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Seeing Sikong Zuanyue’s panicked appearance, a smile flashed across Su Shi’s eyes.

“Forget it, I won’t make fun of you.

Look up at the night sky.

It’s past midnight now, the moon is on the end, and the night is getting darker.

“It’s getting late, let’s rest early. 35

Su Shi yawned.

Sikong Yueyue was stunned for a moment, took a half step back unconsciously, and said nervously, “What are you doing? 35

Su Shi wondered: “Of course I’m sleeping, otherwise what else can I do at night?

Not only did he meet Yu Hongyin, the ancestor of the fox clan today, he broke through the realm of distraction, and he also participated in a banquet for several hours.

The spirit is indeed a little sleepy.

Sikong Yueyue’s eyes flickered, and he said in a low voice, “You shouldn’t be too aggressive. Pindao never said that he wanted to sleep with you.”


Su Shi had a question mark on his face, “I said they went back to their rooms to rest, who said they were going to sleep with the Taoist priest?”

Sikong Yueyue’s expression froze.

Realizing that I was thinking too much, I was shy and didn’t dare to look up.

Su Shi laughed and said, “The Taoist priest isn’t really trying to beat me, is he?



“Who made you think? You are always out of tune when you talk, and Pindao doesn’t want to talk to you anymore.

Sikong Yueyue didn’t dare to stay any longer, and after a spit, he fled.

Su Shi waved his hand, “Good night, Taoist priest, don’t dream of me at night. 55

Sikong Luyue staggered and almost tripped over the steps.

He ran out of the courtyard without looking back, leaning against the wall, clutching his hot earlobes, his heartbeat still accelerated.

“I really don’t know what this person’s skin is doing, it’s thicker than the city wall.”

Sikong Yueyue’s eyes were misty, filled with a touch of shyness.

Thinking of what Su Shi said just now, her eyes lost focus, and she was a little absent-minded.

“I didn’t expect Master to have such an experience.

He took out the letter from his arms, and the Master’s handwriting on it is vivid:

[There will always be a special person in this world. 】

【Some people will push you down into the abyss, and some people will light up your life. 】

[If one day, your own star appears, I hope you can follow your own heart, and don’t get stuck in your life because of the so-called ancestral teachings. 】

“No wonder Shizun will leave this kind of words, which is completely inconsistent with the way she has always adhered to. 95

“It turned out that there were doubts about Zu Xun.

“Unfortunately, she didn’t have the courage to take that step after all.”

Between feelings and the Dao, Zhaixin Dao Zun chose to stick to the Dao, and regarded that relationship as a test of the Dao Xin.

The result was deep regret.

Even at the cost of exhausting his energy and burning his life essence, he wants to see the essence of the Dao of Heaven.

Look at the last few lines of the letter:

[The teacher also faced the same confusion. 】

[In the end, he chose to obey the ancestral teachings, and watched helplessly as the stars that belonged to the teacher went out. 】

[This is the most regrettable thing in the teacher’s life. 】

“Sorry?” 9

Sikong Yueyue’s dazed eyes gradually firmed.

“No matter what he will face in the future, Pindao will never leave regrets in his life.35

“Since you can’t forget your love, let’s just be passionate about it.

The moonlight is like washing, and its brilliance is sprinkled on the earth.

Looking at the lonely bright moon, the corners of Sikong Yueyue’s mouth twitched slightly, and the bright smile was more moving than the moonlight.

The next morning, I asked the cliff.

The elders and the inner door deacons gathered here.

Xin Ling looked at the smooth jade-like cliff in front of her, and asked in doubt, “Senior sister, what is the Master asking us to do here?”

Zhan Qingchen said: “Wouyaoya is a secret of the sect. Only the disciples of the sect master can use it. It can test the image of the debut, which is very important for future cultivation.”5

The inheritance of Tianji Pavilion, the center of gravity is not heavy.

Whether he can pass the cliff test, to a certain extent, determines the potential of his future practice.

Xin Ling is a direct disciple of the new sect.

After this period of practice, the Taoist Law of the Heavenly Secret Pavilion has already entered the stage, and it is possible to self-realize Taoism here.

“Xin Ling is worthy of being a congenital Taoist body, and her cultivation speed is almost no weaker than Chief Zhan’s. I didn’t expect to be able to open Daoya so quickly.”

“Yeah, I thought it would take another month or two. 35

“I don’t know if she can pass the cliff test?

“It shouldn’t be a problem, after all, this is the innate Tao body.

“It’s not that you don’t know, the image of the mind of the Tao is not determined by talent.

The strength of the Dao Heart depends on the degree of resonance with the Dao.

If the root of talent determines the lower limit, then the resonance of the avenue determines how high it can go.

The first elder sighed softly: “Thinking back to the Taoism of the first seat of Su at that time is really shocking. 35


“I don’t know if I can see such a magnificent Taoism in my lifetime.”

After Sikong Zuiyue took the throne, only two people touched the cliff.

One is the chief disciple Zhan Qingchen.

Originally the image of “the moon reflects the river tide”, it has now transformed into a more mysterious “sun and moon in the same sky”


As for the other one, it is the first guest guest, Su Shi.

The shocking scene of the undivided world and the beginning of the heaven and the earth is still talked about by everyone to this day.

Looking at the people who were whispering, Xin Ling’s pretty face turned pale.

What if I don’t pass the test?

Wouldn’t he be expelled directly from the teacher’s door?

Seeing her nervousness, Zhan Qingchen said with relief: “Don’t worry, this is just a test, no matter what the result is, it won’t affect your status as a direct disciple.

“And I think you’ll be fine with 510.””

Zhan Qingchen patted her shoulder.

The pure heart formula works silently, helping her to stabilize her mind.

Xin Ling calmed down and said gratefully, “Thank you, Senior Sister, Senior Sister, you are so kind to me. 99

She is grateful from the bottom of her heart.

Since joining the sect, Zhan Qingchen has taken special care of her.

From the big problems in practice to the small ones, she actively and enthusiastically helped her.

It warmed her heart.

“I heard that Chief Zhan is indifferent before, but now he seems to be very kind.”

“It must be the outside rumors that are wrong.””

Xin Ling thought to herself.

Zhan Qingchen sighed.

“Dead Su Shi, stinky Su Shi, don’t even come to see me, and let my childhood sweetheart stay by my side? 35

“Isn’t this deliberately irritating?

But no matter what, Xin Ling is Su Shi’s friend.

Even if Zhan Qingchen was reluctant, for the sake of his man, he had to take good care of Xin Ling.

“Here comes the boss.

A low cry came.

The crowd suddenly quieted down.

Looking up, I saw a cloud of mist drifting slowly.

And beside the clouds, there is a man’s figure.

Everyone was stunned.


Zhan Qingchen and Xin Ling were stunned.

“Su Shi?!”


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