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Hearing the chaotic shouts outside, Zhan Qingchen was stunned for a moment.

“Did you hear it? It seems like monsters are eating people outside?”

“heard it.

Su Shi looked down at her, “The monster eats people, I eat you.”5


Zhan Qingchen covered her blushing pretty face.

How can this man say anything?

Su Shi ignored the noise outside the window.

He caught the clues yesterday, but he didn’t take it to heart.

Chengtianzhou is a fertile land of Fanchang, and it is impossible to see the beast tide in the wasteland city.

There are only one or two monsters, and there is no movement.

Holding her light and soft body, Su Shi adjusted to a comfortable posture.

“It’s still early, sleep a little longer.”

At this time, Zhan Qingchen noticed something.

He took out a jade pendant carved with floating clouds, and saw that it was exuding a radiance.

“Zongmen Lingyu has a feeling. 35

“May 17”

“Is there a Tianji Pavilion disciple nearby?

He looked out the window, and then looked at Su Shi, who was sleeping with his eyes closed.

Zhan Qingchen hesitated for a while.

Before she could speak, Su Shi opened his eyes and sighed, “Let’s go and have a look, I know you’re worried.”5

Zhan Qingchen raised a smile, “You are so kind.””

Su Shi said helplessly, “Who made you my baby?”

Zhan Qingchen pecked his lips and said with a blushing face, “Then you are my big baby~”

“I do have a big baby, and I will show it to you when I have the opportunity.”

Su Shi jumped up and said, “Let’s go, go back early, and get some sleep.

Zhan Qingchen got up and followed behind.

I thought to myself, what kind of treasure is this man hiding?

The two walked out of the restaurant.

“Step aside!”

A loud shout sounded.

Pedestrians stepped aside one after another, and a group of black-clothed hunters rushed out of the city.

Many practitioners followed behind.

Su Shi thought for a while, then took out the pig head mask he bought yesterday and put it on his face.

There are people in the right path here. He and Zhan Qingchen appear at the same time, which will inevitably make people think.

To avoid trouble, it is best not to be recognized.

The two walked out of the city gate.

Not far ahead is the Fengjiang River, and many people have gathered on the bank.

The wreckage of the fishing boat was still floating on the river, and a wisp of scarlet blood was quickly washed away by the current.

“The monsters at the bottom of the river are eating people again?”

“I don’t know how many times this is.”

“The river surface has been blocked, why are there still people who dare to sneak into the water?”

“Xuefeng City is a riverside city. It’s okay to block it for a day or two. After a long time, it will become a problem to make a living.”5

There was a lot of discussion.

They are the disciples of the righteous sects in the Northern Territory.

Hearing that there were monsters attacking people, they rushed to support them one after another.

Among them is the Tianji Pavilion.


“That seems to be Chief Zhan?”

Seeing the moon-white figure walking in the distance, several Tianji Pavilion female cultivators couldn’t help being stunned.

There was an exclamation from the crowd.

“Chief James!

“She’s here too!”

“With Chief Zhan here, I have a bottom line.”

The chief of Tianji Pavilion, Linlang’s top arrogance.

Zhan Qingchen became the center of attention as soon as he appeared.

“Meet the chief.

The disciples of Tianji Pavilion bowed and saluted.

A little junior sister looked at her with admiration and asked, “Chief, why are you here? 35

Zhan Qingchen rubbed her little head and said, “I want to go back to the sect, and I happened to pass by here.

The little junior sister saw the man with the mask on the side, and said curiously: “Then this is…”

Zhan Qingchen glanced at Su Shi, “He’s my…good friend.

“good friend?”

Several people looked slightly puzzled.

When did the chief have male friends too?

At this moment, a female arresting head wearing a robe with iron rulers hanging from her waist came over.

“Chief Zhan, I didn’t expect you to come too.”

The female catcher cupped her hands and said, “I am the catcher Jiang Tieyi of Xuefeng City.”

Zhan Qingchen nodded, “It turned out to be Jiang Zhaotou, what happened here?”

Jiang Tieyi briefly explained the situation.

The two were stunned.

The Fengjiang River is the largest river in the Linlang Kingdom, running through almost the entire Kyushu from north to south.

The surrounding cities in the Fengjiang River Basin are basically rich land of fish and rice.

For example, in Xuefeng City, almost every household is a fisherman.

But since two weeks ago, fishermen have been missing in the city.

At first, I thought it was swept away by the rushing river, until someone found tooth marks on the broken shipboard!

Obviously, there are beasts at the bottom of the river that are devouring the fishermen!

Zhan Qingchen asked, “I don’t know what plan Jiang catcher has?”

Jiang Tieyi said in a deep voice, “This monster in the river is very cunning, and it only eats human flesh, so it can’t be drawn out with livestock.

“This is the end of the matter, we can only use people as bait…”

Zhan Qingchen nodded, “It seems that’s the only way to go.”

Fengjiang is vast and boundless, bottomless, and there is no way to capture the traces of monsters.

You can only lead the beast out first, and then find a way to kill it.

Jiang Tieyi glanced at Su Shi.

I feel that this person is a bit strange, but I don’t take it to heart.

“Get ready to board!”

Fast catchers untie the ropes that hold the fishing boats.

A group of several people boarded the fishing boat and rowed the boat towards the river.

Su Shi and Zhan Qingchen were on the same boat.

Looking at the vast river surface, he tried to release his consciousness underwater.

But it could only detect a distance of a few meters, and was blocked by an unknown force.

Su Shi frowned slightly.

It always feels like things are not that simple.

At this moment, the vast white fog suddenly rose, and soon shrouded the entire river.

Everyone was separated by white fog, like isolated islands, and they couldn’t see the surrounding situation at all.


The water splashed, and there seemed to be shadows bursting out of the thick fog!

“It’s a monster!””

“I have it too!

The river was surging, and there were bursts of exclamations.

Su Shi raised his brows, “How do you know how to defeat this beast one by one? 35

“Danzhu’s mouth is divine, spit out filth and remove the atmosphere. Through life and rejuvenation, but evil and true!

Zhan Qingchen sat cross-legged and muttered an ancient mantra.

The invisible wind swept through the whole body, whistling and blowing the thick fog away!

Everyone’s vision returned to normal.

I saw the wreckage of several 4.2 fishing boats floating on the river surface, and the practitioner who was attacked just now hung in the air with lingering fears.

Through the water, you can vaguely see countless spots of light swimming below.

“Be careful, there is more than one beast!”

The iron ruler in Jiang Tieyi’s hand rose against the storm and turned into a huge iron pillar nearly ten meters high.

slammed into the underwater shadows!

As if a stone stirred up a thousand layers of waves, the calm river immediately caused waves.

Countless monstrous monsters burst out of the water!

It is clearly a fish body, but it has human-shaped limbs, its mouth is full of dense teeth, and its scarlet eyes are like faint candlelight.

It looks so ugly and vicious!

“Water Candle Demon! 99

“so much?!

Everyone took a deep breath.

The Water Candle Demon is a unique monster in the Fengjiang River Basin.

Fierce temperament, good cannibalism!

But generally they are alone, how come there are so many gatherings now!


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