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Hearing this question, Sikong Yueyue was inexplicably nervous.

Su Shi said righteously: “I am righteous, how could I do such a thing?

“Hmph, I don’t believe it. 35

Zhan Qingchen gave him a charming glance.

This man does not know how many confidantes there are.

In good spirits?

There is simply no one more absurd than him!

“Even if you don’t hook up with others, there will be other people who will take the initiative to hook up with you.35

Zhan Qingchen’s expression was sour.

She saw the reactions of those female disciples, she could describe it as a wolf like a tiger!

How can there be a little bit of righteousness?

Su Shi scratched his head.

He really hasn’t been in contact with anyone else, except for the head Sikong Luyue…

But that was just an accident.

Thinking of this, I feel a little strange.

Sikong Luyue doesn’t seem to reject him?

Even if he was held in his arms, he was shy and angry, and he didn’t get angry as much as he imagined.

You must know that in the plot of the original book, she is severely misogynistic.

Su Shi asked, “By the way, does your master really hate men?”

Zhan Qingchen didn’t know why, but he still replied: “Of course, Master thinks that all men in the world are dirty, so there are no male disciples in the sect.”

She has been in the sect for more than ten years, and Sikong Yueyue has never been around the opposite sex.

Although she seldom shows it, she can feel that the master hates men from the bottom of his heart.


Su Shi pinched his chin.

Could it be the effect of the “surrender” effect?

Or is it that the other party doesn’t think of him as a man at all?

Zhan Qingchen tilted his head and said, “But it’s hard to say, I don’t like getting along with the opposite sex, but it’s not with you…cough.

Speaking of this, she blushed again.

“There will always be some special people in this world. 55

“Those self-confessed obsessions all vanished when they met someone they liked.

Zhan Qingchen looked at Su Shi with a soft voice, “Like when I saw you, all Taoism and cultivation were left behind, I just wanted to stay in your arms and never be separated.

Su Shi was stunned.

I didn’t expect that Chief Zhan, who has a cold personality, could say such sultry love words.

The sincere and fiery girlish feelings made his heart almost melt.

The air is quiet and warm.

Zhan Qingchen hugged Su Shi, her pretty face blushing.

“Master… Maybe she just didn’t meet someone who could let her go.”

In the distance, Sikong Yueyue was stunned.

What Zhan Qingchen said was similar to the letter left by Master.

“A person worth letting go of the poor?”

His eyes looked at Su Shi.

For some reason, I became more and more flustered.

Not daring to continue watching, he turned around and left as if to flee.

Guanyun Hall.

In the quaint palace, the elders and deacons all gathered here, and the figure of Su Shi seemed to be among them.

Sikong Yueyue sat on a high place and said, “I’m calling everyone here today, Pindao has something to announce.

She paused for a moment and said: “Su Shengzi has rescued my disciples many times, and passed the Taoist test of Daoya, and has an inexplicable karma with Tianji Pavilion.

“At the same time, he is also the destined person in the prophecy of Zhaixin Dao Zun.”

“So Pindao decided,”

“I would like to invite Su Shengzi to serve as the first guest of the Tianji Pavilion, ranking in Tianxuan Peak.””

As soon as these words came out, the hall was quiet.

A guest is an honored guest.

People from other sects, who hold positions in this sect, will be called guest ministers.

Generally speaking, it is a virtual job, just to bring the two relations closer.

But the first guest was different.

The position is the same as that of the elders of the peaks, and only lives under the head Taoist.

That is to say, Su Shi is not a person from Tianji Pavilion, but he is the master of a peak in Tianji Pavilion.

This is unprecedented.

And Tianxuan Peak is located in the center of the mountain gate, right next to Qiongyun Peak where the head of the gate lives.

The level of attention is evident!

Sikong Luyue looked around at everyone, “Do you have any opinions?

“I have no opinion.”

“Su First Seat deserves its name.

“This is the good fortune of my clan. 55

The elders expressed their approval.

If it was before, they would only think that the Sect Leader was crazy and let someone in the devil’s way hold an important position.

However, after learning that Su Shi is the man of destiny, he listened to the Tao of alchemy taught by the other party.

The prejudice in my heart has long since dissipated.

A deacon walked into the hall, holding a jade plate in his hand, and came to Su Shi.

There is a token in the jade plate, which is engraved with floating cloud patterns.

Sikong Zuiyue said: “This is the order of floating clouds, it is the order of passage from the Tianji Pavilion, and it also represents the identity of the peak master of Tianxuan Peak.

Su Shi reached out and picked it up.

A reminder comes from the ear:

[The host serves as the chief guest secretary of Tianji Pavilion, which affects the subsequent plot trend and obtains 30 plot points. 】

[The prestige of Tianji Pavilion increases, which affects the subsequent plot trend, and obtains 20 plot points…]

It’s fifty o’clock plot value again.

Su Shi agreed to serve as a guest secretary, but was not really interested in what kind of peak master.

But for Zhan Qingchen.

If the two want to be together openly and aboveboard, the righteous identity is necessary.

Ke Qing does not need to go to the sect, and he is free and unfettered. This status is more suitable for him.

Sikong Zuiyue said: “Tianxuanfeng, the poor road has been cleaned up, and the first seat of Su can live in at any time.”

Su Shi nodded, “Thank you, Taoist priest.”

“No, no thanks.

Sikong Yueyue’s eyes flickered.

I always feel that the other party’s eyes can penetrate the clouds and mist.

“It’s all gone.

Clouds and mists surged, and the figure disappeared.

The crowd walked out of the hall.

Before Su Shi could go far, there was a call from behind: “The first seat stays.

He stopped and turned to look.

I saw a group of elders walking towards him quickly.

The first elder walked up to him and said with a smile: “Su Shouzuo is willing to serve as a guest minister, which is really a blessing for me in the Heavenly Secret Pavilion.”5

Saying that, he took out a jade letter.

Even if you don’t open it, you can still feel the surging aura.

Su Shi wondered, “This is…”

The first elder said: “Su Shengzi disregarded his previous suspicions and taught me the way of alchemy, for which the old man is deeply grateful.

“A little courtesy, don’t refuse.

Su Shi opened it and glanced.

“Fairy material?”

A full five 4.2 pieces of immortal material lie quietly in the jade box.

This is not a small gift, but a treasure that can refine holy spirit pills!

The other party was full of sincerity, and Su Shi was not hypocritical, and put away the jade letter, “Then I’ll be welcome.”

The elder said with a smile, “Yes, you don’t have to be polite. 35

“Please accept this as well.

“This is the Lingyu I got from the Bitter Cold Land.

“I only have three immortal materials, so don’t dislike the first one.

“This half-spirit treasure was carefully selected by me…

The other elders also took out gifts.

Enthusiastically stuffed into Su Shi’s arms, for a while, the fairy spirit and aura floated everywhere.

in the corner.

Sikong Yueyue looked at him in a hurry, and a smile flashed across his eyes.

Then what came to mind.

“He gave Pindao a hair tie, should Pindao also give him a gift in return?”

“But what’s better?”


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