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Fifth, sixth, seventh…

Due to Feng Chaoge’s fatal mistake, Bai Zi has already occupied an absolute advantage.

The army is overwhelming and unstoppable, and will soon eat away the living space of Sunspot!

“Looks like you’re going to lose.

Sikong Yueyue said.

Feng Chaoge shook his head, “I won’t lose.”

Sikong Yueyue frowned.

In this situation, the opponent simply has no room for a comeback.

The next second, she was stunned.

I saw the white pieces of the chessboard shattered, the breeze blew, and turned into dust and went away with the wind.

Feng Chaoge pointed at the only remaining Heizi, “Look, you won’t win.”


Sikong Zuoyue said angrily, “How can you destroy chess pieces when you play chess? You have already violated the rules.

Feng Chaoge said lightly, “I am the one who makes the rules, so how can I be restricted by the rules?”

“As long as I want to win, don’t talk about destroying your chess pieces, so what if I destroy the chessboard?”

She seemed to have something to say.

Sikong Yueyue shook his head and said, “You are still unreasonable as always.”

Feng Chaoge said casually: “What I said is the truth.

Sikong Luyue was sullen for a while.

If you continue to chat with this person, her whole person will be bad.

“Speaking of business, in fact, Pindao came here this time with an immature idea.

Feng Chaoge asked, “What do you think?

Sikong Yueyue hesitated for a moment, then said, “Qingchen has suggested many times to the poor road that Su Shi can be brought under the door, which can restrain Yun Qiluo to a certain extent.”

Su Shi’s talent is amazing.

If this kind of genius is allowed to grow, it will definitely affect the balance of forces in the future.

So before he grows up, try to change his identity as much as possible.

At least it can’t just be a person in the devil’s way.

Feng Chaoge’s previous actions should be out of this plan.


Feng Chaoge asked, “Aren’t you afraid that Yun Qiluo will trouble you?

Sikong Chuiyue said: “If it is Pindao himself, it is indeed a little troublesome, but with you, it will be no problem. 99

No matter how powerful the Nether Demon Sovereign is, he can’t deal with two Supremes at the same time, right?

Feng Chaoge frowned slightly, “It makes sense…but I remember that you never seem to accept male disciples?

“Cough cough. 99

Sikong Yueyue cleared his throat, “That’s why Pindao said, this is an immature idea.”

In fact, in addition to restraining the Demon Emperor, she also has a love for talent.

The holy product is complete, the sword intent is magnificent, and even the poetry is handed down from time to time.

She couldn’t help but wonder, where is the limit of Su Shi’s talent?

Feng Chaoge looked at her suspiciously, “Could it be that you like Su Shi? 39


Sikong Zuiyue said angrily, “What nonsense are you talking about?”

She transcended the world and sensed the secrets of heaven, how could she have such a dirty mind?

The clouds were rolling in endlessly.

Sikong Yueyue stood up suddenly, “If he wants, let him come to Haoyun Continent.”5

After saying that, he left angrily.

Long time no see, this empress is getting more and more absurd!

The hall was quiet.

Feng Chaoge’s expression restrained, and his eyes returned to be cold and indifferent.

“Tianji Pavilion is also playing Su Shi’s idea.”

“But what Sikong Yueyue said is not without reason.”

“The more complex Su Shi’s identity is, the weaker the nature of magic will become.

“If I can completely clean up my identity, I can be open and honest with him…”

With this thought in mind, Feng Chaoge shook his head vigorously.

“What am I thinking about?”

But there was a trace of shyness in his eyes, but he couldn’t hide it.

“By the way, isn’t Duke Zhen Guo back? Where are the others now?

Feng Chaoge’s tone became lighter.

The maid of honor outside the door replied: “Prince Zhen Guo went to the Demon Slayer Division, and he should have gone to see Chen Yushi.


The chessboard shattered.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty? 99

Demon Slayer.

In the courtyard, a group of people are fighting.

To be precise, it was one person fighting a group.

Chen Qingluan held the long sword of autumn water in his hand, and the sword was like a gust of wind and rain.

If she hadn’t deliberately kept her hand, I’m afraid the winner would have been decided long ago.

One of the daily routines of Demon Slayer: Accompanying Chen Qingluan to practice swords.

Looking at the icy sword energy, the spectators were talking a lot.

“Chen Yushi’s kendo seems to be stronger.

“In addition to Fengrui Wuzhu, there seems to be a Mo Ming sword intent?”

“As expected of the daughter of Master Chen, this kendo talent is truly unparalleled in the world.”

“You seem to have forgotten that man…”

“Ahem, she really deserves to be the daughter of Master Chen, and her kendo talent is second in the world.”5

“It’s almost there.”

As long as Haoran sword qi is present, who in the world dares to be number one?

The blade passed by, reflecting calm eyes, and Chen Qingluan’s figure disappeared in a flash.

The wrists of several captains numb, and the long swords in their hands fell to the ground.

“I’ll wait for the downfall.””

They bowed their hands convincingly.

Chen Qingluan nodded, “. “Thank you for your hard work. “

“It should be hard work, Yushi Chen.”

Rather than saying that they were sparring, it would be better to say that Chen Qingluan was instructing them.

Every time you fight against her, everyone will gain something.

Therefore, in Zhan Mosi, accompany Chen Yushi to practice swordsmanship is something you can’t ask for.

Just when Chen Qingluan was about to put away the long sword, a voice suddenly came from his ear: “Look at the sword.

Uncast sword energy is coming!

“What a strong sword energy!”

Chen Qingluan raised his eyebrows, and his body rose into the air, the sword light was pouring like a torrential rain!

But the other party seems to be wearing flowers and butterflies, and the leaves do not touch the body, rushing through the sword rain blockade like lightning.

Before she could react, the sword edge had already stabbed between the eyebrows!

Chen Qingluan’s pupils shrank suddenly!

Can’t escape!

Just when she felt like she was about to be pierced by a sharp blade, a finger lightly tapped her forehead.

The man in white stood in front of her and said with a smile, “Yushi Chen, you lost.


Autumn water fell to the ground.

Chen Qingluan stared blankly at the man, his eyes full of disbelief.

She slowly stretched out her hand and placed it on the man’s chest, a steady and familiar heartbeat came from her palm.

“Not a dream.

“Su Shi, are you back?”

Su Shi nodded, “I’ll go back…”

The words stopped abruptly.

Chen Qingluan hugged him tightly, as if he was afraid that he would run away.

“I miss you so much.”

In this courtyard, in front of everyone’s eyes, she stood on tiptoe and kissed her fiercely and firmly.

Time stood still at this moment.

Everyone in Zhan Mo Si was dumbfounded.

Although the “feat” of the two on the street has long been heard.

But when this scene appeared in front of them, it completely shocked them.

Chen Yushi’s character is cold and unsmiling, like a ruthless sword, but at this time, his cheeks are flushed, and his fingers are softly wrapped around.

At this time, Chen Wangchuan strode in.

“What are you doing here in the middle of the day…”



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