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“As expected of the Son of Destiny, he actually gave 40 plot points!”

Su Shi is very satisfied.

It’s not in vain that he was so well prepared.

“If Ye Xiao was severely injured every time, and so on and on, wouldn’t it be possible to get unlimited plot points?”

“And he can act as a treasure mouse for me.”

“After all, some opportunities have to be opened by him.”

Su Shi pinched his chin, secretly poking bad ideas.

For Ye Xiao, he did not feel any guilt.

Murder doesn’t matter.

Ye Xiao has already moved to kill.

If Su Shi didn’t have the strength he has now, would Ye Xiao let him go?

The identities of the two are naturally opposed, and there is no room for relaxation at all.

“Your chance is my chance, your baby is my baby, your woman…”

“Sorry, you don’t have a woman.”

The corner of Su Shi’s mouth smiled coldly.

The battle was now nearing its end.

The righteous way is headless, the demonic way is like a rainbow, and it is almost unilaterally crushed, and the righteous way has no ability to resist.

Jiang Yuan fell from the air, and his figure has returned to normal.

His clothes were blown out when he transformed, and his body was as thin as ribs, and he couldn’t see the stalwart and strong appearance just now.

“Boy, you did a good job.”

Jiang Yuan looked at Su Shi approvingly, “You have great ideas.”

The middle-aged Taoist Lin Quan, although his strength was not as good as him, was a real Nascent Soul master after all.

If you really want to drag it up, it’s normal for a few hours.

But Su Shi seized Lin Quan’s life.

That is Ye Xiao.

Lin Quan was obviously Ye Xiao’s Taoist protector, and was distracted by Su Shi’s sword, which allowed Jiang Yuan to seize the flaw.

But how could he know that Su Shi didn’t care about Lin Quan at all…

“That Daoist forcibly burned blood, and finally hit me with a move, and he must die!”

Jiang Yuan’s eyes were excited.

Today’s plan can be said to be very successful.

Not only defeated the righteous path, but also killed a strong Nascent Soul, completely consolidating the magic path’s control over the southwest state.

This is no small feat!

And all of this is inseparable from Su Shi.

Jiang Yuan said: “Don’t worry, I will explain your credit to the sect.”

Su Shi shook his head, “The main thing is that Lord Constellation has meticulous plans, and it has nothing to do with his subordinates.”

Jiang Yuan said with a smile: “No matter how careful the plan is, won’t you see through the same?”

Su Shi scratched his head, “This…”

“Okay, don’t be humble, I won’t take advantage of your little commander in terms of merit and deeds.”

Jiang Yuan is very satisfied with Su Shi.

Smart, capable, and most importantly, loyal.

Such people are rare.

And with the talent shown by Su Shi, it is definitely impossible to stop at Jindan in the future, and showing good will now be considered an investment.

Seeing Jiang Yuan’s cordial appearance, the leaders of the other cities became hot for a while.

That is the constellation, the existence in charge of a continent, and a good relationship with such a big guy, in the future will not walk sideways in the southwest state!

“Su Shi’s strength is too strong, he can actually crush Chen Qingluan!”

“Yes, Jian Xiu’s combat power is recognized as strong, and he is a top genius like Chen Qingluan!”

“I have a question…Why are there so many Jindan masters in Sandstorm City?”

“There are seven including Su Shi, which is too exaggerated!”

After this battle, everyone deeply realized one point:

Su Shi, rise up!

Cao Jie, the commander of Qianyang City, turned pale.

Before the war, his arm had just been broken, and his strength could only show 50%, and he almost died in the melee.

But none of this matters…

“Why should I offend Su Shi!”

Cao Jie wanted to cry without tears.


Don’t make trouble, he just asks Su Shi not to hold grudges now…

Su Shi stood beside the ruins, looking at the unconscious woman in Tsing Yi.

Chen Qingluan.

one of the main characters.

The youngest censor of the Demon Slayer Division, known as a once-in-a-millennium kendo genius.

In addition, she has an important identity:

Zhan Qingchen’s good best friend!

“Just now, all my attention was on Ye Xiao, but I didn’t think about it so much, and I ended up labeling her like this.”

Su Shi rubbed his brows, “It’s a little troublesome now.”

Jiang Yuan changed his clothes and walked up to him, “Why, are you excited?”

Su Shi was taken aback, “Huh?”

Jiang Yuan smiled and said: “The young man is very angry, it is understandable, and this girl looks really good…”

Speaking of this, he looked left and right, and said in a low voice, “Take the person away, I’ll just pretend I didn’t see it.”


Su Shi didn’t explain, and directly lifted Chen Qingluan.

“Thank you, Lord Constellation.”

This is a ready-made plot point!

Jiang Yuan waved his hand and said, “Don’t thank me, I don’t know anything.”

“I understand, that subordinate will go first.”

Su Shi trotted along with Chen Qingluan on his back.

Looking at his back, Jiang Yuan shook his head and sighed, “Young, it’s really good to ride a horse.”

At this time, Qiu Ao came over and wondered: “Lord Xingsu, why did Commander Su take people away? This is the censor of the Demon Slayer, and should be escorted back to the sect…”

“What is the Censor of Demon Slayer?”

Jiang Yuan frowned and said, “Why didn’t I see it, did you see it?”


Qiu Ao swallowed his saliva and said cautiously, “Or… I didn’t see it either?”*


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