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Sikong Yueyue couldn’t believe his eyes.

Su Shi is only twenty years old this year, and his realm has reached the middle stage of Nascent Soul.

Even if it is a saintly perfect talent, it is possible to achieve this level without stopping day and night.

But he not only practiced Taoism, he was also proficient in swordsmanship, and now he has shown the terrifying Tao of Pills and Weapons!

“Could he be able to use his heart and mind?”

“Or is he the son of Dao, the reincarnation of the ancient emperor?”

Sikong Luyue couldn’t understand.

No wonder the master said that the destined person must be kept in the Tianji Pavilion.

If this kind of evildoer really falls into the devil’s way, I am afraid it will be a disaster for the entire Nine Realms!

She couldn’t help feeling a little happy.

If it was Zhan Qingchen, maybe Su Shi would really become the enemy of Tianji Pavilion…

Refining continues.

The power of the demon lies in its tyrannical body.

Although the Black Blood Demon Flood Dragon is only in a half-dragon state, after all, it has received the energy of a real dragon, and its flesh contains a hint of “May 17” rhyme, which is far from the comparison of ordinary beasts.

Flesh, bones, and scales are all treasures of the refining dao.

Otherwise, Lin Li would not have taken action to snatch it.

“Not only did it give me plot points and dragon energy, but my soul was also swallowed by me, and now my body has been refined.

“Brother Jiao can be considered dead.””

Su Shi shook his head and smiled.

If Xue Jiaoquan knew about it, it is estimated that he would have to be angry and come back to life.


The robbery struck down.

The dragon-scale treasure armor flickered brightly.

Dragon-scale swords are easy to pierce, and they are invulnerable to water and fire, so they are the most suitable for armor.

This Flood Dragon is huge, and the scales it has peeled off are piled up into hills, enough to make several treasure armors.

“One for Qingchen, one for Qingluan, one for Alia, one for Qing’er, Senior Sister Cen… Forget it, bring one for her too.

Su Shi secretly calculated.

These treasures can give them self-defense.

For example, Yun Qiluo and Feng Chaoge will not use this thing.

Among the black scales, there was a dark golden inverse scale, which was picked out by Su Shi alone.

After refining the dragon scales, the next step is the dragon tendons.

White as jade, flexible as bamboo.

Su Shi made a belt for himself, and the rest was made into various jewelry.

The gift-giving thing is to pay attention to the rain and the dew, and it is not good for anyone to fall.

The roar of thunder roared, and each piece of magic weapon gradually took shape.

The elders are all numb.

From start to finish, the dark clouds over the sky have not dissipated.

Su Shi has refined so many spiritual treasures, each of which is of semi-holy quality!

An elder asked in a low voice, “Elder, do you remember how many tribulation thunders this was?

The first elder shook his head numbly, “I can’t remember, I have never seen so many calamities in my life…”

She finally understood what the destined person meant.

“The real dragon is born and reaches the top.

“It really lives up to its name!

In the end, Su Shi took out two longan.

Just one is the size of a jade basin, as crystal clear as amber.

This is the most complete part of the blood dragon’s transformation. It contains a touch of dragon power, and it is the eye of the dragon in the true sense.

Under the burning of the divine fire, the longan turned into a pale golden liquid, and the impurities were completely removed, leaving only pure energy.

Gold liquid flows out from the cauldron.

Under the control of Su Shi, it was injected directly into his eyes!

“Refining the weapon with one’s body?!

The big elder exclaimed.

Refining the weapon with one’s body is the secret of refining the Tao.

Integrate spiritual energy into oneself to achieve the effect of refining and sublimation.

This process is very dangerous, even if the refining Dao master dare not try it easily.

A gust of wind roared, and dark clouds wrapped in thunder rumbled above Su Shi’s head.

At the price of body refining, it is to use the flesh to carry the tribulation thunder!


It was too late to say it, and the thunder that penetrated the sky instantly drowned him!

