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Although the outside world is turbulent.

But the inside of Tianji Pavilion is surprisingly calm.

The disciples were indeed a little surprised when they first learned that Su Shi was coming, but they soon accepted the fact.

Although Su Shi is the Son of Magic, he is also the hero of the entire Lin~lang.

Not to mention that he has saved the chief and sect disciples from fire and water many times.

The most important thing is that Su-Shi Chang is too handsome.

How could such a good looking person be a villain!

Qiongyun Peak.

Sikong Zuyue walked down the mountain slowly.

Since the last incident, she has given up resistance, and her Taoism has stabilized again.

But some souls are left unsettled.

She has never had a man by her side.

But I’ve only known Su Shi for a few days, and they’re already hugging each other!

What frightened her the most was that she didn’t even hate this feeling.

Su Shi’s embrace was warm and solid, his arms strong and strong, and his chest strong and firm.

And he was really fragrant.

It’s not that kind of powdery scent, it’s like a quilt that has been exposed to the sun, which makes people feel inexplicably very reassuring.

it seems that……


Sikong Yueyue suddenly said, “It’s the taste of tenderness.”

Thinking of the other party holding her in his arms, his movements softly like holding a baby, his heart is full of unspeakable shyness.

This kind of feeling was only experienced by Master when I was a child.

[There will always be a special person in this world. 】

[If you can’t be too oblivious, then it seems to be good to be very affectionate? 】

Master’s message is vivid in my mind.

“Su Shi is really special.””

“But what exactly is being passionate about the Tao?

Sikong Luyue didn’t understand.

Just as she was thinking, a voice came into her ears:

“Su Shengzi seems to have started lecturing?”

“It is said to be imparting alchemy experience. 35

“Go quickly, there will be no seat if it is late.

Several disciples in the distance flew by in a hurry.


Sikong Yueyue was a little curious, and his figure turned into a cloud and disappeared.

The yard that was split by the robbery has been repaired.

The female disciples each carried small stools and sat in the courtyard.

All eyes were on the man in front of him.

Originally, Su Shi never thought about “lecturing”.

But there is no way, there are too many people who come to him.

Everyone claimed to have a strong interest in refining Dao and wanted to ask him for advice.

The purpose is clearly not pure.

In this regard, Zhan Qingchen didn’t say anything, but was secretly eating stuffy vinegar.

So Su Shi decided to do it once and for all.

Just hold a public class.

“The three essentials of alchemy are cauldrons, spiritual materials, and heat. 35

“Whether it is an immortal cauldron or an ordinary medicinal cauldron, the most important thing is to integrate the primordial spirit into it, so as to be able to control it to the extreme.

“Accept the Qi of water and fire, and return it to the cauldron.”

“Keeping one orifice of the entrance is the cauldron, and the magical use of the primordial spirit is the fire…”

Although it was just for the sake of purity, Su Shi didn’t want to mislead his children, so he was talking about authentic Dan Tao.

As for how much they can comprehend, it depends on their own comprehension.

“The inner truth is the outer response, the outer sensation is the inner spirit, the qi of my body and the qi of the emptiness are integrated into one.

“Be impartial, independent and void, neither inside nor outside, the sect of Yuanshi…”

At the beginning, the disciples were still admiring Su Shi’s appearance.

But gradually, he was attracted by the profound truth in simple language.

Thousands of roads, the same destination.

Although the Refinement Dao is a little less popular, it is also an authentic immortal Dao. If you can understand it, it will be of great benefit to your own cultivation.

Suddenly, even the elders were attracted.

Move a stool and sit next to it, listening carefully like a primary school student.

Just looking at the realm of cultivation, they are naturally far more than Su Shi, but if they are talking about the perception of Dan Dao, I am afraid that they add up to less than one tenth of Su Shi.

Refining the ninth-grade Heavenly Spirit Pill.

Even in the cloud-like Dan Pagoda, he would be honored as a great pharmacist!

Sikong Yueyue stood in the distance, watching Su Shi silently.

Suddenly I feel that this person is serious…

Still pretty?

“Red and pink skulls, white bones and flesh.”

“Superficial, Sikong Luyue, how can you be so superficial now?”

In his heart, he secretly blamed himself, but his eyes couldn’t stop glancing at Su Shi.

Having said that.

But the problem is,

He is really good looking.

“The poor way is really worthless. 35

Sikong Luyue bowed his head in despair.

After half an hour.

Su Shi ended the open class.

He only talked about the outline of the Dragon Tiger Golden Elixir, and did not mention the refining techniques and lost secret recipes.

But for everyone, it’s also a complete dry goods.

…for flowers

“I just came to see Su Shengzi, and I was fascinated by it without knowing it?”

“Me too, I obviously don’t understand alchemy, but I seem to have some insights.

“Seriously, I have a hunch that I will break through soon!”5

“Su Shengzi is worthy of being an almighty alchemist!

“In simple terms, the mystery is very profound, I have to chew and digest it. 99

The disciples exclaimed in amazement.

“Thank you Su Shengzi for his generous teaching, I have really gained a lot.”

“It should be called Master Su.”

At this time, the Great Elder stood up and bowed deeply,

The other elders also saluted, “Thank you Master Su for preaching. 99

There is no back and forth in learning, and the master is the teacher.

What’s more, what the other party taught is the real Dao Zhili.

It is no exaggeration to be called a teacher.

Originally, they still had the vision of the door, but now it seems really ridiculous.

“It’s me who’s been narrow-minded.”

“Su Shengzi has a big plan!”

The elders looked stunned.

At the same time, a prompt sounded in Su Shi’s ear:

[The reputation of Tianji Pavilion increases, which affects the follow-up plot trend and obtains 20 plot points. 】

“Can this also have plot value?”

Su Shi was a little surprised, “It seems that I can pick up more wool if I have nothing to do.

The elders and disciples dispersed.

Only Zhan Qingchen and Su Shi were left in the courtyard.

Zhan Qingchen blinked, “As a holy son of the devil’s way, it doesn’t seem appropriate for you to teach people in the right way?”

Su Shi said with a smile: “Then you are the chief of the righteous way, and I, a person in the magic way, are friendly to me…

Before he could finish speaking, his mouth was covered.

Zhan Qingchen said shyly: “Who is you and me? It’s not that you hooked up with others.

The two were originally mortal enemies.

Didn’t expect it to come this far.

Su Shi held her in his arms and asked, “Does Chief Zhan like to be hooked up with me?”

Zhan Qingchen’s cheeks were blushing and his eyes were sparkling, and he murmured, “I like it, I like it. 35

Sikong Yueyue looked at it, and his face was a little hot.

Not long ago, I was also held in Su Shi’s arms like this…

She couldn’t take it any longer and turned to leave.

However, Zhan Qingchen’s next words stopped her.

“Then in this Tianji Pavilion, besides me, have you ever hooked up with anyone else?” Qian.


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