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Su Shi got the bronze bell, and Taihe Fu was also pushed to the second turn.

It can be said to be quite rewarding.

But he was in no hurry to leave.

Although the crisis of the Sand Heart Country has been resolved, Alia has just ascended the throne after all, and her foundation in the court is still unstable.

Su Shi can also support her here.

And Alia lived up to expectations, showing an amazing ruling talent.

Under the training of Babuch, she was promoted to Wenhua Hall with a seal, and she was in the East Palace, divided the general administration, assisted the army and supervised the country, and quickly sorted out the chaotic Chaogang in an orderly manner.

Obviously petite, and looks cute and well-behaved.

But the means are strong and decisive, and the mind is ambitious.

In her, Su Shi even saw a trace of Feng Chaoge’s shadow.

Given time, she must also be the empress who oppressed one side.


In the plot of the original book, Sha Xinguo obtained the Mysterious Sand Pearl.

In just a few “500” years, it rose rapidly, swept across the oasis countries, and almost ruled the entire Western Regions.

Now the bead was intercepted by Su Shi.

But by chance, he helped the Sand Heart country to annex two neighboring countries and still became the most powerful country in the center of the oasis.

“It seems that there is a certain number in the dark?”

Su Shi soaked in the pool, shook his head and smiled.

Alia gently pressed his shoulder and asked curiously, “What are you laughing at?”

Seeing her well-behaved appearance, Su Shi said, “I was thinking, if those ministers knew that the princess, who lives in the East Palace, was serving me to take a bath, what kind of psychological reaction would it be?”

Alia snorted: “So what’s the matter? Ben Gong is willing.”

“In the imperial court, this palace is the crown princess, but here, this palace is…”

Su Shi asked curiously, “What is it?”

Alia’s cheeks were slightly red, and she said softly: “It’s your woman. 55

Western girls dare to love and hate.

Now that the two are together, what else is there to tweak?

Looking at her shy but magnanimous eyes, Su Shi suddenly had a thought: “Compared with the realm of chance, maybe she is the biggest gain of my trip?

At this time, Aaliyah took out an ancient book, “This is for you.”

Su Shi wondered, “What is this?

Alia said: “It records the history of Shavan City, including the location before its fall, the structure of the entire city-state, and some of the secrets about the bead.35

“Although Father Emperor Dragon is healthy, I still want to help you get the Divine Pearl. 35

“Everyone is ready and can leave tomorrow.

Su Shi helped her too much, and she also wanted to do something for the other party.

But Su Shi shook his head, “No need.”

Alia asked, “Why?”

Su Shi spread his palms.

A golden bead is suspended in the air, and there are endless yellow sand escaping out, which seems to contain an endless desert.

Alia’s cherry lips opened slightly, her eyes full of disbelief.

“Mysterious Sand Divine Pearl?!

It turns out that Su Shi was telling the truth at the beginning, and he really didn’t come for the Shenzhu.

Because the bead is already in his hands!

Su Shi rubbed her hair and said, “So even if your father is really cursed, it’s not that easy to want to die.”

Looking at that handsome face, Alia’s eyes were stained with a faint mist.

This man seems to be omnipotent, what else is there that he can’t do?

“Your kindness, Ben Gong can only slowly repay in a lifetime.

Su Shi shook his head and said, “No need…”

Before the words were finished, Alia’s cheeks were flushed, and she slowly submerged into the pool.


Three days later.

Abroad in the heart of the sand, the Hu Ben army is ready to go, with a hundred spirit boats lined up neatly behind them.

Su Shi cupped his hands and said: “General Wei, thank you again for coming to help, and if you have the opportunity to drink together, I will not send you.

He wants to go south to the sect, and the other party wants to go north to Kyoto.

Completely the opposite direction.

Wei Su shook his head, “Prince Zhen Guo really has to send us off. 35


Su Shi froze for a moment.

Wei Su said: “I received an order from Your Majesty to let Duke Zhenguo and I return to Beijing together. 35

Su Shi frowned slightly.

How could Feng Chaoge suddenly let himself go to Kyoto?

It’s nothing to go to the capital, but intuition always tells him that it’s not that simple…

Seeing his hesitation, Wei Su said with a wry smile: “Your Majesty gave me a death order, don’t make it difficult for Duke Zhen Guo.”5

“All right.”

Having said all that, Su Shi couldn’t refuse.

After all, the other party came all the way and saved Sha Xinguo from fire and water. No matter what, he owed a great favor.

Wei Su looked overjoyed, “Very good, Duke Zhenguo, please board the spirit boat.

Su Shi nodded, “General Wei, please.”

After the two went up, the Hu Ben army also boarded the boat in an orderly manner…

Hundreds of spirit boats rose into the air and left the Western Regions desert in a mighty manner.

city ​​wall.

Looking at the distant spirit boat, Alia remained silent.

Babuch walked up to her, “Aren’t you a little reluctant? 39

Alia said softly: “Su Shi doesn’t belong here, and the little Sha Xinguo can’t keep him.

Babuch sighed, and just wanted to comfort his daughter, only to hear her continue: “But the son will always belong to him.”

“Shaxin Country is too small, so open up territory.

“The realm is too low, then try to climb to the top.”

“Even if you can’t keep up with his footsteps, Erchen must not embarrass him.

Alia’s blond hair is flying, and her emerald green eyes are full of determination, “Let’s start from the unified oasis.”5

Babuch was stunned.

Aaliyah has a calm personality and has never shown such ambition.

It seems that Su Shi really changed her.

But after a while, a touch of bitterness appeared on the delicate little face.

“I hate it, why did Ben Gong start thinking about him just after we separated? 35

“The most important thing is, how should this palace explain this to Lian’er!”

“She must think Ben Gong is a bad woman, right?”

She was as dejected as a frosted eggplant.

in the restaurant.

Jiang Yuan looked at the news from Zongmen Lingyu.

“Why is the Holy Son suddenly heading north?”

“Although I wasn’t being coerced, I’m still with Wei Su after all… 4.2 I still have to report to the sect as soon as possible.

As soon as he opened the door, he was stunned.

I saw a woman in rough clothes standing outside the door.

“Jade Saint Messenger?”

Jiang Yuan came back to his senses and hurriedly knelt down on one knee, “This subordinate has seen the Eastern Saint Envoy!

Yu Jiaolong looked around and asked, “Where’s Su Shengzi?”

During this time, the Holy Master stared at her very much.

She finally found an opportunity to slip out, and followed the trail all the way to get here.

Jiang Yuan shook his head and said, “The Holy Son has already left…”

He briefly recounted what had happened recently.

“The fascination of the Son is unstoppable. 35

“After only two days of knowing the princess of Sha Xinguo, he became the son-in-law recognized by the emperor, and his reputation is roaring throughout the oasis.”5

“Tsk tsk… uh, Jade Saint Envoy?”

“Sage Jade, why don’t you speak?”


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