a desolate wilderness that can’t be seen.

“Of course there is.

Yu Lian’er took his hand, “Let’s go out for a walk.””

“it is good.”

Su Shi nodded.

Anyway, there is nothing to do, just take her out to play.

The two walked in the air and flew towards the east.

A vast expanse of wilderness swept below.

When approaching the center of the barbarian world, a huge city-state appeared in front of him.

The city occupies a very vast area, with high walls and majestic momentum, like a giant beast dormant in the wasteland.

The two fell from the sky.

I saw a ferocious head of a fierce devil hanging above the city gate, exuding the rough and heroic uniqueness of the barbarian world.

There was a hustle and bustle below, and the foreign races came and went one after another, making it very lively.

Su Shi looked curious.

Didn’t expect such a prosperous city in the barbarian world?

“Which tribe is this?

Yu Lian’er said: “This is Kodo City, which is jointly governed by several major clans, and is a place for transactions and exchanges between various clans. Here, you can almost see the figures of all foreign races.

Su Shi suddenly became interested, “Let’s go, go in and stroll.”

However, before entering the city, he did not forget to cover up his aura with Taoism.

Here, after all, he is an “outlier”, and it is better to have less than one thing.

Enter the city.

The road is wide, and the houses are like.

Yu Lian’er is right, there are indeed many different races here.

Groups of werewolves, leopards riding giant beasts, and eagles spread their wings and passed by at a low altitude, attracting bursts of scolding.

There are many stalls in the city, all of which are unique to each ethnic group.

It can be bought with spirit stones, or it can be bartered directly.

The lively shouts were endless.

Su Shi looked around with interest.

Yu Lian’er took his arm and said with a smile: “How about it, I said it’s very interesting here?


Su Shi nodded.

This kind of scene is not seen anywhere else.

“Good-looking little brother, do you want to come in and sit?””

At this moment, a delicate voice sounded.

I saw a 510-faced girl with two rabbit ears leaning against the door and waving to Su Shi.

There were feasting and feasting behind him, and the sound of silk and bamboo was clearly the land of the wind and the moon.

Su Shi froze for a moment.

dude, bunny girl?

Yu Lian’er frowned and said, “Presumptuous, do you know who you are talking to?

After seeing Yu Lian’er’s appearance, the girl from the Rabbit Clan immediately broke into cold sweat on her back, and hurriedly knelt on the ground.

“Miss Yu forgive me, it’s because I have no eyes, I didn’t see you just now…”

Yu Lian’er didn’t bother to bother with her, so she dragged Su Shi away.

Su Shi asked curiously, “She seems to be afraid of you?”

Yu Lian’er said: “The major clans that govern Kodo City include the fox clan.

Su Shi was taken aback.

The barbarian world is very hierarchical.

The deer, fox, lion, eagle and other tribes, because of their blood, have stronger cultivation talents, and there are supreme powers in the tribe, and their strength is far from comparable to other tribes.

Also known as “The Wasteland Nobility”.

And alien races such as rabbits, dogs, and rats, although they have strong reproductive ability, are born with poor cultivation ability and have no right to speak in front of nobles.

Can only make a living doing shitty jobs.

A slight offense to the nobles is a capital crime of beheading and looting!

Compared with Linlang, the rules here are more brutal and rude.

Develop the strong food to the extreme!.


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