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Everyone looked up and saw several figures breaking through the air.

The leader was a man in a unicorn uniform.

The adjutant behind him said: “Where is Xuefeng City in charge?

Jiang Tieyi came over, “I don’t know how many…”

The adjutant raised his head and said: “This is the prefect of Beijiang County, I am waiting for the letter from Feihong to hear that a demon dragon has appeared in Fengjiang, so I came here to support!


Jiang Tieyi was stunned for a moment, then hurriedly bowed and saluted, “Jiang Tieyi, the head of Xuefeng City, has seen Prefect Lin. 99

When she saw the demon dragon appearing just now, she felt that something was wrong, so she released Hongyan to the county government to ask for help.

Unexpectedly, the prefect actually came in person!

Xuefeng City is under the jurisdiction of Beijiang County.

The prefect of Beijiang County, Lin Li, is the immediate boss of City Lord Xuefeng!

Lin Li said solemnly, “How is the situation? Did the demon dragon escape?

Jiang Tieyi shook his head, “The demon dragon has been killed by Senior Lei.


Lin Li’s eyes flickered, “Who do you think Senior Lei is?”

Jiang Tieyi said: “Senior Lei is the righteous master who came to support, Senior Lei… eh? What about people?

Su Shi has disappeared.

Look back.

I saw him squatting by the river, busy skinning the black dragon and getting cramps.

Jiang Tieyi said: “The one with the mask is the senior Lei Feng who killed the black dragon.”

“It turned out to be a Jiao?! 35

Seeing the corpses meandering in the river, Lin Li couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment.

Although the transformation is not complete, it has grown eagle claws and mane, which are almost the same as the real dragon.

At least it has to be the pinnacle of distraction!

Lin Li’s eyes flashed with a trace of fiery heat.

Hearing that there was a demon dragon, he immediately brought people over.

Saving people is secondary, mainly for chance!

Whenever the word “dragon” is related, it is a rare treasure!

Dragon scales can be used as treasure armor, dragon meat can strengthen qi and blood, longan can enhance spiritual consciousness, and tendons can be made into magic weapons!

If you can obtain a trace of true dragon energy, it is even more great creation!

Lin Li glanced at the adjutant.

The adjutant immediately understood and said loudly: “Stop!

Su Shi turned a deaf ear.

The adjutant strode over, reached out and grabbed Su Shi’s shoulder, “I told you to stop! 99

Before the fingertips touched the clothes, Dao Fa flashed and was blasted out!

Zhan Qingchen squeezed the magic formula and said coldly, “What do you want to do?”

The practitioners unsheathed their swords one after another.

These people clearly have good intentions.

Su Shi was their savior, so naturally they couldn’t sit idly by.

Looking at that cold face, Lin Li frowned.

Is Zhan Qingchen actually there?

This can be a bit of a hassle…

However, seeing the corpse of the Flood Dragon, greed still prevailed.

“I’m Lin Li, the prefect of Beijiang County, thank you all for killing the demon.

“However, I have to take this demon dragon’s corpse with me so that I can report the situation to Lord Zhou Mu.

Lin Li sounded grand.

Everyone is not an idiot, and they can see through his thoughts at a glance.

“Shout, what are you pretending to be a big-tailed wolf?

“Isn’t it just staring at the baby on this Jiaolong?”

“You don’t come during the fight, and you come to grab something after the fight?”

“Long was killed by Senior Lei alone, what does it have to do with you?

Junior Sister Tianji Pavilion spat, “It’s shameless!

Jiang Tieyi’s expression also cooled down, “Prefect Lin, isn’t this inappropriate?”

In the past, the Fengjiang River suffered frequent floods, and the people were struggling to live. They sent so many letters asking for help, all of which fell into disrepair.

Now when it is said that Jiaolong was born, the prefect will immediately bring people over.

That’s what the idea was!

Lin Li couldn’t hold his face, and snorted coldly: “No matter who killed this dragon, since it is in Beijiang County, it should naturally be under the control of the imperial court, so don’t be ignorant of praise!

“It’s just a Nascent Soul, and it has the ability to kill the distracted Jiaolong?”

“There must be something tricky in here, this officer should check it carefully!”

“Come on, take this dragon corpse away!

The officers and soldiers immediately surrounded.

“I see who dares!

Zhan Qingchen’s eyes were cold, and he refused to give in an inch.

Lin Li sneered: “Chief Zhan, this is not Haoyunzhou! If you want to stop me, you are not qualified!”

The breath is released without reservation, and the powerful aura makes everyone’s complexion change!

Half-step through the mystery!

Chengtianzhou is a fertile land for vassal prosperous, and if he can serve as the prefect of a county, his strength is naturally not weak.

It’s not that they can compete with this group of Jindan foundation building.

The two sides were deadlocked.

At this time, Su Shi finally dealt with the black dragon’s corpse.

Holding the white jade-like dragon tendon in his hand, he looked at Lin Li, “Do you want this?”

Lin Li’s eyes were hot, he nodded and said, “Hand over the dragon corpse, this official can let you go.

・Seeking flowers・・

Su Shi put away the dragon tendon, “No.


Lin Li took a step and said sternly: “If you wait for this official to take action, things won’t end so well!

“The mere fourth-rank prefect, the official prestige is not small. 39

Su Shi looked at him with a sneer, “Then you show me?”

“Humph, it’s just a matter of words!”

“No matter which sect you are from, in Chengtian Continent, no one can compete with the imperial court!””

Lin Li brazenly grabbed it!

He wants to see, what the hell is this masked man!

A cold light flashed across Su Shi’s eyes.


Just then, a roar sounded.

I saw a burly man wearing a purple robe coming out of the sky, followed by a group of officials from Chengtianzhou, large and small.

Lin Li was stunned, “Lord Zhou Mu? Why are you here?”

The man in the purple robe didn’t even look at him, he walked quickly to Su Shi, bowed and said, “I am late, I hope Duke Zhenguo forgive me!

The officials knelt down and kowtowed in unison, “Meet Mr. Zhenguo!

The air was dead silent.

Everyone looked at Su Shi blankly.

This pig-head masked man…is Duke Zhen Guo?

Su Shi took off his mask, revealing his handsome face.

The five-clawed golden python on his body swallowed the clouds and vomited mist, and there seemed to be a faint purple light flickering in the bottom of his eyes, exuding the majesty of ruling the world!

“It’s really him!”

Lin Liru was struck by lightning.

Su Shi said lightly: “Aren’t you going to shoot at me? What are you waiting for?”

Lin Li’s knees softened and he slumped on the ground, “Xiaguan dare not! I don’t know it’s you, Xiaguan! 35

This is the Grand Duke of Zhenguo!

First-class duke, supervising hundreds of officials, Lin Lang’s important minister with the sword of Shang Fang!

The fourth-rank prefect is just a joke in front of the other party.

Su Shi sneered: “You mean, if I’m not Duke Zhen Guo, you can kill people and steal treasures?

A group of officials shuddered in unison!

Murder for treasure?

This Lin Li’s courage is too big!

Lin Li’s face was pale, and his body was soaked in cold sweat.

Isn’t this person a disciple of the righteous way, his name is Lei Feng?

Why did he suddenly become the king of the town?

“That little catcher dared to cheat Laozi!”

Jiang Tieyi stared at Su Shi blankly.

“It’s really him…” Qian.


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