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Everyone looked at the robbery clouds in the sky, and they were a little confused for a while.

“Which almighty is transcending the calamity? 35

“This is a calamity. 35

The first elder said: “If you read it correctly, the medicine pill that Su Shi made should have caused the catastrophe.”5

The elders looked surprised.

They know what the concept is.

If you want to refine the Heavenly Spirit Pill, the formula, fairy materials, furnace cauldron, and divine fire are indispensable.

In addition, it also requires subtle techniques and incomparably rich experience.

And only the Heavenly Spirit Pill above the eighth rank can trigger the ~Nine Heavenly Tribulation Thunder!

This is not only to remove impurities, but also to test the quality of medicinal herbs.

If there is a single flaw, it will be smashed into ashes by the tribulation thunder.

“Regardless of success or not, being able to trigger a tribulation thunder is enough to be proud of.

The elder said.

Everyone nodded.

Dan Road all the way, need many years of experience accumulation.

Among the eighth-rank alchemists of the Danta, the youngest is over a hundred years old.

And Su Shi is only twenty years old.

This talent is really scary!

When they were talking, the dark clouds had already condensed into shape, the purple thunderbolts danced wildly like thunder snakes, and a robbery thunder that penetrated the sky and the earth crashed down!

I saw that in the thunder light, the blood-red elixir was safe and sound.

Lightning pauses.

The next one gathers again.


Boom boom boom!

One after another, tribulation thunders passed through the great formation of protecting the sect, smashing on the spiritual pill with devastating pressure.

A full eight tribulation thunder.

The first elder sighed: “It really is an eighth-grade spiritual pill, it looks like this is going to be successful…”

Before she finished speaking, her face suddenly changed!

I saw that the dark clouds above my head did not dissipate, but became more and more depressed, and the day became as dark as night.

In the vortex in the center of the dark cloud, a terrifying thunder light is condensing.

“The ninth way?!

“It turned out to be a ninth-grade Heavenly Spirit Pill?!

The elders were stunned.


The thunder light that destroyed everything came crashing down with brilliance and coercion, and instantly drowned the elixir!

The terrifying power made everyone’s hair stand on end!

After half a column of incense, the tribulation thunder slowly dissipated.

I saw the blood-red elixir still hanging in the air.


A soft sound came.

Lingdan Huaguang blooms, and the fragrant fragrance permeates the courtyard.

The wind stopped, the dark clouds dissipated, and the misty spring rain fell with the breeze.

Dan Cheng!

Everyone was dumbfounded.

They just witnessed the birth of the ninth-grade Tianling Pill with their own eyes?

In the shadows in the distance, Sikong Yueyue looked surprised.

“Su Shi is still a top alchemist?

“How is it possible to do this at his age?

Su Shi reached out to catch the elixir and felt the surging energy contained in it.

Blood Dragon Pill.

Ninth Grade Spirit Pill.

“Unfortunately, the blood dragon hasn’t completely transformed after all.”

“If you use the real dragon’s flesh and blood, you should be able to reach the level of holy rank, right? 99

Su Shi shook his head.

But this is the best result.

Looking at the handsome figure in white clothes, Xiaoqing whispered: “Chief, if you have to get married, can you marry Su Shi?

Zhan Qingchen came back to his senses, “What do you mean by that?”

Do you know their relationship?

Xiaoqing blushed and said: “When the bridal chamber is like this, the slaves will also have the motivation to sacrifice for you.”5


Zhan Qingchen said angrily: “Don’t worry, it will never be your turn to sacrifice in this life!

Su Shi slowly fell from the air.

Looking at the messy courtyard, he said apologetically, “Sorry, for ruining your yard.”

This is his first real alchemy.

Some places are really not thoughtful enough.

Zhan Qingchen shook his head and said, “It doesn’t matter.”

Compared to the Nine-Rank Heavenly Spirit Pill, what is a small yard?

Su Shi thought for a while, then said, “Since it doesn’t matter, then I’ll continue? 35

Zhan Qingchen was stunned for a moment, “Do you still want to make alchemy?””

“That’s not…”

Su Shi took out the keel, “I’m going to practice a few more magic tools. 39

Zhan Qingchen hadn’t reacted yet, and saw that he came to the cauldron where the residual temperature had not yet dissipated, and threw the Qingshuang sword and the dragon bone into it.

The Cyan Frost Sword was a high-level spiritual treasure that he obtained in the early stage of Jindan.

Although there are better weapons in the sect, but after all, after using it for so long, he has some feelings, and he doesn’t want to change it anymore.

Simply use the dragon bone to improve the quality.

The golden fire ignited.

Amidst the raging flames, the furnace cauldron radiated brilliant light.

Su Shi’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Dragon Tiger Golden Core Secret Text, not only contains the principles of Dan Tao, but also the top thaumaturgy of refining.

“Qiankun is separated, yin and yang, water and fire, black essence and rabbit marrow, sun soul and moon soul. 35

・・・For flowers…  

“As long as the primordial spirit is like flames, everything can be refined.

“True fire follows true breath, true breath refines true qi, true qi transforms into true essence, and true essence returns to the entrance.”

“This is the essence of the artifact.”

Under the burning of Blazing Star Li Huo, the keel gradually merged with the Cyan Frost Sword.

The furnace trembled violently.


There seemed to be a loud and bright dragon roar, and a cyan light flew out like lightning.

The Cyan Frost Sword hangs in the air, and it has completely changed its appearance.

The blade is black, and the light is flickering.

At the hilt of the sword was a dragon, and the dragon’s mouth contained the body of the sword like autumn water, exuding a sharp and unforged aura.

At this time, the sky and the earth darkened again, and there were dark clouds condensing above the head.

“A robbery?!

The elders were dumbfounded.

After just experiencing the Jiuzhuan Dan calamity, Su Shi actually caused another device calamity?

“It’s a half-spirit treasure! 35

The first elder exclaimed: “He made a half-spirit treasure!

Although the black sword has not yet reached the holy grade, it is far beyond the scope of high-level spiritual treasures!


The robbery thunder crashed down!

The black sword was bathed in thunder light, and the blade gradually became sharper.

The tribulation thunder dissipated, and he was safe and sound.

Su Shi stretched out his hand, the black sword fell into the palm of his hand, and there was a feeling of blood connection.

“My own magic weapon, I feel really different. 35

“It’s not suitable to be called Qingshuangjian with this appearance…”

“I’ll call you to kill the dragon. 35

The Dragon Slaying Sword made bursts of clanging sounds, as if celebrating his new life.

The place was silent.

The Great Elder swallowed his saliva.

Su Shi is not only a master of alchemy, but also proficient in the way of refining?

Is he really only twenty years old?

It won’t be the reincarnation of a great emperor!

“Cough, Su Shengzi…”

Before the Great Elder could finish speaking, Su Shi took out another large batch of dragon scales and stuffed them into the furnace.

“Remove the heat and strike the iron, and forge all the rest.

The golden fire was burning, and the furnace was burning red.

The dark clouds that had just dissipated began to condense again.


Everyone’s scalp was numb.

This man is a monster!

In the distance, Sikong Yueyue looked sluggish.

“Yun Qiluo… What kind of evildoer have you cultivated!” Qian.


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