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In the third watch of the night, the moon hangs on the branches.

The banquet is finally over.

Su Shi looked at Yu Lian’er who was so drunk, and frowned, “You’re not good at drinking, why are you trying to be brave?

All the fox girls who came to toast were stopped by her, and they drank at least two big altars.

Yu Lian’er blushed and said vaguely, “It’s okay, I can still drink~”

Su Shi was angry and funny, “People are just here to make a toast, why are you fighting like this?”

Yu Lian’er shook her head. Although her eyes were hazy, she still tried her best to put on a serious expression and said, “I won’t let these fox spirits get close to my brother.”9

Su Shi shook his head and said, “Aren’t you a vixen yourself?”



Before she could finish speaking, her forehead hit the table.

Su Shi was startled and looked carefully, only to find that the man was already sound asleep.


Su Shi smiled helplessly.

He helped Yu Lian’er up, looked up and looked around, only to find that everyone had already left without knowing when.

The hall was empty, and even the servants could not see a single one.

“Lian’er, where is your room?”



Yu Lian’er murmured in a daze.

Su Shi sighed.

It seems that I can only take it back to my room first.

Su Shi picked her up by the waist, got up and walked out.

In the corner of the hall, Yu Yuan was watching this scene secretly.

The elder of the fox clan on the side asked in a low voice: “Patriarch, isn’t this inappropriate? The eldest lady is simple-minded and a girl’s family, so it is very likely that you will suffer a loss.”

Yu Yuan glanced at her, “If you’re going to suffer a loss, you’ve already eaten it, can’t you see Lian’er’s state? 99

The elders of the fox clan were silent.

With her eyesight, of course she could see it.

Yu Lian’er’s brows were tightly knitted, her Yuan Yin had not dispersed, and she had not yet performed the ceremony of Duke Zhou.

Yu Yuan himself did not expect that Su Shi seemed to be cynical, but he never took a step forward.

This New Year’s Day, after staying at Su’s house for so long, nothing happened.

“Have I wandered off?”

“Su Shi is not a swinger, but a gentleman?”

Yu Yuan pinched his chin and pondered to himself.

He could never have imagined that during the Zhengyuan Festival, the Empress had just left on the front foot, and the Demon Sovereign on the back foot had come again, and the two of them didn’t even have the chance to meet in private (cfbd)…

“Lian Er and Su Shi are together, I can rest assured.

“Just let the two develop a relationship.”

Yu Yuan turned and left with his hands behind his back.

At the beginning, he was slightly repulsive to the relationship between the two.

In addition to the difference in race, there is also the loss of a small padded jacket being ripped off.

But now I just hope that the two of them can be together.

“Where can you find such a good son-in-law?”

Su Shi carried Yu Lian’er into the room.

He wanted to put her on the bed, but she was like an octopus, clinging to Su Shi and refusing to let go.

He murmured unconsciously: “No one is allowed to rob my brother Su Shi…”

Su Shi laughed and said: “Let go, no one is robbing you now.


Yu Lian’er’s pretty face was flushed, and she would not let go of anything.

Su Shi shook his head helplessly, and had no choice but to lie down on the bed.

Grab her slender hand, slowly pour spiritual power into it, and help her dispel the alcohol in her body.

Yu Lian’er’s expression softened.

The blush gradually subsided, the breathing became even, and I had entered a sweet dreamland.

Su Shi squeezed her fair face.

“You can’t drink and be so brave. 39

Looking at that lovely sleeping face, his eyes were full of tenderness.

At this time, the system prompt sounded:

[The prestige of the Qingqiu Fox clan has increased, affecting the subsequent plot trend, and gaining 50 plot points. 】

[Yu Hongyin’s heart has changed, which affects the subsequent plot trend, and gets 30 plot points. 】

[Yu Yuan makes a decision that affects the subsequent plot trend, and gets 10 plot points. 】

Su Shi was slightly stunned.

Then reacted.

This should be the chain reaction caused by breaking through the distraction realm.

“Qingqiuyuan is really my blessed land.

Su Shi showed a smile.

It’s okay to break through the realm easily, and also get 90 plot points by the way.

Make money!

Open the properties panel:

【Host: Ziwei Emperor·Destiny Killer·Su Shi】

[Status: full of qi and blood, refreshed]

[Talent: Perfect Saint Product]

[Boundary: Early Stage of Distraction]

[Gong method: Heaven and Earth Hunyuan Jiuzhuan Taihe Fu (Second Revolution), Heaven and Human Scripture (Consummation), Nether Breathing Method (Dacheng) 1

[Plot value: 160 points]

The plot value has come to as much as one hundred and sixty points.

“It seems that the blind box has not been opened for a long time.”

Su Shi thought about it and decided to open a blind box to try his luck first.

There is a long-lost prize pool in front of you.

Ambilight, the light flashes.

A gift box rolled out.

[Special prize: promotion. l

“Special prize?! 99

Su Shi looked surprised.

He hadn’t seen that word in a long time!

According to the mechanism of the system, different blind boxes such as exercises, magic weapons, and medicinal pills will be refreshed in the prize pool immediately, as well as a special prize that may appear.

The higher the quality of the prize, the lower the probability of appearing.

The probability of brushing out special prizes is less than 1%.

In such a long time, Su Shi has only drawn a special prize once.

It is the first time to open the blind box to obtain the “Saint Perfect Talent”


Holding back his excitement, he carefully looked at the prize introduction.

[Promotion: You can improve the quality of other items, and have a chance to obtain new attributes or abilities. The objects of use include but are not limited to: strange objects, medicinal herbs, exercises, magical powers, etc., and can only be used once. 】

[Notes: The promoted medicinal pill cannot exceed the ninth grade, the spiritual treasure cannot exceed the holy grade, and the supernatural powers and exercises cannot exceed the heaven grade. 】

Su Shi was taken aback.

This is equivalent to giving an “upgrade” opportunity.

And it is not simply to improve the appearance, there is a chance to obtain new abilities.

Therefore, the object of this promotion must be well selected.

Su Shi thought seriously.

“In terms of medicinal pills, there is currently no suitable one, and I can refine the ninth-grade Tianling Pill myself. 99

“There is no shortage of holy-grade spiritual treasures in the sect, and the Dragon Slaying Sword is also sufficient for now, and the spiritual treasures are not considered.

“As for the exercises and magical powers…”

“It seems that they are all heaven-level, and there is no room for promotion.”

This “promotion” looks good, but there are many restrictions in actual use. For Su Shi, who has no shortage of resources, it seems that the effect is not as big as imagined.

At this moment, Su Shi’s eyes stopped on two words.

Strange things.

Strange things can also be promoted, and there are no restrictions!

Something suddenly popped into his mind.

Take out a scroll.

After unfolding, the clouds cover the fog, the mountains and rivers rise and fall, and the magnificent rivers and mountains are revealed.

Strange Objects: Picturesque Landscapes!.


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