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The Linlang frontier was pushed three hundred miles north, causing an uproar in the entire barbaric world.

Linlang Kingdom’s behavior is already plundering territory!

This is something that has never happened in history!

Some of the more radical tribes clamored for war with Linlang.

Most of the rest were silent.

The demise of the Tiger Clan made them see Linlang’s strength and ruthlessness.

Although the overall strength of the barbarian world is strong, the various tribes are scattered.

What’s more, Linlang has more than one Supreme!

In the end, after the deliberation of the various tribes, it was decided that several powerful people would vote.

As a result, except for the fox clan, all the remaining old fritters chose to abstain.

And the opinion given by the ancestors of the fox clan has only four words:

Don’t mess with Linlang!


Yu Lian’er lay on the bed bored.

Since the Wasteland City incident, she has been grounded by Yu Yuan, unable to take half a step out of the Qingqiu Plain.

“Alas, I don’t know what brother Su Shi is doing…”

“Did you miss anyone?”

Thinking of what Su Shi said before leaving, Yu Lian’er’s little face quietly crawled into a blush.

“Brother Su Shi said he likes me too~”

“Although I’m sorry Chief Zhan, people just like Brother Su Shi.”

Bad women are bad women.

Yu Lian’er felt that she couldn’t live without Su Shi in her life.

At this moment, there was a thud outside the window.

Yu Lian’er’s eyes lit up.

“It should be Alia’s letter!”

She got up from the bed and jumped open the window.

A falcon flew into the room, flapping its wings and landing on her shoulder.

Yu Lian’er took the letter on the eagle’s claws, and the eagle flew out like a spirituality.

She and Aaliyah had known each other many years ago.

The two have a very good personality and are good friends who talk about everything.

Even though they are far apart, they have been keeping in touch through letters.

Open the letter.

Seeing the contents of the letter, Yu Lian’er opened her mouth slightly.

“No wonder Alia didn’t reply to her letter for so long, so there was such a big mess in Sha Xinguo?”

The emperor was seriously ill, the three kings seized the heir, and even nearly wiped out the country!

Fortunately, Su Shi was there, and the situation was completely reversed.

Yu Lian’er’s eyes curved into crescents.

I feel happy for my good friend out of danger, and at the same time feel a burst of pride in my heart.

“I didn’t expect Alia to meet Su Shi’s brother too.”

“I’ll just say, brother is the best, there is no problem in this world that he can’t solve.

She continued to look down, and the smile gradually solidified on her face.

[I’m sorry, Lian’er, although it’s hard to tell, but I still want to tell you the truth. 】

[I fell in love with Su Shi, and I will never be able to live without him. 】

【hope you can forgive me. 】


Yu Lian’er’s eyes were wide open, and her eyes were full of disbelief.

This line sounds familiar!

I felt sorry for Chief Zhan just now, but I didn’t expect the same thing to happen to me soon.

Is the clown herself?

She felt sour in her heart, as if she had knocked over a vinegar jar.

“There are so many men in the world, why do you have to like my brother Su Shi? 35

“I don’t know where the two of them are…”

“hand in hand?”

“Didn’t you already hug?”

Yu Lian’er’s sense of crisis is getting stronger and stronger.

Take out a slip of paper with a string of addresses written on it.

This is what Su Shi left to her at the beginning.

“No, I don’t want to give Brother Su Shi to others!”

Yu Lian’er made up her mind and crept out of the room.

As soon as he walked out of the room, he found that Yu Yuan was sitting outside with his shoulders in his arms.

Yu Yuan sneered: “I knew you were dishonest… eh? What’s wrong with you?”

I saw Yu Lian’er holding her mouth shut, tears welling up, and she looked extremely pitiful.


“Dad, what should I do? Brother Su Shi is going to be taken away, woohoo~”

Yu Yuan:


Hundreds of flying boats stopped in front of the city gate.

In the open space, the Tiger Ben army was neatly arranged.

Wei Su said: “Prince Zhen Guo, come with me to return to life? 35

Su Shi thought for a while, and said, “It’s better for General Wei to go first, and I’ll go to the palace later to meet your majesty.


Wei Su did not force it.

Since the other party came to Weiyang Capital, his mission has been completed.

“We have time to drink together.


Watching Wei Su and the others go away, Su Shi pondered slightly, wondering why Feng Chaoge was in such a hurry to see him.

“Anyway, I’ve come here, just in time to see Qingluan. 99

He walked into the city gate with his hands behind his back.

When the passing children of noble families saw him, they were all stunned.

“Zhen, Zhen Guo Gong?”

“Prince Zhen Guo is back?!”

In the palace, two figures sat facing each other, with a chessboard in the middle.

Feng Chaoge raised his hand and said lightly, “Fear of hands and feet, this doesn’t look like your style of chess.”

The person sitting opposite her was covered in clouds and mist, “Pin Dao is not good at playing chess.”

Feng Chaoge pressed Heizi, “What’s the matter with me?

Sikong Zuiyue sighed: “Qingchen’s Taoist heart is in a mess. 35

Feng Chaoge frowned, “What does that have to do with me?

“It’s because of Su Shi.

“Qingchen has always hated men, but his attitude towards Su Shi is completely different.

“And you are suspicious, indifferent and harsh by nature, but you can trust a person in the devil’s way so much.”

Sikong Zuiyue asked, “Pin Dao is very curious, what magic power does this Su Shi have?”

Feng Chaoge didn’t answer, but instead asked: “How do you know that Zhan Qingchen hates men?”

“Poor Dao…”

500 Sikong Falls to the Moon was interrupted by Feng Chaoge before he finished speaking.

“Maybe Zhan Qingchen doesn’t hate men, it’s just that he never met someone he likes.”

“You think I’m suspicious by nature, that’s because few people deserve my trust.

“Don’t jump to conclusions before everything happens.

Feng Chaoge’s phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, “It’s like you feel that you are detached from the world, but you still don’t know which man you will be infatuated with in the future.


The clouds are rolling like waves!

“Feng Chaoge!”

Sikong Yueyue’s tone was very dissatisfied.

“Is this angry?”

Feng Chaoge didn’t change his face, shook his head and said, “It seems that Daoist Master Sikong’s qi-raising skills are not at home.”

Sikong Luyue angrily ignored her.

At this time, a female official’s voice came from outside the hall: “Report to Your Majesty, General Wei is back.

Feng Chaoge was silent.

The female official said again: “Gong Zhenguo also came back together.”

The air was slightly quiet.


Feng Chaoge calmly dropped the black chess piece.

Clouds and mists rolled, and a white piece landed on the chessboard in the air, like an antelope hanging its horns, directly revitalizing the situation!

Bai Zi turned defensive.

Da Fei guards the corner, should cooperate with the inside and outside, and surround the sunspots!

The Feng Dynasty singer pinched the chess piece, and for a while he didn’t know where it should land.

Sikong Yueyue’s voice was vague: “It seems that your heart is also messed up.”


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