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Tianxuan Peak.

This peak is located in the middle of the mountain gate, adjacent to Qiongyun Peak where the head is located.

Both the rhythm and the scenery are unparalleled.

in the courtyard.

Su Shi was lying on the chair, and the system panel appeared in front of him:

【Host: Ziwei Emperor·Destiny Killer·Su Shi】

[Status: full of qi and blood, refreshed]

[Talent: Perfect Saint Product]

[Realm: Middle Nascent Soul]

[Gong method: Heaven and Earth Hunyuan Jiuzhuan Taihe Fu (Second Revolution), Heaven and Human Scripture (Consummation), Nether Breathing Method (Dacheng)…l

[Plot value: 300 points]

A full three hundred plot points.

After coming to Tianji Pavilion, he has obtained more than 100 plot points.

In addition, he also realized the law of the Great Dao and lit up a pure white star.

the most important is,

He can finally fall in love with Zhan Qingchen in an open and honest way!

Thinking of that simple and well-behaved girl, Su Shi’s eyes were full of tenderness.

When the two were just together, he had sworn a promise that one day he would be with her aboveboard.

Now there is no obstacle between them.

12 Except for Chen Qingluan…

Su Shi rubbed his brows.

It’s a bit of a hassle.

It can only be done gradually and in the long run.

“But overall, this trip to Haoyunzhou was quite successful. 95

Sikong Yueyue was not as unreasonable as he imagined.

On the contrary, it is quite good to talk.

It’s just that his attitude towards him has been a little weird since he came out of the spirit realm…


Su Shi thought of something and took out a scroll from the storage ring.

After unfolding, it is a magnificent and real picture.

The clouds and mist that had shrouded the sky above Haoyun Continent have slowly dissipated at this time, and the entire Kyushu river and mountains can be seen.

“Sure enough.

Su Shi nodded.

Although he did not join the Tianji Pavilion, his identity as the first guest minister allowed him to unlock the faction.

In this way, you can also traverse the void in Tianji Pavilion.

It will be much easier to see Zhan Qingchen in the future.

“This picture scroll is so convenient, it’s almost like it was tailor-made for me.”

“Well, I haven’t been back to the sect for a long time, so I just went back to have a look.

Su Shi pointed to Youzhou in the southern border.

The figure suddenly disappeared.


The room was a mess, and countless ancient books were scattered all over the place.

Sikong Yueyue rubbed his eyebrows.

She rummaged through almost every corner, but still couldn’t figure out what to give Su Shi.


The cultivation method of the other party is very mysterious, Yuan Ying can be turned into an ancient bell, and even can devour the soul, it is estimated that other cultivation methods are difficult to penetrate his eyes.


Su Shi knows how to make alchemy himself, and is also a 9th-grade great pharmacist.


He can even refine weapons with his body, and even the half-spirit treasure can be easily captured, and the holy-grade spirit treasure is not suitable for him.

As for the immortal material talisman, she felt that sincerity was not enough.

Sikong Zuoyue looked distressed, “What kind of gift should a poor man return?

“Or… ask Qingchen?”

“She should have more experience than Pindao in this regard.

After hesitating for a while, the figure broke into the air and disappeared.

In the chief residence, in the room, Zhan Qingchen was tinkering with something at his desk.

dong dong dong.

There was a knock on the door.

She thought it was Xiaoqing and said without raising her head, “Come in.

The door opened, and footsteps approached.

After a moment of silence, a curious voice came from behind: “What are you doing?’99

Realizing that the sound was wrong, Zhan Qingchen looked back.


She froze for a moment, “Why are you here?”

Sikong Zuoyue said: “Nothing, Pindao is just hanging out… You haven’t answered Pindao, what are you doing?”

I saw a piece of silk embroidery on the table, and there were various needles and silk threads beside it.

Zhan Qingchen said a little embarrassedly: “The disciple is practicing embroidery and wants to make a purse for Su Shi.”


Sikong Zuiyue asked in confusion, “But you are just a mortal thing, neither refined nor attached to Taoism, what’s the value of such a gift?

Zhan Qingchen smiled and said, “Although there is no Taoism here, there is a sincerity of disciples.

Sikong Yueyue was slightly startled.


“Giving a gift, the important thing is to express one’s heart, and it is not so important whether it is noble or not.

“As long as he can feel the disciple’s heart, then this gift will naturally have value.

After listening to Zhan Qingchen’s words, Sikong Yueyue came back to his senses.

He reached out and touched the headband on his head.

The hair band that Su Shi gave her has no unique function other than tranquility.

But it was her favorite thing.

Every morning, she has to carefully fasten her hairband, and even develops the habit of looking in the mirror.

“It turns out that, Pindao understands.

Sikong Yueyue nodded, “What matters is the person who gave the gift, not the gift itself.”

She was already thinking about what to give.

Before Zhan Qingchen could react, the clouds and mist surged, and his figure disappeared again.

Zhan Qingchen scratched his head.

“Why is Shizun a little bit inexplicable?

Sikong Jueyue came to Tianxuan Peak.

Looking at the courtyard in front of her, she stood at the door and hesitated for a long time before carefully pushing the door and walking in.

But the yard was empty.


Sikong Zuiyue frowned slightly.

Divine consciousness swept around, only to find that not only Tianxuan Peak, but the entire Tianji Pavilion could not find Su Shi’s shadow.

This man has already left.

Sikong Yueyue froze in place.

“In such a hurry to leave?”

“I didn’t even say goodbye… It seems that Pindao shouldn’t matter in his eyes, right?”

She lowered her head and clenched her robe tightly, feeling somewhat lost in her heart.

“Let’s go, just 517 doesn’t care.

“Since you left without saying goodbye, next time you want a gift from the poor, you can’t!”

Youzhou in the southern border, Nether Sect.

In the mansion of the Holy Son, Bai Qing was cleaning the bedroom.

Although Su Shi is away, she still keeps the room clean and tidy.

What if the Son of God suddenly came back?

Bai Qing looked out the window, her eyes blank, and she said to herself, “When Young Master went to the Western Regions, he said that he would be back soon… But how long has it been since then?”

“Last time too, Young Master always lies to others, I really hate it to death…”

Suddenly, a familiar voice came from behind: “Who do you hate?

Bai Qing’s body stiffened.

Slowly turning his head to look, he saw Su Shi standing behind him, looking at her with a smile, “Okay, how dare you speak ill of this young master behind your back?”

Bai Qing bit her cherry lips, her big eyes quickly filled with mist.


“Woooooo, people miss you so much~”

She slipped into Su Shi’s arms like a swallow in a forest.

Holding that light and delicate body, Su Shi couldn’t help but laugh.

This girl is in this state every time they meet.

It’s just a little crying bag with sticky essence.

“Hmph, don’t try to fool the past.”

“Speak ill of this son, but you will be beaten. 55

Su Shi snorted coldly.

Bai Qing nodded shyly, “The servant is ready, the son can start.

Su Shi: “???”.


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