“Su Shi!95

Zhan Qingchen exclaimed.

Sikong Yueyue clenched his Taoist robe silently.

This guy’s guts are too big!

But she can’t take it lightly, if there is interference from others, it will affect the final effect of the refining tool.

After half a stick of incense, the thunder light slowly dissipated.

Su Shi’s figure was revealed.

I saw that he was safe and sound.

The white clothes flew over, the face was clear and handsome, the thunderbolt was wrapped around his body, and the eyes were shining brightly.

The Huanghuang Longwei dispels the thunderclouds, and the whole person is like a god!


At the same time, Su Shi heard a prompt:

[Fusion dragon’s eye. 】

[Enhanced comprehension, increased majesty, and improved “Ziwei Emperor Star” effect. 】

[Get magical powers: Shattering True Eyes. 】

To train with one’s body is actually to strengthen oneself with a spiritual tool.

It’s just that he didn’t expect to be able to derive supernatural powers, and he was still the top supernatural power in the attack of the soul!

Shattered True Eyes.

Concentrate the soul power in the eyes, ignore the physical body, and destroy the soul!

In the past, Su Shi could only defend passively in the face of the attack of the spirits, but now it is the only shortcoming that makes up for it.

As Dantian Xiaozhong swallowed more souls, the power of Shattering True Eyes became stronger.

“not bad.”

Su Shi showed a smile.

At this time, a reminder came again:

[The prestige of Tianji Pavilion increases, which affects the subsequent plot trend, and obtains 30 plot points…]


He just came back to his senses.

I saw that the disciples and elders of the Tianji Pavilion were gathered around, and everyone was staring at him blankly.

His eyes were full of shock and amazement.

The clouds are gone, the sun is shining.

The first elder asked cautiously: “Su Shengzi, are you finished practicing?

Su Shi nodded, “The practice is over.

The elders breathed a sigh of relief.

For fear that the other party will come up with something appalling.

“I didn’t expect Su Shengzi to be proficient in refining the Tao, today is really an eye-opener for me. 995

The elder sighed.

Su Shi said casually: “I’m also a beginner, I just practice my hands casually.”



The crowd looked stiff.

The ninth-grade golden pill, the half-spirit treasure, and even refining the utensils with his body.

Dozens of spirit treasures have not been missed!

Even the Great Master of Refining Dao may not be able to do it. You told me that this is just practicing the hands?

They couldn’t tell for a moment whether Su Shi was too arrogant or too modest.

Zhan Qingchen opened his mouth slightly.

Since Su Shi’s alchemy, her little mouth has never been closed.

“It turns out that he has always been proficient in this way!

“It seems that in the ancient emperor’s secret realm, he was just deliberately hiding his clumsiness.

“How many secrets does this man have that I don’t know?

Zhan Qingchen was proud in his heart, but at the same time he was a little worried about gains and losses.

Although he is also called Tianjiao by the world, the gap between him and Su Shi seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

“Will he dislike me…”

Just when she was thinking about it, Su Shi came over and handed her a piece of soft armor, “Chief Zhan, this is for you.””

Zhan Qingchen was stunned for a moment, “For me?”

Su Shi nodded, “I ruined your yard, this dragon scale armor should be an apology for you.”

The eyes of the surrounding disciples were fiery.

This is a half-life treasure!

Moreover, it is still made of dragon scales, and its defensive attributes are directly filled. It is a treasure for Dao cultivators who are not good at melee combat!

“It’s just a small yard, it can be repaired in minutes, how can there be such precious scales?”

“Su Shengzi’s shot is really generous!


“It would be nice if my place was destroyed…”

Zhan Qingchen stretched out his hand to take it, with the warm aura just out of the oven.

Warm and caring.

She blushed slightly, and whispered: “Thank you Su Shengzi.

The haze in my heart was swept away, full of warmth and joy.

“He is so nice to me~”.


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