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There is still half a month left before the Spring Festival, but the atmosphere of the festival in Mufeng City is already very strong.

The city was crowded with people, red talismans hung on the eaves of the houses, and children ran laughing and running on the street with windmills and sugar figures.

The street vendors on both sides of the street were shouting incessantly.

This is one of the few days when the people can rest and enjoy themselves.

The three were hanging out in the street.

Zhan Qingchen took Su Shi’s arm, while Sikong Yueyue silently followed behind.

Under the action of Taoism, pedestrians cannot see their faces clearly, and their existence will be ignored subconsciously.

Otherwise, with their identities, I am afraid it will cause an uproar.

“Su Shi, let’s go buy a sugar painting.”

“it is good.”

The two walked to the stall beside them.

Sikong Yueyue stood there awkwardly.

Looking at their intimate appearance, I suddenly felt a little regretful.

“Pindao really can’t think of it, why do you want to go shopping with them?”

“It’s just a mundane festival, what does it have to do with the poor?”

Although it is very lively here, but I feel like an outsider.

She sighed and prepared to go directly back to the sect.

At this moment, Zhan Qingchen ran back and grabbed her arm.

“Master, what do you think? Come together.

“Poor Dao…”

He was pulled away before he finished speaking.

Zhan Qingchen held Su Shi in his left hand and Sikong Luyue in his right, walking very briskly.

Come to the booth.

The old man poured the boiled sugar water on the copper plate, and before the sugar had hardened, he used impressions to create various shapes.

Then stick the bamboo stick to the back, wait for the sugar water to cool, and then use a spatula to slowly shovel away the copper plate.

Even a sugar painting is done.

However, the impressions are relatively rough, most of which are simple shapes of kittens and puppies.

“Which one should I choose?”

Zhan Qingchen hesitated.

Su Shi thought for a while, then stuffed the old man with a gold ingot, “Old man, discuss it, let me make a few for myself to play with.”5

Looking at the golden ingot in his hand, the old man’s voice moved, “This stall is yours~” 35

After speaking, he got up and left, for fear that Su Shi would regret it.

Even if you sell Sugar Man for a year, you can’t make so much money.

Zhan Qingchen asked curiously, “You still make sugar paintings?”

“What’s so difficult about that.

Su Shi’s mind moved, and the sugar water in the pot rose directly into the air.

Under the control of spiritual power, the sugar water was constantly changing in various forms, and the surrounding pedestrians stopped one after another and gave bursts of applause.

For practitioners, this folk art is really too simple.

As the sugar liquid continued to change, the shape gradually revealed, and it was a fairy with a fluttering robe.

Even the eyebrows and hair are very delicate.

Zhan Qingchen’s cheeks were slightly red.

Isn’t this herself?

Su Shi smiled and said, “How about it, is my craft okay?


Zhan Qingchen gave a thumbs up.

He reached out to take it, but Su Shi carried the sugar painting behind his back, “The girl hasn’t given the money yet.”

He pointed to his cheek.

Zhan Qingchen blushed a little.

But he still managed to hold back his shyness and pecked him lightly on the face.

Sikong Yueyue’s hair was blocked in his heart, and he silently turned around.

Since agreeing to their relationship, the two have become more and more like no one else.

“Otherwise, go back to the poor way…

“Master, here it is.”

Su Shi’s voice sounded.

Sikong Yueyue looked back and saw that the other party handed a sugar man to him.

It was the image of a young Taoist nun, the Taoist robe was flying, elegant and out of the dust, but her appearance was very cute and charming.

“Why did you pinch the poor way too?”

Sikong Zuiyue frowned slightly, “Besides, when did Pindao look like this?”

The sugar man’s lips pursed slightly, as if he was acting like a spoiled child.

Su Shi said with a smile: “The way the Taoist priest looked at the beginning, it’s even better than this…”

“No, don’t say it. 95

Sikong Luyue’s face became hot for a while.

Su Shi shrugged, “Since the Taoist priest doesn’t want it, then I can give it to someone else.”


Sikong Yueyue snatched the sugar man over and said nervously, “How could you just give away the poor man?

Wouldn’t it be possible for others to see her like this?

Absolutely not!

Su Shi is a little funny.

This leader is really honest.

Sikong Yueyue’s eyes flickered, and he said in a low voice, “But… Pindao has no money for you.

Thinking of Zhan Qingchen’s actions just now, her pretty face couldn’t help but turn even redder.

“It doesn’t matter, this is my preacher. 35

Su Shi stood up, “Let’s continue shopping.””


Sikong Yueyue followed him step by step.

Looking at the sugar man in her hand, her eyes were a little shy, and after admiring it for a long time, frost poured out from her palm, freezing the sugar man’s entire body.

Su Shi wondered, “Why doesn’t the Taoist priest eat it?”

“I don’t like to give up…cough, I don’t like sweets.

Sikong Yueyue quietly put away the sugar man.

The three of them strolled around.

Zhan Qingchen ran around like a curious baby.

I want to taste everything I see, and my cheeks are as round as a squirrel.

And Sikong Jueyue looked at the bustling street scene in front of him, his eyes were a little dazed.

The roadside is decorated with lanterns, fire trees and silver flowers, shouts are endless, and the heat is steaming from the stalls.

The atmosphere was loud and lively, full of worldly fireworks.

This feeling was very foreign to her.

“This Mufeng City is at the foot of the sect, but it seems that Pindao has never been here.

She rarely leaves the sect.

Even if there is something to go out, they are all standing high in the clouds, and they have never walked into the mundane so close.

Su Shi shook his head and said, “That’s really a pity.


Sikong Zuiyue said indifferently: “Only by transcending the mundane world can you climb the fairy road. If you are obsessed with the fireworks of this world, how can you prove the supreme power of the Tao?”

Su Shi smiled, “Isn’t the strongest person not human?”

Sikong Yueyue frowned and said, “What does this mean?

(Li Dezhao) “Only when one’s mind is detached can one reach the pinnacle.”

“But only when you are in the mundane world can you realize that you are a living person.”

Su Shi shrugged, “If the purpose of cultivation is to sever human nature, then I don’t think this immortal path should be cultivated. 39

Sikong Yueyue was slightly taken aback.

The mind is detached and the body enters the mundane world?

She had never heard of such a truth.

“Then what is the purpose of your practice?””


Su Shi said earnestly: “In love.”


Sikong Yueyue gave him an angry look, “Can’t you be serious?

Su Shi thought about it and said, “In order to protect the important people.

“Important human feathers?”

Sikong Yueyue lowered his head, wondering what he was thinking.

After being silent for a long time, I finally summoned up a little courage, “That poor way…”

At this time, Zhan Qingchen jumped back and ran back, “Come on, there seems to be an amusement ahead!”


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