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For the next few days, the Su Mansion was unexpectedly calm.

With Feng Chaoge in charge, Chen Qingluan and Yu Lian’er are like well-behaved little sheep.

And since being attacked by Su Shi, Feng Chaoge was in a hurry when he saw him, and he didn’t even dare to come to him to sleep at night.

Xin Ling might be too shy to come to Su’s house.

Instead, Su Shi fell clean.

Every day I meditate and practice, the state becomes more and more stable.

I guess it won’t take long to get a glimpse of the distraction.

in the hall.

Mo Yulan and three “daughter-in-laws” sat around the square table.

On the table are neatly piled jade plaques with various patterns engraved on them.

“You know the rules, right?

“You can’t stop Hu, and you can get rid of it with one shot and three shots.

Mo Yulan said with a smile: “It was agreed in advance, but you can’t peek with your divine sense.

This is the game “invented” by Su Shi back then, called Sparrow Card.

At that time, she didn’t take it to heart, but after playing a few games, she became more and more superior.

One pass ten, ten pass one hundred.

Now this game has swept the major families in Nanli.

The wives of each family are accumulating poker games every day, and they feel uncomfortable if they don’t play for a day.

However, this game is not suitable for practitioners to play, because they have too many ways to cheat.

That’s why it is only popular in Nanli’s “women’s circle”.

“I’ll get out of this.

Yu Lian’er made an eight-barrel punch ignorantly.


Mo Yulan pushed down the jade card and said excitedly: “Big Sanyuan, muddled, right, right, Hu!”

Yu Lian’er applauded stupidly, “Auntie is amazing~”

“Three barrels. 95




“It’s mushy again!”

“Yes Du Hu, four hidden kong, no word flower.”

“Self-touch! No words, no flowers, three hidden bars!”

Mo Yulan has already killed the Quartet.

“Auntie is lucky.

“The main thing is that the card skills are great.”

Yu Lian’er and Chen Qingluan turned on the boasting mode.

Mo Yulan smiled brightly, “You guys are just playing less, and you’re not familiar with the rules. 55

Su Shi saw it in his eyes and shook his head amusingly.

Chen Qingluan had clearly been able to be fooled several times, so he just took the cards apart and fed them to Mo Yulan.

Feng Chaoge was even more outrageous.

Not only dismantling her own cards, but also secretly controlling the card sequence, so that Mo Yulan can draw the cards she wants every time.

Yu Lian’er simply acted as the atmosphere group.

For them, wanting to win is too easy.

Just want to make Mo Yulan happy.

“Where is this Mahjong game?”||?’

“Obviously it’s just human feelings.”

Seeing that they were having a good time, Su Shi didn’t bother and walked into the courtyard alone.

Looking at the remnant clouds rolling in the sky, he seemed to think of something.

“Take advantage of this time to settle Xin Ling’s matter.

Originally, he was planning to send a letter there.

But after thinking about it, it is better to talk about this kind of thing face to face.

Take out the picture scroll and unfold it, the picturesque scenery is in front of you.

With a light touch of his fingers, his figure disappeared instantly.

In the hall, Feng Chaoge’s eyes flashed.

Without a trace of spiritual power fluctuations, Su Shi’s aura suddenly dissipated, and there was no trace of it in the entire Nanli City.

“Sure enough, he has the ability to cross the void.

“I don’t know if it’s a magic weapon or a supernatural power, it’s really amazing.

“But… where did this man go?”

Feng Chaoge was a little puzzled.

“Miss Huang, it’s your turn to fight. 39

“Oh, three barrels.”

“Haha, what a fool again!”

Haoyunzhou, Qiongyun Peak.

At the top of the peak, Sikong Luna sat cross-legged.

There is no cloud and mist, and his face is cold and handsome, like a snow lotus blooming on the top of the mountain.

She holds an ice sculpture in her hand.

To be precise, it is a sugar man enclosed in an ice sculpture.

The sugar man is very delicate, his appearance is the same as hers, and even every strand of hair is visible.

“It’s doing pretty well.

Sikong Yueyue showed a smile.

Thinking of what happened in Mu Fengcheng, her face flushed slightly.

“When will the bright moon be there, ask Qingtian about the wine…”

“He’s really talented. 39

“Shuangxiu of Dao and Wu, still understands the way of refining, and is so talented in literature, what else is there that he can’t?

Sikong Yueyue hates men.

I thought I would never have a man by my side.

Until Su Shi appeared.

She broke all the rules, disturbed her Dao heart, and crashed into her life so arrogantly.

Even changed the avenue she had always insisted on.

Looking at the looming moonlight in the sky, Sikong Yueyue’s eyes were a little lost.

“People have joys and sorrows, and the moon is cloudy and sunny.

“Who is he by his side now?”

“But it doesn’t matter, no matter how far apart we are, we see the same moon. 35

“that’s enough.

Holding an ice sculpture in his arms.

Although it was bitterly cold, it filled her heart with warmth.

But then she thought of something and let out a sigh.

“But Su Shi is in love with Qingchen.”

“Pin Dao secretly thinks about his disciple’s man, it’s too shameless.

“It’s all to blame for that little thief, why do you have to provoke the poor? 39

Sikong Yueyue was a little bit nervous.


Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded behind him: “Master Dao, long time no see. 99

Sikong Yueyue stiffened.

Slowly turning around to look, I saw Su Shi standing behind him at an unknown time.

Looking at that handsome face, she didn’t come back to her senses for a long time.

“You’re back?”

“Hmm. 35

Su Shi nodded, “I said, I will often come back to see the Taoist priest.

Sikong Zuoyue turned his head and said in a low voice, “What’s so beautiful about the poor Daoist?

Su Shi smiled, “The Taoist priest is really pretty.


A hint of shyness flashed in Sikong Yueyue’s eyes, “Pin Dao doesn’t mean that! 95

This man can always lead people away with just a few words.

But although she didn’t say anything, she was very happy in her heart, as if the clouds and mist covering the bright moon had dissipated at this moment.

Thousands of miles are together, but after all, it is better than seeing each other within a short distance.

“Think this little thief has a little conscience, and he knows how to come back and see Pindao.

The corners of Sikong Yueyue’s mouth twitched slightly.

Su Shi said curiously, “I seemed to hear the Taoist priest muttering something just now…”

“Pin Dao (Qian Hao Zhao) didn’t say anything!”

Sikong Yueyue blushed a little, “You heard it wrong!”

“Okay. 33

Su Shi didn’t ask any further.

When I walked to the edge of the cliff and sat down, there was a surging sea of ​​clouds under my feet, and the bright moon above my head seemed to be able to reach out.

Sikong Yueyue sat silently beside him.

The two did not speak for a long time.

Even though it was so quiet, there was no trace of embarrassment.

Sikong Zuoyue’s Dao Heart was completely clarified.

“I really don’t know what magic this man has.”

“Every time I’m by his side, my Dao Heart will be more stable than usual.

Could it be that this is what Master said about being extremely affectionate to Daomiao?

Sikong Zhuoyue looked at his profile and said, “You came here suddenly, you should be looking for a poor man for something, right?”

Su Shi nodded and said, “I do have something to ask for.”

Sikong Yueyue laughed and said: “I know your purpose is not pure, tell me, what’s the matter?”

Su Shi cleared his throat, “I found an apprentice for you.””

Sikong Falling Moon: “Huh?”


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