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In the Rakshasa Palace, Yun Qiluo stood with her hands behind her back, looking at the slowly dissipating robbery cloud.

A faint light in his palm dissipated.

“Yu Jiaolong is quite calm.”

“Although she entered the Dao with martial arts and has entered the realm of heaven and man, now is not a good time to transcend the tribulation and prove the Dao.

“If she hadn’t been too impatient before, she wouldn’t have been poisoned…”

Thinking of Yu Jiaolong’s past experience, Yun Qiluo sighed silently.

Frozen for ten years, the cultivation base declines, and it suffers from cold poison and body erosion day and night.

If it were someone else who had suffered so much, I am afraid that the Dao Heart would have already collapsed.

Yun Qiluo knew in her heart that in order to make Yu Jiaolong persist until now, in addition to her tenacious personality, there was also a strong hatred in her heart.

She looked at the void, her eyes cold.

“I didn’t care about what happened in the past.

“But now Yu Jiaolong is a subordinate of this seat.

“If anyone dares to be restless, even the strongest will be killed together!

The strong murderous aura is as real!

13 After a long time, Yun Qiluo withdrew her gaze and turned her head to look at the Holy Son’s Mansion, “I wonder how she is now…

His expression instantly froze.

The jade cheeks turned from white to red, and then turned white again, as if hung with icy frost.

“Otherwise, I’d better kill her with my own hands.

Holy Son’s House.

Su Shi looked at the clouds of calamity dissipating in the sky, and then heaved a sigh of relief, “Saint Jade, I thought you really wanted to save the calamity. 39

Yu Jiaolong calmed down, shook his head and said, “The time is not yet ripe, even if you really want to survive the calamity, you have to prepare well. 35

Transcending the Tribulation Realm is the last realm under the Supreme.

It is also the most dangerous realm.

If the strength is too strong and triggers the perception of heaven and earth, it will attract the Divine Thunder of Extermination.

Destroy the flesh, annihilate the soul, and even the avenues can be wiped out!

The power is so strong that it can kill the peak of the calamity in an instant!

There are not a few tribulation-transcending experts from Linlang Kingdom.

But there are only three people who have successfully survived the catastrophe and proved the Supreme Dao.

The rest are all under the pressure of cultivation, and dare not be discovered by the will of heaven and earth.

Su Shi said with a smile: “Congratulations to the Jade Saint Envoy for restoring his cultivation, and our sect has added another calamity-transcending power. 35

Yu Jiaolong’s eyes were gentle, and she said softly, “Thanks to the Holy Son for helping me, otherwise I would still be tortured by the cold poison.

Su Shi’s hard work during this period of time, she saw all of it.

Ever since he returned from Nanli City, he has been helping him dispel the cold poison day and night, never slack off for a day, even at the cost of overdrawing his spiritual power, he almost fainted several times.

Otherwise, she would not be able to recover her cultivation so quickly.

“The Jade Sage is polite.

Su Shi had long promised to expel the cold poison for him.

At the beginning, it was because the divine flame was not powerful enough.

After the transformation of Shenyan, he was often absent from the sect, which has been delayed until now.

Yu Jiaolong hesitated for a moment, then stopped.

Su Shi said, “The Jade Saint Envoy has something to do, but it doesn’t hurt to say it.”

Yu Jiaolong lowered her eyes and said softly, “The cold poison has been eliminated, can I still come to see the Son in the future? 99

Su Shi smiled, “Is the Jade Holy Envoy worried about this? I said at the beginning that the Holy Envoy can come to me at any time, no matter if there is cold poison or not, and our relationship will not change in any way. 35

Yu Jiaolong asked again, “Then we can still hug?

Su Shi nodded, “Of course.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his expression froze.

I saw Yu Jiaolong rushing into his arms, holding him tightly with her slender jade arms, raising her head and blinking, “You are not allowed to lie to me.

Seeing her charming and innocent appearance, Su Shi laughed and said, “How can you still look like a calamity-defying almighty?

In his impression, the elders of the sect who cross the Tribulation Realm are all mature and serious powerhouses.

Or like Wei Su, full of the majesty of the superior.

After the Jade Sage’s realm was restored, he became more like a little girl.

“I do not care.”

Yu Jiaolong hummed softly, “Since the Holy Son agreed, he can’t go back on it in the future.

At this time, Su Shi found something and said in surprise: “Jade Saint Envoy, are you blushing?”

I saw that her fair and pretty face was blushing, as moving as the morning sun reflecting the snow, and there was no more mist on the top of her head.


Yu Jiaolong touched his face blankly, feeling a little hot indeed.

“It should be that after expelling the cold poison, the body has become different.”

She was a little worried, “Isn’t this ugly. 35

Su Shi shook his head, “It’s cute.

“Oh. 55

Yu Jiaolong lowered his head, even his earlobes turned red.

The air is quiet.

After a while, Yu Jiaolong asked in a low voice, “Then can we still sleep together?”

“Cough cough!

Su Shi almost choked on his saliva.

This question is a bit sudden.

The reason why the two of them slept in the same bed at the beginning was because his divine flame was not enough to dispel the cold poison, and it was an expedient measure to ease the pain of the other party.

Now it seems that this person is addicted?

Just as Yu Jiaolong was about to speak, his expression suddenly froze.

Su Shi wondered, “What’s wrong?”

Yu Jiaolong frowned and said, “Sacred Master’s voice transmission, ask me to come over.

“It should be the reason for the catastrophe just now.””


For some reason, Yu Jiaolong had a bad premonition.

She stood up and said shyly, “Holy Son, I’ll come back to you later.”

Then the figure disappeared out of thin air.

The room was quiet again.

Su Shi opened the system panel.

[Host: 837 Ziwei Emperor Star, Destiny Killer, Su Shi]

[Status: full of qi and blood, refreshed]

[Talent: Perfect Saint Product]

[Realm: Late Nascent Soul]

[Gong method: Heaven and Earth Hunyuan Jiuzhuan Taihe Fu (Second Revolution), Heaven and Human Scripture (Consummation), Nether Breathing Method (Dacheng) l

[Plot value: 70 points]

The 300 plot points originally obtained in Tianji Pavilion, after purchasing the “True Dragon Spirit Guide”, only 40 points are left.

After Sikong Zuyue came to Nanli City, his prestige also increased in disguise, and he gained another 30 plot points.

But still too little.

The mind sinks into Dantian.

The small bell in Dantian floated quietly, and the ancient seal on the wall of the bell was filled with light.

After using the True Dragon Spirit Guide, the dragon energy has been completely absorbed by him, and the Ziwei Emperor Star in the star chart is dazzling, like a dazzling purple sun.

There is also a purple brilliance lingering in the spiritual platform.

“With the improvement of the realm, you can see more ‘Qi’ in the qi technique. If you can distinguish the trend of the dragon veins, you may be able to achieve a real dragon body.”


Su Shi thought to himself.

This is the only way to resolve the conflict between the Demon Dao and the imperial court.

“And the right way…”

Looking at the stars emitting white light next to Ziwei Emperor Star, Su Shi’s mind came to the figure like the bright moon.

A smile flashed across his eyes.

I couldn’t help but touch it lightly.


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