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Yuan Ying’s body comprehends the Dharma?

The civilians may have no idea, but all the military officers and generals are horrified!

The golden body of the law is a unique symbol of the Tong Xuan realm.

Nascent Soul Realm, first involved in soul power, nourishing spirit.

When you reach the state of distraction, you can use soul power, and the soul can be separated from the body for a short time, and the control of yourself is greatly improved.

Only when you step into the realm of Tongxuan, will your soul undergo a qualitative change.

The emptiness of nature grows into concentration, and the mind is enlightened from the profound.

A person with profound knowledge can comprehend the Dao with his soul and form a powerful golden body of the law!

The more mysterious the practice, the more magnificent the atmosphere in the chest, and the more powerful the dharma that one perceives.

As soon as Su Shi entered the Nascent Soul, could he understand the Great Way of Heaven and Earth?

This golden body stands in the sky and the atmosphere is endless.

Obviously still a top dharma image!

The ministers were discussing.

“Is this too exaggerated?!”

“Although I don’t understand it, I was shocked!

“Is this the perfect talent of the saint?

“No matter how strong your talent is, you can’t ignore the shackles of realm. It seems that Duke Zhen has a great chance! 35

Chen Wangchuan’s chest slapped loudly, and said proudly: “The swordsmanship of Duke Zhenguo, but I taught it myself, and will be my son-in-law of the Chen family in the future!””

The surrounding ministers cast envious glances.

If it wasn’t for the conditions, who wouldn’t want to let their daughter and Duke Zhen Guo gnaw on their lips?

Chen Zongshi was originally an important minister of Linlang, and now he has joined forces with Duke Zhenguo.

The rise of the Chen family has been unstoppable!


For a time, Chen Wangchuan became the focus of the scene, surrounded by the stars and the moon.

Hua Jinguan pinched his chin and muttered to himself, “If I have a daughter now, I don’t know if it will be too late? 35

no other meaning.

Mainly I want to improve the genes of the flower family…

Eunuch Wei couldn’t hide the shock in his eyes.

It seems that His Majesty is right, the so-called realm shackles are completely useless in front of a genius like Su Shi!

On the performance stage, the smoke and dust gradually dissipated.

The blood-colored giant has disappeared, Han Hao was stepped on by the golden body of the law, his face was pale, and blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

The magical power was broken, causing him to be backlashed, and the meridians in his body seemed to be in a mess.

Basically lost the ability to continue fighting.

Su Shi said lightly: “Can you be convinced?”5

Han Hao was silent for a long time and whispered: “I admit defeat. 95

The faces of the imperial guards were not very natural.

Unexpectedly, Han Yingguan really lost and was defeated by a 20-year-old young man across the border!

Su Shi snapped his fingers, and the golden body of the law slowly dissipated.


I thought I could do a good job, but I didn’t expect the other party to be so vulnerable.

When facing the bcec class, he and Jiang Yuan could only temporarily avoid the edge.

Now that Taihe Fu has broken through to the second rank, he can easily crush Han Hao, who is in the distraction realm.

The improvement of strength cannot be counted.

The tyranny of Taihe Fu is evident!

Just as Su Shi turned around and was about to leave, an exclamation came from a distance:

“Prince Zhen Guo, be careful! 35

Looking back, his pupils shrank suddenly.

I saw Han Hao’s eyes were gloomy, with a translucent flying sword hanging above his head.


Flying sword roars!

Su Shi’s mind moved, and the sword energy surged like a river.

But this flying sword was completely unaffected, it easily passed through the sword energy, and stabbed directly into the eyebrows!

“This is the way to attack the soul, no matter how strong your sword qi is, you can’t resist it!”

“This is the true strength of the distraction realm!

“The soldiers are not tired of deceit, and I can only say that Duke Zhen Guo is too careless. 35

Han Hao smiled very proudly.

This soul power flying sword is his supernatural ability to press the bottom of the box, Su Shi definitely can’t handle this trick!

He is the final winner!

But in the next second, Han Hao’s smile froze.

I saw the flying sword hovering in the air, unable to pierce no matter what.


The ancient bell in Su Shi’s dantian trembled slightly, sending out a clear and melodious bell!

The soul power flying sword collapsed in an instant!

“How, how is it possible?!””

Han Hao’s face was full of disbelief.

Su Shi is still proficient in the art of soul attack?

Does he really only have Nascent Soul Realm?

Facing those cold eyes, Han Hao hurriedly said: “I admit defeat, this time I really admit defeat!

The guards bowed their heads in embarrassment.

First admit defeat, then sneak attack. If the sneak attack fails, then surrender.

Being so capricious and unscrupulous, he simply lost the face of the Praetorian Guards.

“You’ve run out of chances. 35

Su Shi’s eyes flashed cold golden light.

If it were replaced by an ordinary Nascent Soul, he would have already died under that sword just now!

Originally, he deliberately kept his hand, not wanting to affect Feng Chaoge’s military parade.

Completely outraged now.

Feeling that murderous aura, Han Hao’s back shivered, “You, you can’t kill me, this is just a test, I’m a guard officer, killing me is a death penalty!”

The generals of the forbidden army on the side also dissuaded:

“Prince Zhen Guo, Han Hao is indeed at fault, but the crime does not lead to death. 35

“The competition is over, and His Majesty is still watching.”

“Yeah, don’t ram the holy drive.”

No matter what, Han Hao is a member of the forbidden army, so he can’t just watch him get killed, right?

Han Hao was guarded by the guards behind him, so he was relieved and said with a smile, “Prince Zhen Guo, you won. 35

Su Shi’s eyes became colder.

At this moment, Han Hao in the crowd suddenly rose into the air, as if being pinched by an invisible big hand.


Before Han Hao could react, his whole body exploded into blood, and the blood poured down like rain!

Even the soul was crushed and dissipated!

No bones left!

Feng Chaoge’s indifferent voice sounded: “Intention to assassinate Duke Zhen Guo is a death penalty.

The air was instantly quiet.

Did the Holy Emperor personally take action?

The generals of the forbidden army who spoke to Han Hao just now had their heads lowered and their bodies were dripping with cold sweat!

Eunuch Wei said loudly: “The forbidden army leaves the field, and the great review continues!

The commanders hurriedly took people away, not daring to stay for a moment.

Su Shi returned to the high platform and sat back beside Feng Chaoge.

The eyes of the civil and military officials behind him flickered.

Although Han Hao was courting death, he had to wait until the military parade was over.

Unexpectedly, His Majesty took action in person, just to help Duke Zhen Guo out?

Chen Wangchuan sighed silently.

“Han Chen, Han Hao. 99

“These father and son, one really likes to court death more than the other…”

Review continues.

Feng Chaoge’s attention was not on the battlefield.

Seeing Su Shi’s silence, she asked cautiously, “Are you mad at me?

Su Shi shook his head, “It’s nothing to do with Your Majesty, I’m just a little upset.

Almost being attacked by someone, it would be a little depressing to change anyone.


Feng Chaoge hesitated for a moment, then quietly took his big hand, lifted the gorgeous skirt, and placed it on the slender jade legs.

Su Shi was stunned, “You are…”

Her jade cheeks were slightly red, and her eyes were erratic, “What about now? Are you cool?

Su Shi’s throat was a little dry.

“His Majesty?”


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