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The ministers did not notice the movements of the two.

Looking at their backs next to each other, everyone’s eyes flashed with unknown meanings.

Riding the imperial carriage, sharing breakfast, staying in the palace, and now even on an equal footing with His Majesty!

This is no ordinary trust.

Su Shi’s position in His Majesty’s heart is far beyond everyone’s imagination.

Hua Jinguan asked in a low voice, “Old Chen, I heard that you are going to be a father-in-law?”

Chen Wangchuan raised his brows, “You old fellow, you are very well informed.

Hua Jinguan smiled and said, “Your daughter and Duke Zhen Guo are nibbling around in public, who in this imperial capital doesn’t know?


Chen Wangchuan was a little embarrassed and cleared his throat, “Su Shi and Qingluan are in love with each other, and then choose a good day and auspicious day, three books and six appointments, and the Ming matchmaker is getting married. 99

Hua Jinguan shook his head, “It’s a good day and auspicious day, do you know how popular Duke Zhen Guo is now?

The dignitaries in the imperial city, who wouldn’t want to marry their daughter to Su Shi?

Now that the royal family is withering, let alone princes and princesses, there are not even one of the 12 princes.

Su Shi is the person closest to His Majesty.

If you can climb a relationship with him, isn’t that equivalent to ascending to the sky in one step?

Even some people who don’t have daughters at home are ready to start building them now…

Anyway, practitioners have a long life, and it is normal for their partners to be fifty or sixty years apart.

“In the future, there will be women around Su Shi. Even if the matchmaker is getting married, how can he ensure Qingluan’s status?””

Chen Wangchuan frowned and said, “Then what do you mean…”

Hua Jinguan looked left and right, and said in his ears, “Why don’t you ask Your Majesty to marry him?”

“Give marriage? 99

Chen Wangchuan’s eyes lit up.

Great idea!

Su Shi and His Majesty have such a good relationship, His Majesty will definitely not refuse.

If this marriage was personally approved by the Holy Emperor, who else could shake Chen Qingluan’s position as the principal room?

He doesn’t want Su Shi’s status, he just hopes that his daughter will suffer less grievances.

“What Brother Hua said is very true!”

Hua Jinguan shook his head and sighed: “Unfortunately, Hua Manlou is not a girl, otherwise it would be good to be a concubine for Duke Zhen Guo…

Feng Chaoge’s cheeks were slightly red, his eyes were erratic, and he didn’t hear the whispers behind him at all.

The touch just now has not dissipated.

His whole body seemed to be numb and crisp, as if he had been struck by a thunderbolt.

She glared at Su Shi angrily.

The courage of this man is too great.

There was simply no reverence for her at all.

Su Shi looked at the battlefield below with interest.

The reading is not over yet.

The Tiger Armored Army that exercised just now is a standing army guarding the Central Plains.

Now, the ones who enter the arena are the imperial guards guarding the imperial city.

Although there is a huge difference in the number of people, the elite level is even stronger.

“Yes, although it is not as good as the black armored tiger Ben, its strength should not be underestimated.

Su Shi couldn’t help but sigh.

Feng Chaoge said: “Hu Ben guards the king’s lineage and is a symbol of imperial power, there is no comparison between the two.

Thinking of her sending 30,000 tigers and tens of thousands of tigers to help, Su Shi’s eyes flashed tenderly, “Thank you, Your Majesty, for the matter of the Western Regions.

When the two first met, he felt that the other’s mind was cold and full of calculations.

But after this period of time, the impression has gradually changed.

No matter what purpose Feng Chaoge had at the beginning, he was really sincere towards him, and he was tolerant enough.

Which supreme power would be willing to show him this kind of clothes?

Ahem, except for Yun Qiluo…

Feng Chaoge said lightly, “It’s good that you know what you have in mind.”

Looking at Su Shi’s handsome profile, she asked unexpectedly, “Is Princess Sha Xinguo good-looking?


Su Shi froze for a moment.

Feng Chaoge was expressionless, and said coldly: “I am very curious, you must be a peerless beauty if you are willing to risk yourself.”

Su Shi scratched his head and said, “Is this important? 99


Feng Chaoge said: “You are the Grand Duke of Zhenguo, who represents the Linlang country, and you are actually the son-in-law of the emperor without authorization. Do you know how bad it will have an impact?”

Su Shi wondered, “What’s the impact?”

Feng Chaoge paused, turned his head and said, “This makes me in a very bad mood.

“Once I am in a bad mood, I have no intention to govern the country, and Linlang’s national strength will decline.

“When the country falls and the people suffer, all because of you, isn’t the impact bad enough?”5

Su Shi rubbed his brows.

What an amazing logic, he didn’t know how to refute it.

Seeing her icy expression, Su Shi cautiously said, “Your Majesty must be jealous…”


Feng Chaoge categorically denied it.

The exercise is over soon.

Everyone lined up neatly, waiting for the Holy Emperor to speak.

At this time, a general of the forbidden army wearing a robe to assist the armor came out, knelt down on one knee, “Report to Your Majesty, I have something to report to you! 99

Feng Chaoge said: “Speak.”

The general of the forbidden army stared at the white robe, and said loudly: “I have admired Duke Zhen Guo’s name for a long time, and I heard that Duke Zhen Guo has both civil and military skills, and I dared to ask for advice!

The high platform was suddenly quiet, and the ministers looked at each other.

Sensing the undisguised hostility of the other party, Su Shi couldn’t help frowning slightly.

He didn’t know this person, why did he suddenly jump out to trouble him?

Feng Chaoge helped him solve his doubts.

“His name is Han Hao, and his father is Han Chen, the former commander of the Imperial Army.”

“Han Chen? 35

Su Shi was taken aback.

When he was in Tianqu Mountain Secret Realm 500, Han Chen wanted to attack him, but he was almost burned to death by the black fire of the Demon Emperor.

Although he survived in the end, his cultivation has fallen sharply and he is unable to serve as the commander of the forbidden army. He has already resigned and returned to his hometown.

The other party obviously blamed it all on him.

Han Hao sneered and said, “Why, does Duke Zhen Guo dare not fight?”

Feng Chaoge looked displeased, waved his hand and said, “You are presumptuous, Duke Zhen Guogong is also something you can provoke? Bring him down to me.”


Several guards pulled Han Hao off the battlefield.

Han Hao looked resentful and gritted his teeth: “I thought he was some kind of character, it seems that he is just a timid young man. I really don’t know why Your Majesty will value you, a man in the devil’s way…”

The words stopped abruptly, and several people stopped.

I saw that the python robe had already stood in front of him at some point.

“It seems that Duke Zhenguo agrees to fight?”

Han Hao’s eyes flashed.

Su Shi said lightly: “It’s good to be active after sitting for too long.

The other party’s mouth was too broken, and he was really upset when he heard it.

Han Hao said confidently: “Let’s lead the army to fight, or fight alone, and Duke Zhenguo will choose.

Su Shi said: “I fight alone, you lead the army to fight.

Han Hao frowned, “What do you mean by this?”

Su Shi looked at him indifferently, “You are too weak, let’s bring your subordinates with you.””


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