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Sikong Zuoyue looked at Feng Chaoge.

The queen has really changed.

Before Feng Chaoge, only the royal family was in his eyes, as long as he could consolidate the imperial power, he could do anything.

Now it is not so indifferent, but a little more willful like a little girl.

The feeling it gives…

It seems a bit like Yun Qiluo?

Feng Chaoge said: “Have you heard what I just said?

Sikong Yueyue asked, “What?”

Feng Chaoge looked at her, “As long as you dare to kill Su Shi, it will be a death penalty, including you.”

Sikong Yueyue frowned slightly, “Are you threatening Pindao?”

Feng Chaoge nodded, “I am threatening you. 35

The clouds were surging, and the atmosphere was chilling.

Sikong Zuiyue said indifferently: “Pin Dao has his own principles of doing things, and you don’t need to teach him how to do things.

“The person who should be killed, no matter how much you say, the poor Daoist will still kill.”

“But Su Shi…”

“Pin Dao hopes he lives well.”

In the eyes of Sikong Yueyue, the people of the world will always be the first.

What is good for the common people is good, and what is bad for the common people is evil.

If Su Shi dies, Yun Qiluo will definitely wash Kyushu’s blood, and then all life will be devastated.

This is one of the reasons not to kill.

Second, she saw everything Su Shi did just now.

Blocking the river, beheading the demon dragon, and protecting the people in the city.

This is great goodness.

Even if Lin Li was killed, it would only be a bloody method, and it would not change the contribution he made to the common people.

There are also Tianqu Mountain and Wasteland City, Su Shi’s “goodness” has been verified more than once.

“It’s a pity to stay in the Nether Sect with a great heart and such potential.

“However, why was he able to devour the soul just now?”

“It seems that the Netherworld magic does not have this ability?”

Sikong Luyue couldn’t help but be a little curious.

Feng Chaoge looked at Su Shi from a distance.

The hosta she gave to Su Shi could sense the vicious aura in the vicinity.

Just now I sensed the aura of Jiaolong, so Xu Hai and the others came to support him, and he was not at ease and ran over from the central capital.

“That Jiaolong has a trace of dragon energy in it, and it seems to have been swallowed by Su Shi…

“Is he really my Emperor Ziwei?”

Feng Chaoge’s eyes were hazy.

At this time, Sikong Yueyue said: “Your heart is in chaos again.


Feng Chaoge glared at her and said angrily, “Are you bothered? Is my mind upset or not, what does it have to do with you?”

Then shattered the void directly.

Sikong Yueyue showed a smug smile.

It’s finally out of the bad mood last time!

Xu Hai and others left with Lin Li’s body.

The Fengjiang River was quiet again.

Everyone was still immersed in the shock just now, but they couldn’t come back to their senses.

It turns out that the masked man is Su Shi!

Although I have heard about Su Shi’s name for a long time, I didn’t expect it to be so strong!

The Flood Dragon in the Distraction Realm, a half-step profound expert, has no power to fight back in front of him!

Killing people across borders is like drinking water.

Is this the strength of Linlang’s first genius?

Tianji Pavilion’s junior sister was surprised: “Chief, Su Shi is actually your friend?”

Zhan Qingchen’s cheeks were slightly red, but he did not deny, “He is my best and best friend! 35

Facing the surprised eyes around him, Su Shi felt a little helpless.

The reason why I didn’t take off the mask just now was because I didn’t want to be recognized, so as not to cause trouble to Zhan Qingchen.

In the end, his identity was revealed.

There is a sound in the ear:

[The reputation of Xuefeng City increases, which affects the subsequent plot trend, and gains 20 plot points. 】

“After showing his face, he added his prestige.”

Su Shi shook his head.

It’s an unexpected bonus.

At this time, Jiang Tieyi walked over quickly and said excitedly, “Prince Zhen Guo, it’s really you! 35

Su Shi asked curiously, “Have we met?

Jiang Tieyi shook his head, “I haven’t seen it before, but I have admired Duke Zhen Guo for a long time.”

She took out a roster from her bosom with a portrait of Su Shi on the cover.

“I am the president of the Chengtianzhou branch of the ‘Fusu Association’, and all the names of our congregation are recorded on it.

Su Shi wondered: “What is the Fusu Association? What does it have to do with me?”

Jiang Tieyi explained: “The Society of Fusu is derived from ‘the branches and leaves help the Su, and the wind and grass rises’, which means that the branches are luxuriant and follow the heart of the sky.”

“But the more important thing is to support Su Shengzi.”

“Only real shortcakes can join our Fusu Club…”


Su Shi interrupted, “What’s up with the shortbread?”

Jiang Tieyi said with a smile: “Shortbread is your admirer. Only by accepting the ‘loyalty’ test can you be qualified to be a real cookie.”


Su Shi had a question mark on his face.

It’s too spicy!

“Then what the hell are you guys doing?”

Jiang Tieyi said: “Simply put, it is to collect all the news about you, to promote the world’s understanding of you, to help you establish a good image, and to fight back against those who throw dirty water.

Dude, fan support club plus PR team?

It’s outrageous!

Su Shi rubbed his brows, “I’m curious, who is your president?

Jiang Tieyi shook his head and said: “The origin of the president is mysterious, and he has been communicating with us through letters, and his true identity is still a mystery.

“Or a secret organization?”

Su Shi flipped through the roster.

In the Chengtianzhou branch alone, there are thousands of congregations recorded in volume 517.

“Looking at the names, it seems that they are all women.

“Because most of them came to your face.


Jiang Tieyi looked at Su Shi shyly.

It turns out that he is the same as the rumors, no, he is even more handsome than the rumors!

Thinking of the heroic figure of beheading the dragon just now, there seemed to be little stars twinkling in his eyes.

You sure didn’t have the wrong person!

“I would like to be a shortbread for the rest of my life!

“I beg you to stop talking.”

Su Shi was embarrassed and wanted to run away.

Jiang Tieyi hesitated for a long time, then said in a low voice, “Prince Zhen Guo, I have a small request. 35

Su Shi calmed down and said, “Go ahead.”

Jiang Tieyi blushed and said, “Can I hug you?”

Su Shi was taken aback, “Hold me?


“I heard that your embrace is warm and solid, and has a magical effect of making people feel at ease.

“I-I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time, and I want to feel it.”

Jiang Tieyi’s head could hardly be lifted.

The catchers on the side were all dumbfounded.

This tigress-like vicious hunter has such a shy side?

Before Su Shi could speak, a fragrant wind came.

Zhan Qingchen stood in front of him, like a hen protecting a chick, and said with a vigilant look: “You are not allowed to hold him, Su Shi is mine! 39

Jiang Tieyi: “Huh?”


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