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Jiang Tieyi wondered: “Chief Zhan, what did you just say?”

Zhan Qingchen realized that he had exposed his mouth, and hesitantly said: “I said Su Shi is my… good friend, yes, we are good friends.”

Seeing the erratic look in her eyes, Jiang Tieyi always felt that something was wrong.

But the joy of seeing idols has diluted everything.

If you don’t hug him, don’t hug him, as long as you can see him from a distance, you will feel very happy.

Jiang Subing stared at Su Shi stupidly.

Su Shi flipped through the roster.

The names and identities of the congregation are recorded on it.

The concubine of the city lord of Xuefeng City, the proprietress of the brothel in Howling Wind City, the young lady of Qilin Villa… The members include all walks of life, various identities, and even Xuzhou Mu’s daughter who has not left the cabinet is impressive!

From young girls to young women, the names are written on hundreds of pages.

This is only a member of the Chengtianzhou branch.

The scale of the entire Fusu Association is simply unimaginable!

“That’s too exaggerated, isn’t it?

Su Shi had a big head for a while.

If this organization used his name to do some filthy deeds, wouldn’t he become a scapegoat?

Jiang Tieyi saw what he was thinking and said: “You don’t have to worry, the Fusu Society will not collect money or support private soldiers, all members of the society are equal, and any behavior is completely voluntary. 35

She is the head of Xuefeng City, and naturally has the ability to distinguish.

The Fusu Society is a clean, non-profit organization that doesn’t even have a fixed base.

The reason why so many people can gather is entirely out of admiration and worship for Su Shi.

A peerless genius, a hero of the human race, the Son of the Devil, the Grand Duke of Zhenguo, the most important thing is that he looks so handsome.

With so many identities mixed together, it’s hard not to love them!

Jiang Tieyi said with a smile: “This time, you have killed the dragon and saved Xuefeng City. It is estimated that the congregation will increase a lot. 95


Su Shi shook his head.

He also has no right to interfere with this spontaneous organization.

It’s just that I’m a little curious, who is that mysterious president?

above the clouds.

Sikong Yueyue watched this scene from a distance.

The demon here has been resolved, she was about to leave, but after seeing Zhan Qingchen’s actions, her figure stopped.

It feels like the relationship between Zhan Qingchen and Su Shi is a bit strange.

Sikong Yueyue thought for a while, but decided to stay and observe again.

The Fengjiang flood has been resolved.

The Lord of Xuefeng City hosted a banquet and personally entertained the practitioners of various sects who came to support them.

The disciples of Tianji Pavilion have just experienced a fierce battle and need to rest in the city to rectify.

Su Shi and Zhan Qingchen also stayed, and they will return to the sect together when they are repaired tomorrow morning.

In the hotel room.

Several Tianji Pavilion female disciples gathered together to chat.

“Today is really dangerous~”. “”

“Yeah, I thought it was just an ordinary beast, but I didn’t expect that there was such a monster lurking under the river!””

“Fortunately, Su Shi was there, otherwise we would all suffer.

Recalling the terrifying Jiaolong, everyone still had lingering fears.

Su Shi not only saved them, but also the people of Xuefeng City.

“Under his reputation, there is no vacuous person, Su Shi is indeed called the number one genius.

“Is this the consummation of the holy product?

Su Shi suddenly turned out and robbed Zhan Qingchen of the title of “the first genius”.

Originally, the disciples of Tianji Pavilion were still unwilling to do so.

But seeing it today, all are convinced.

Across the big realm, kill the demon dragon with the body of Nascent Soul, how can I ask which Tianjiao can achieve this level?


A Tianji Pavilion disciple wondered: “When did the chief and Su Shi become good friends?39

“Yes, I remember that the chief’s friend is only one Chen Yushi, right?”

“Strange, the chief has always hated men, but not so much towards Su Shi.”

The crowd looked puzzled.

Zhan Qingchen is indeed a little abnormal.

The younger sister shook her head and said, “I don’t worry about eating radishes, but who does the chief make friends with, and what does it have to do with us? 55

“Besides, Su Shi is so handsome, you can’t hate it with any girl, right?”

“Makes sense.”

“Su Shi is really handsome.

“The eyes seem to have stars in the universe, and people will fall down at a glance.

The little girls blushed.

The Tianji Pavilion is dominated by female cultivators, and the men are poor. Where have you seen such a handsome young man?

Women are visual creatures.

Moreover, although the chief has a cold personality, in the final analysis, he is just a girl with a peach blossom.

“By the way, where is the chief? 99

“It seems like I haven’t seen her since the banquet ended…”

Upstairs room.

Su Shi sits cross-legged, looking inside his dantian.

In the dantian, the quaint little bell exudes a faint halo.

The two souls that were swallowed up in the distraction realm were refined by Xiao Zhong into pure soul power, constantly strengthening his soul.

After a tough battle, Su Shi didn’t feel tired at all.

Instead, he was refreshed and full of energy.

“I didn’t expect Xiao Zhong to have such a role?”

In addition to resisting the soul power attack and amplifying the consciousness, it can actually devour the soul to replenish itself!

The biggest difference between Distraction and Nascent Soul is that Distraction has mastered the art of attacking the soul.

And this small bell can attack and retreat, completely making up the gap between Su Shi and distraction.

Killing enemies across borders is as easy as drinking water!

“This is only the second turn.

“If you break through to the ninth rank, I don’t know how powerful it will be?

Taihefu is really scary!

It is indeed a practice that the ancient emperors have to hide!


At this moment, there was a soft sound from the door.

Zhan Qingchen pushed open the door and walked in.

Seeing that Su Shi’s eyes were closed, she thought she was practicing, so she walked to the side lightly.

Before he could sit down, he was pulled into his arms.

I saw Su Shi was smiling at her.

Zhan Qingchen lightly beat him, “Bad man.”

Su Shi smiled and said: “Little Daoist, what are you doing in my room secretly?

Zhan Qingchen’s cheeks were slightly red, “I just wanted to come and see you.

When she saw Heilong appearing today, she was really taken aback.

Who knew that this Fengjiang flood could be so dangerous!

If it weren’t for Su Shi’s move, there would have been a real mess.

Zhan Qingchen clenched the corner of his clothes and whispered, “I’m sorry, I put you in danger again today, but I can’t help you.

(Li Dezhao) She was extremely remorseful in her heart.

Every time she encounters a danger, Su Shi has to take action to solve it, and she feels like a useless vase.

Su Shi embraced the slender waist, shook his head and said, “Nonsense, you have helped me a lot, otherwise I would not have achieved such a big gain. 99

Title, plot value, real dragon spirit, and a bunch of treasures on the dragon.

If it wasn’t for Zhan Qingchen, he might have really missed it.

What vase is his lucky star!


Zhan Qingchen leaned against his arms and shyly muttered: “Then, am I still your baby? 35

Su Shi said seriously: “You will always be my baby.

Looking at those deep eyes, Zhan Qingchen’s cheeks were red and transparent.



Above the clouds, Sikong Chasing the Moon was dumbfounded.

“Baby, baby baby?!!”


ps: Hey hey hey, here we go, I was delayed in going to the hospital today, Saori.


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