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Su Shi’s heart skipped a beat when he felt the silky smooth feeling as smooth as jade.

Feng Chaoge suppressed his shyness and asked earnestly, “Are you happier now?”

Su Shi swallowed, “Your Majesty…


“You look so cute.”


Feng Chaoge’s ears were instantly blushing, and even with his cultivation, he couldn’t restrain the flustered feeling.

Covering his hot cheeks, he couldn’t help but be a little puzzled.

Obviously I didn’t drink, why does it seem a little ~ dizzy?

Feng Chaoge said angrily: “I said earlier that I am not feminine, and now I say I am cute… Who knows which of your sentences is true and which is false?

This person likes to gossip the most, so she won’t be easily fooled.

“I was wrong before.

Su Shi smiled and said, “His Majesty is not only a good emperor, but also a good wife.

The strength is superior, the status is lofty, and she is also the richest woman in Kyushu.

If anyone could marry her, wouldn’t they just struggle for five hundred years less?

Feng Chaoge rolled his eyes at him, “I’m talking nonsense again, I am the Supreme Being of Ninety-five, how can I be a wife?”

Su Shi pinched his chin, “Then you can take care of me. 35


Feng Chaoge was stunned for a moment, “What do you mean?”

Su Shi said solemnly: “In simple terms, you give me money, let me touch my legs, and help me fight. And I am responsible for coaxing you to sleep, drinking with you, and bathing you. 39

“Who, who wants you to take a bath!

Feng Chaoge was speechless for a while.

This man’s words are getting more and more outrageous.

But coaxing sleep and drinking is quite exciting…

She hesitated for a moment, then said: “Let me think about it first. 55

Su Shi couldn’t help laughing.

He was just joking, he didn’t expect that the Empress would take it seriously.

At this time, Feng Chaoge frowned and said, “There’s no way someone else will take care of you, right?”

Su Shi’s expression stiffened, and he said embarrassedly: “How is that possible? I have professional ethics, so I will naturally guard my body like a jade for His Majesty.

“Bah, I don’t believe it.

Feng Chaoge secretly spat.

Feeling the warmth and numbness from her legs, her cheeks started to heat up again.

“My relationship with him seems to be getting worse and worse?”

After the Imperial Army retreated, the real elite soldiers entered.

Tiger Ben, Xuanjia, Guiwei, Burning Wind!

These four armies, led by four generals of the Zhuguo, are the absolute elites who guard the imperial court and defend the royal lineage!

General Zhu Guo is the highest official position of a military general, and his real power is even above the prime minister.

The four pillar states of Linlang are: Wei Su, Zhu Zhao, Gao Lin and Yuwen Feiying.

Each of them is a great power in the late stage of the calamity!

Seeing the killing intent soaring into the sky, Su Shi was also excited for a while.

He had seen the strength of the Hu Ben army with his own eyes.

For the countries in the Western Regions, it is completely a dimensionality reduction attack.

And with such a brave army, there are four branches in the country of Linlang, no wonder even the savage aliens dare not confront it!

Su Shi couldn’t help but wonder, “Since the imperial court is so powerful, why do you still tolerate the ravages of demons?

Feng Chaoge was silent for a moment, then said, “Because of Yun Qiluo.”

“Holy Lord? 35

Su Shi froze for a moment.

Feng Chaoge said: “As long as Yun Qiluo is there for one day, the devil’s way will never be eradicated.

Even if the Four Pillars Kingdom join forces, they can only slaughter in front of the Demon Emperor.

Only the Supreme can deal with the Supreme, and the sea tactics alone are useless.

Su Shi asked curiously, “Then, Your Majesty or the Holy Master, who is stronger?

Feng Chaoge’s expression paused, and said lightly, “She can’t help me.

The implication is obvious.

The Demon Emperor can’t help her, but she can’t help the Demon Emperor either.

Su Shi frowned, “You two won’t really fight, will you?

Feng Chaoge shook his head, “If Zhen and Yun Qiluo are desperate, I’m afraid this country will fall and collapse.”

Both forces are exercising restraint.

Even cultivators above Nascent Soul seldom take action in Kyushu.

In the final analysis, this world is still the world of the common people, and no one wants to let the entire Linlang country be destroyed in one fell swoop.

Su Shi breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s fine. 99

Feng Chaoge glanced at him, “What are you worried about?”

Su Shi shrugged, “I don’t care about this country, but I don’t want you to get hurt because of it.”

“Hmph, you still have a little conscience… Wait, you said ‘we’?”

Feng Chaoge frowned at him, “It’s not just me, you are worried about Yun Qiluo?”

Su Shi nodded, “Yes, the palms and backs are full of meat.

The air was quiet for a moment.

Feng Chaoge twisted his head, the bead curtain swayed, and said coldly: “I and Yun Qiluo don’t share the sky, let alone the back of the hand!”

・・・ Ask for flowers ・・・

“You just need to worry about your Holy Master, even if I die, you don’t have to worry about it!

Su Shi’s voice moved, and he said cautiously, “Your Majesty is angry?”

“I’m not angry!”

Feng Chaoge glared at him, “Take your hand away, I don’t want to touch you!

Su Shi could not laugh or cry.

Still stubborn, clearly just angry.

However, he was caught between the magic way and the imperial court, and this problem could not be avoided forever.

“These two people are incompatible, the only way is to fight for ten times.”

“Wait for me to prove Xeon too, and settle them in minutes, I’ll spank whoever dares to be disobedient. 95

Su Shi secretly pondered.

The two were silent, and the atmosphere fell into silence.

At this time, Wei Su in silver armor stepped out of the air and knelt in front of Feng Chaoge, “Wei Chen sees your majesty.


Feng Chaoge nodded, “Get up.

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”5

Wei Su stood up.

Seeing Su Shi on the side, he smiled and said, “King Jin, we meet again so soon.

Su Shi cupped his hands and said: “I will always remember the kindness of General Wei who rushed to help.

Wei Su shook his head, “It has nothing to do with me, it’s all your Majesty’s instructions, but His Majesty misses Duke Zhen Guo very much.


Feng Chaoge said displeasedly, “When did I miss him?”


Wei Su was a little confused.

If you don’t care about it, how can you let Hu Ben run for thousands of miles?

Su Shi comforted: “It’s okay, Your Majesty is just in a bad mood… By the way, the review should be over, right? 35

Wei Su nodded and said: “Almost, the next step is the space for Wenchen to play.”5

At the end of each review, the officials and scholars would write poems to praise them.

On the one hand, it is to please His Majesty, but more importantly, it is to promote Linlang’s national prestige.

No matter how powerful the army is, there will be a day when it will end. Only words can enter the annals of history, and it will last forever.

At this time, Wei Su remembered something, “By the way, Duke Zhen Guo is very talented, why don’t you take this opportunity to write a poem? It will also open the eyes of me and other rough people?””

Hearing this, Feng Chaoge’s ears perked up unconsciously.

Su Shi waved his hand and said, “Forget it, I won’t be ugly, and besides, Your Majesty doesn’t like to see me writing poems.”

“Cough cough. 35

Feng Chao sang like a gnat, “It’s fine to write a song…” Qian.


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