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Xing Yi’s eyes flickered.

He finally understood why Yu Lian’er could say something like “Haoyue is in the dust”.

In front of the saintly perfect talent, any genius will be eclipsed.

“No wonder the fox clan and Linlang are so close, so there is such a relationship behind it!””

Facing Su Shi’s icy gaze, Xing Yi cleared his throat and said, “Su Shengzi misunderstood, I was just out of curiosity, I didn’t know about you and Yu Lian’er…”

Su Shi sneered: “Patriarch Xing is quite curious, and he is so concerned about other people’s private affairs?”

Xing Yi looked a little embarrassed.

At this time, Yu Yuan said with a smile: “Patriarch Xing is also out of good intentions, worried that Lian’er will be used by bad guys, so he kept biting on it, ahem, now Patriarch Xing should be relieved? 35

“Relax, don’t worry.”

Xing Yi was even more embarrassed.

The other party seemed to be helping him, but it actually made “May 10” even more embarrassing for him.

Yu Yuan made another stab, “But you can also see that Lian’er does already have someone she likes, and Ling Lang’s intentions, we’re afraid we can’t accept it.


The corner of Xing Yi’s mouth twitched.

This old fox of Damn it!

Su Shi looked at the box on the ground, his eyes narrowed slightly, “It seems that Chief Xing came prepared.

“This is a misunderstanding, if I knew about the relationship between Su Shengzi and Yu Lian’er in advance, I would never have come here so rashly.

Xing Yi explained in a low voice.

Seeing his posture so low, Xing Ke couldn’t stand it, “Father, this is the barbaric world, even if Su Shi’s background is strong, what can he do? Besides, he is only in the Nascent Soul realm, you are a transcendence. Mighty…  

“To shut up!”

Xing Yi glared at Xing Ke fiercely.

He was so afraid of Su Shi, of course, not because of the other party’s cultivation.

It’s the existence behind Su Shi!

Just because the Tiger Clan offended this person, they were immediately exterminated by the Netherworld Demon Emperor!

When the Tiger Clan was wiped out, Xing Yi saw it with his own eyes. Under the pressure of the Demon Sovereign, he knelt on the ground and shivered.

That terrifying aura, he will never forget it in this life!

The power of transcendence?

A fart in front of the Supreme!

Not to mention that the other party is still the favored minister beside the Empress.

If you really offend Su Shi, I’m afraid the whole lion clan will not be able to eat and walk around!

“Okay, don’t you think it’s not shameful enough? This is the end of the matter, don’t mention it again!

Xing Ke has been pestering him to come to propose marriage.

Xing Yi wanted to push the boat along the river, just to get closer to the relationship with the fox clan.

Unexpectedly not only touched the nose, but also offended Su Shi!

I lost my wife and lost my army!

Xing Ke was still a little unconvinced, “My slender lady, a gentleman is so arrogant, no matter if Lian’er likes me or not, my heart will not change!

Xing Yi frowned wildly.

People are about to write “disgusting” on their faces, what kind of affection are you pretending to be!

Xing Ke wanted to say something, but suddenly a coolness came from his back.

Su Shi’s lavender eyes looked at him indifferently.

“Lian’er, is that also what you can call?”


The air instantly solidified, and endless coercion rolled over, and the roar of the dragon could even be vaguely heard in the void!

Xing Ke’s liver and gallbladder trembled, and the hairs all over his body stood up.

Yu Yuan and Xing Yi’s pupils shrank suddenly.

“This is……”

“Longwei?! 35

Looking at those indifferent purple eyes, Xing Yi’s throat was a little dry.

This person can actually master the power of a real dragon?

“Su, Su Shengzi.”

Xing Yi came back to his senses and hurriedly stopped between the two.

The aura was blocked, and the majesty just dissipated.

Xing Ke leaned against the back of the chair weakly, gasping for breath, his body was soaked in cold sweat.

“The dog does not choose to speak, and I hope that Su Shengzi will not blame him. 39

“What happened today is indeed a misunderstanding, since Saint Su has already come, I won’t bother you any more.

“Farewell. 35

Xing Yi bowed his hands.

Then he picked up Xing Ke and turned to leave.

Yu Yuan said: “Patriarch Xing, your betrothal gift…

Xing Yi didn’t turn his head back, “It’s just an apology for Su Shengzi.

Looking at the panicked backs of the two, Yu Yuan shook his head and sighed, “I wanted to save you some face…why?

Yu Lian’er said cautiously: “Brother Su Shi, don’t you get angry, okay? I’m really not familiar with this Xing Ke, and I don’t know what kind of nerves he suddenly has. 35

Su Shi restrained her breath and pinched her cheek, “I believe in you.

Yu Lian’er breathed a sigh of relief.

Su Shi’s aura just now was too scary.

Even if it didn’t target her, it made her feel a chill down her spine.

Yu Yuan sighed: “I didn’t expect that Su Shengzi’s dragon qi is really a great creation!

Dragon Qi is illusory, but it is everywhere, representing endless luck and good fortune.

No matter how high the realm is, it cannot be controlled.

But Su Shi actually did it.

Su Shi said casually: “It’s just luck.”


Yu Yuan shook his head and smiled bitterly.

The last time we met, the other party was only in the Golden Core Realm.

Seeing each other again after a few months is already strong enough!

The speed of strength improvement is simply outrageous!

“In addition to the dragon energy, there is also a faint rule of the Dao.

“No wonder the ancestors valued him so much…”

“What a monster!

Xing Yi took Xing Ke and flew in the air.

The cold wind rushed towards his face, Xing Ke shuddered, and then he came back to his senses.

Thinking of what he looked like just now, his face couldn’t help but get hot.

He asks himself that he is also a leader of the younger generation.

But facing Su Shi, he was frightened like this with just one look.

Is this the gap between Tianjiao and the evildoer?


“Don’t call me daddy, I don’t have a bad boy like you!

Xing Yi gritted his teeth, “Didn’t you say that Yu Lian’er has no Taoist companion?

Xing Ke scratched his head and said, “It really wasn’t before, and I don’t know when she was with Su Shi.

“No matter what happened before, starting from today, please stay away from her and don’t make any more suggestions!

“If you offend Su Shi, I may not be able to save you!”

1.3 Xing Yan’s voice was cold and severe.

Xing Ke’s brows furrowed, “Isn’t that true? Su Shi has an extraordinary status, but can he still be an enemy of the entire barbarian world?”

Xing Yi sneered, “Why do you think other alien races will be on our side? When the Tiger Clan was exterminated, who would dare to speak up?”

Xing Ke shook his head, “That’s different, my lion clan is supreme.”

“Do you really think there is no gap between the Supremes?”

Xing Yi said: “Do you think Patriarch Lu dares to offend Yun Qiluo? 35


Xing Ke was speechless for a while.

“Not to mention that there is more than one Supreme behind Su Shi!”

Xing Yi’s expression was solemn.

Unexpectedly, Su Shi can control the real dragon energy!

No wonder the Empress held him so highly.

Offending Su Shi is almost equal to being the enemy of the entire Linlang!


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