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Feng Chaoge’s face was expressionless, and his phoenix eyes looked at him coldly.

Chen Wangchuan nodded and said, “Wei Chen is here for this matter. 99

Feng Chaoge was silent for a while, then said lightly, “I said just now, as long as I don’t ask too much, I will try my best to satisfy it.

Chen Wangchuan showed joy, “Chen, thank you Lord Longen!”

Feng Chaoge continued: “But your request is too much, I can’t agree.”


Chen Wangchuan was stunned for a moment, “Is this request too much?”

Feng Chaoge nodded, “It’s not too much, it’s too much.”

Chen Wangchuan puzzled and said: “The Duke of Zhen Guo and the little girl are in the same family, and they are in love with each other. Besides, the two are of the same age, isn’t it normal to tie the knot?

Su Shi is a minister of great merit and fully meets the conditions for marriage.

Feng Chaoge frowned slightly, the more she listened, the more uncomfortable she felt.

The door “five zero zero” is right?

Su Shi is a perfect saint, a grand duke, and in the future, he will have to prove the existence of Taoism.

How come you are right with your Chen family?

And in love…

There are so many people who are in love with that guy, why should you give Chen Qingluan a marriage?

“What about the same age?”

“Who told you that only people of the same age can be together? More

“A practitioner has a long life, and it’s normal to be a few hundred years old. Besides, what if Su Shi likes someone older than him?”

Feng Chaoge was very dissatisfied.

Chen Wangchuan swallowed.

What is all this mess?

“Then what does your majesty mean? 35

“No! 33

Feng Chaoge said coldly: “This matter is not negotiable, you can go down! 99


Chen Wangchuan wanted to fight again, Feng Chaoge waved his sleeve robe impatiently, a gust of wind whistled, and his figure disappeared immediately.

“Su Shi has been taken care of by me.

“I don’t want to marry him!

Feng Chaoge’s eyes were filled with resentment, and her jade cheeks were puffed up.

Standing at the gate of the palace, Chen Wangchuan looked confused.

He was thrown out by His Majesty?

I thought it was a logical thing to do, but I didn’t expect this to happen.

“Why is Your Majesty so opposed to the gift of marriage? 99


“What makes Su Shi like older people?”

Chen Wangchuan pinched his chin, “Could it be that in the imperial capital, Su Shi has another woman?

in the courtyard.

Su Shi absent-mindedly accompanies Chen Qingluan to practice swordsmanship, thinking about marriage.

With Feng Chaoge’s temper, he would definitely be furious when he heard this.

“I don’t know what happened to Master Chen…”

At this moment, the closed door was suddenly knocked.

Chen Qingluan’s eyes lit up, “It should be Daddy coming back.”

She ran over quickly and reached out to open the door.

After seeing the figure standing outside the door, the whole person was stunned.

Seeing that there was no movement for a long time, Su Shi wondered, “What’s wrong?”

He walked over to take a look, but was stunned in place.

I saw a figure wearing a moon-white robe standing outside the door.

The face is clear and handsome, floating out of the dust, like a bright moon without a trace of dust.

It was Zhan Qingchen.

Zhan Qingchen smiled and said, “Why, don’t you know me?”

“Clean up the dust!”

Chen Qingluan took her hand and said excitedly, “Why didn’t you come over and say anything in advance?

“I happened to pass by the imperial capital, and I stopped by to have a look.”

Zhan Qingchen raised his head to look at Su Shi, with eager thoughts and love in his eyes.

But in the end, he managed to restrain himself.

“Su Shengzi, long time no see.”

Su Shi nodded, “Chief Zhan, long time no see.”

Listening to the other party’s calm tone, Zhan Qingchen’s eyes were a little lonely, and his slender hands silently clenched his jacket, trying to hold up a smile.

Just wanted to say something.

The body suddenly lightened and fell into a warm embrace.

Zhan Qingchen was stunned, “Su, Su Shengzi?”

She came back to her senses and hurriedly said, “Don’t do this, Qingluan is still watching!”

Su Shi ignored her, hugged her tightly, and whispered, “Qingchen, you’ve lost weight.”

Zhan Qingchen’s heart trembled, and his eyes quickly became misty.

All the haze of these days was instantly dispelled.

The pretty face was buried in the chest, listening to the vigorous heartbeat, the suppressed longing could no longer be suppressed.

“Bad man, I miss you so much!

“I miss you too.”

The two embraced quietly.

“I say……”

At this moment, Chen Qingluan’s faint voice sounded, “Can you two think about my feelings?

One is his girlfriend and the other is his man.

So the two of them hugged each other as soon as they met?

It’s outrageous!

Zhan Qingchen blushed and was about to break free…

As a result, Su Shi not only did not let go, but instead pulled Chen Qingluan over and hugged the two together in his arms.

“Isn’t that okay?

Chen Qingluan:

Zhan Qingchen:……33

At this time, Chen Wangchuan walked in shaking his head, looking very puzzled.

“What do you mean, Your Majesty?


Looking at the scene in front of him, he stood there dumbfounded as if struck by lightning, “Chief Zhan?!

Zhan Qingchen jumped away like an electric shock, his pretty face flushed, “Chen, Uncle Chen.””

Chen Wangchuan’s expression was stiff.

He looked at Zhan Qingchen and then at Chen Qingluan.

Finally, his gaze rested on Su Shi.

“I really don’t understand more and more about your young people.

Chen Wangchuan shook his head.

Today’s experience was so magical, it made him doubt his life for a while.

The two women glared at Su Shi with resentment.

Blame him!

in the hall.

Chen Qingluan’s eyes were suspicious and kept spinning around the two of them.

Even an idiot could see that there must be something wrong between Su Shi and Zhan Qingchen.

But she herself was very guilty, and she didn’t dare to say anything more.

Su Shi looked at Zhan Qingchen, “Chief Zhan, why did you suddenly come to Weiyang Capital?”

Zhan Qingchen said: “I went down the mountain to practice, and I happened to pass the imperial capital, but I didn’t expect to meet Su Shengzi.

Su Shi quietly pulled her snow-white 4.2 catkin.

Zhan Qingchen’s face turned red, and he voiced: “Don’t make trouble. 99

Su Shi smiled and said, “To be honest, did you come here to find me?”

“Knowingly asking.

Zhan Qingchen snorted: “I heard that you married a princess in the Western Regions, I came here to congratulate you.


Su Shi looked embarrassed.

Unexpectedly, this matter has already spread to Haoyunzhou.

Zhan Qingchen gave him a pretty sideways glance, “Hmph, I’ll torture you later.

Originally, her heart was full of resentment and sourness, but after seeing this man, it all disappeared without a trace.

Su Shi squeezed her little hand.

Suddenly, there was a sharp pain in the waist.

I saw Chen Qingluan’s expressionless face, but his slender hands twisted around his waist several times.

“Hi! 35

Su Shi’s face turned green.


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