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“Don’t mind me, go kill Ye Xiao!”

Su Shi shouted sharply and slashed at Chen Qingluan with his sword!

Chen Qingluan’s eyes were cold, and the long sword of Qiushui went straight to meet him!


Qingshuang and Qiushui collided, sword qi whistled, and cold light shot out!

The two figures, one white and one green, are like electricity, and their sword qi is like a biting cold wind, making it impossible for people to get close to half a step.

Qiu Ao’s pupils shrank slightly.

He knew that Su Shi was a golden pill, but he didn’t expect his strength to be so strong!

The other party is Chen Qingluan, Tsing Yi Slayer!

Even though Qiu Ao was in the late stage of Jindan, he was suppressed by this woman, but at this time he was on a par with Su Shi!

Su Shi frowned slightly.

“This woman is really tough!”

Chen Qingluan was born with sword intent, and his control over the kendo was extremely good. Although the power of the swordsmanship was extremely powerful, he could not use it continuously in a hurry.

It is not easy to win or lose in a short period of time.

And Ye Xiao fled with all his strength and got into the crowd like a loach. Even though Wu Mang and others beat him very embarrassingly, he didn’t risk his life for a while.

“How dare you call me a stinky bitch?”

“You little white face!”

At this time, Chen Qingluan didn’t care about Ye Xiao’s life or death at all, only Su Shi was in his eyes.

Her chest is up and down, her anger is full, each sword is faster than the other, and the sword is more ruthless!

Su Shi said angrily, “You tigress, it’s not over yet, is it?”


Chen Qingluan’s eyes spewed fire, and he slashed even harder.

Su Shi backed away, the green frost in his hand screamed, and threw it directly at her as a javelin.

“Throw away the weapon yourself? Stupid!”

Chen Qingluan flashed sideways, and just as he was about to fight back, he suddenly felt something strange coming from his chest.

The air was instantly quiet.

She stiffened and looked down slowly.

I saw Su Shi’s palm pressing on it impartially.

Chen Qingluan’s face blushed quickly, his eyes were unbelievable, and his voice trembled: “Deng, Deng Tuzi, how dare you be frivolous with me?!”

“Sorry, you think too much.”

Su Shi’s palm burst into blue light.

The Eight Wilds and Six Helmets!


The incomparably tyrannical spiritual power erupted in an instant, and Chen Qingluan’s blood spurted wildly, and was directly knocked out.

Like a cyan meteor smashed into the house.

No breath, no life or death.

“Yushi Chen!”

Everyone in the Demon Slayer was in a hurry.

I want to come to support Chen Qingluan, but how could Qiu Ao let them go?

Qiu Ao drew the ground into a prison, kept everyone, and said loudly: “Commander Su, you are busy with your work, leave it to me here!”

“it is good.”

Su Shi’s fingers trembled slightly, and the Azure Frost Sword flew back to his palm.

He did not care about Chen Qingluan, but turned his attention to Ye Xiao, his strong murderous aura was undisguised!

“now you.”

Ye Xiao noticed this scene, and his liver and gallbladder suddenly split, and his legs and feet became weak.

“I have no enmity with you, why do you have to bite me and not let go?”

He was puzzled.

This person seems to have a blood feud with him!

Su Shi was too lazy to explain, and directly started.

It is undeniable that this thing does exist.

Just like Ye Xiao, even if he stepped on dog shit on the road, he could find the best medicine in the dog shit.

But so what?

“You are the son of destiny, and you have all the luck, but you are cowardly, cowardly, and stupid.”

“If you want to kill me, I will obediently wait for you to kill me?”

“The moment you are motivated to kill, in my eyes, it is beyond forgiveness.”


Sword Qi traverses the world!

Ye Xiao’s eyes were full of despair.


When the middle-aged Taoist noticed this scene, his eyes widened, he raised his hand and threw the whisk over.

But the speed is still a step slower.

The ruthless sword qi pierced through Ye Xiao’s chest like a thunderbolt.

Su Shi also wanted to cut out the second sword.

But the dust had already flown, and Dao Dao Huaguang separated the two.

“When fighting, don’t be distracted.”

Jiang Yuan punched the middle-aged Taoist in the chest.


The Taoist gushed blood, and his chest was sunken, like a kite with a broken string falling down.

In mid-air, he endured the severe pain, his blood burned like flames, and instantly appeared behind Ye Xiao.


Pulling up the unconscious Ye Xiao, his figure dissipated like a bubble.

“Want to go?”

Jiang Yuan condensed the stone spear in his hand and threw it forcefully, and there was a muffled groan in the void.

After leaving a large pool of blood, the two figures disappeared completely.

When the disciples of the righteous way saw it, they couldn’t help but froze in place.

“Nascent Soul Power…”

“Ran away?”

The crowd looked desperate.

Are they just abandoned like that?

What about sharing in life and death, and sharing weal and woe?

Qiu Ao smiled grimly, and said sternly, “All commanders, follow me to clear the way!”


The people in the sect looked excited.

Chen Qingluan was defeated, Ye Xiao was alive and dead, and Yuan Ying was able to escape.

The righteous path has completely lost the ability to resist.

The next one is completely one-sided.

Su Shi was not interested in other people, and stood silently on the side, waiting for the system notification.

After about a stick of incense, the prompt sounded:

[The plot has changed. 】

[The host defeats Chen Qingluan, which affects the subsequent plot trend and obtains 10 plot points. 】

[The host assists in killing Tian Yizong and enshrines Lin Quan, which affects the subsequent plot trend and obtains 10 plot points. 】

[The host severely injured Ye Xiao, affecting the subsequent plot trend, and gaining plot value of 40 points. 】

【The host please make persistent efforts. 】

“Heavy wounds?”

Su Shi’s eyes sank slightly, “Hey, he really didn’t die.”

His sword hit the point, it is estimated that Lin Quan saved Ye Xiao’s life before he died.

This was also what he expected.

If it was so easy to kill, it wouldn’t be called the protagonist.

Even if they are well prepared, they only inflict heavy damage on the other party.

But it also made him sure of one thing:

The so-called Son of Destiny is not an immortal body!

“Next time you won’t be so lucky.”

The corners of Su Shi’s mouth twitched slightly.

Ye Xiao is still alive, the follow-up plot is still predictable, and he still has more room to play.

“Sixty o’clock plot value?”

“take off!”*


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