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Noon the next day.

Aaliyah stared blankly at the ceiling.

“Five hours…why is this palace asking for hardship? 35

At this moment, Su Shi’s voice sounded, “Hey, are you awake?

“I’m not awake!

Aaliyah hurriedly closed her eyes.

No, it’s really going to kill people if it goes on like this!

Su Shi took her slender hand, and a stream of pure spiritual power poured into her body, quickly dispelling sleepiness and exhaustion.

Very warm and comfortable.

Aaliyah whispered: “You sure~ didn’t lie.”

Su Shi asked curiously, “What do you mean?

Alia blushed and gritted her teeth: “You really are a rude person!


Su Shi didn’t do anything wrong, but held her in his arms.

Listening to the powerful heartbeat, Alia gradually calmed down, and the shyness and anxiety that had been suppressed gradually emerged.

“Su Shengzi…”

“Let’s just call me by my name, otherwise it always feels like we don’t know each other very well.

Aaliyah snorted.

It’s so familiar it can’t be cooked any more!

“Su Shi, don’t worry, Ben Gong will not tie you and Sha Xinguo together.”

Alia looked at him seriously, “This palace is voluntary, and you don’t need to take any responsibility.

She is not interested in Su Shi’s identity, nor does she want to mix too many interests between the two.

Su Shi nodded and said, “Don’t be responsible? Great, it’s exactly what I want.

“you dare!”

Alia hurriedly stood up.

Seeing Su Shi’s smile, he finally came to his senses and slapped him angrily, “I hate it, and make fun of others. 35

Holding his neck, Alia lay on top of him like a koala.

Smelling the reassuring breath, he secretly said: “I hope Lian’er can forgive Ben Gong, I can’t help it, Su Shi is so fragrant…”

The two embraced quietly.

The atmosphere is quiet and warm.

After a while, Su Shi asked aloud, “How’s your rest?”


“No, don’t mess around!”

“Are you going to toss this palace to death?”

Aaliyah hurriedly ducked far away.

For the next two days, both of them spent their time without shame.

So much so that Alia’s legs go weak when she sees Su Shi.

And Sha Xinguo’s counterattack was also very successful.

The Gale Kingdom and the Lion Kingdom came out in full force, resulting in the emptiness of the domestic defense, which was broken by the soldiers of the Sand Heart Kingdom in one fell swoop.

Under the instruction of Babuch, they did not move the people in the city, but the royal family did not leave a single one!

A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye!

After this battle, the Shaxin Kingdom has two more satellite cities, plus the captured tens of thousands of troops, the strength has jumped to become the most powerful oasis!

And Su Shi’s reputation also resounded throughout the Western Regions.

Everyone knows that the reason why Sha Xinguo can turn against the wind is all because of this emperor-in-law from Linlang!

[Sand Heart Country annexes Gale Country and Lion Country, which affects the subsequent plot trend, and gains plot value of 30 points. 】

[The reputation of the oasis has been greatly increased, which affects the subsequent plot trend and obtains 50 plot points. 】

“It’s 80 o’clock again.

Su Shi nodded in satisfaction.

Lay and earn!

At this time, Aaliyah stepped out of the screen and wondered, “Why did you make this palace look like this?”

I saw her wearing a black and white servant costume, outlining a slender and slender figure, and her blond hair was tied into two long ponytails.

Emerald green eyes are full of ignorance and confusion.

Su Shi’s voice moved, “I’m such a genius!”


In the bedroom, in the Jade Pond, Feng Chaoge was immersed in the spiritual spring, and the steaming water vapor dyed his eyes with mist.

It’s hard to see what emotions are in it.

“Incomparable to a drunken life…”

“But even the immortal brew, drinking it alone has a little less flavor.


She raised her fair jade arm and fiddled with the petals on the water.

At this time, a footstep sounded from far to near, and a female official’s voice came from behind the screen: “Your Majesty, I received a message from General Wei’s flying eagle.”

Feng Chaoge made a move and said, “Let’s talk.”

The female official said: “The Duke of Zhenguo confirms that he is safe, and the country of Mochen did not dare to touch him. 99

She snorted coldly, “I don’t even dare to forgive them.

He said that, but he breathed a sigh of relief, and even his tone was much lighter, “Is there any other news?”

The female officer continued: “Shaxin Country was besieged by two countries, and the Hu Ben army just arrived…”

Feng Chaoge’s eyes flickered.

Didn’t expect such a thing to happen.

The Hu Ben army did not destroy the Mochen country, but just saved the Shaxin country, causing the Gale Wind and the Lion to be annexed by it.

Indirectly changed the situation of the entire oasis.

“Emperor of the Kingdom of Shaxin sent an ultimatum to express his gratitude to the Holy Emperor for his kindness, wishing to have good relations with Linlang from generation to generation, and to perform the ritual of pilgrimage every year.

・・・・ Flowers ・・・

The meaning of Sha Xinguo is obvious.

Self-awareness does not match Linlang’s strength, nor does he expect to establish equal diplomatic relations, and directly considers himself as a vassal state.

Willingly, bowed his head and bowed his head.

“This Babuch is a wise man.”

“In this way, the Hu Ben army has become famous, and who would dare to fight against him in the oasis countries?39

“Although it seems to have become a vassal state, the Western Regions and Kyushu are far away, and they have no interest in each other. Instead, they have a backer out of thin air.

Feng Chaoge has completely seen through the other party’s mind.

The female officer asked: “Then should this matter be dealt with?”

Feng Chaoge nodded, “Come on, things are a foregone conclusion, no matter what, multiple vassal states are not a bad thing. 99

“It’s just that I don’t understand something.

“Why are Su Shi and Sha Xinguo so close?”


The female official whispered: “This is the third piece of news reported by General Wei.


Feng Chaoge said curiously, “Let’s hear it. 39

The female official cleared her throat and said, “The Duke of Zhen and the Crown Princess of Sha Xin have tied the knot, and now they have become the emperor-in-law of Sha Xin…

The air was instantly quiet.

Feng Chaoge fell into silence, as motionless as a sculpture.

The female official said cautiously, “Your Majesty?”

“Happy Knot?”5

“The son-in-law?

Feng Chaoge’s face was expressionless, and his voice was low, “I am so worried about his safety that I don’t even hesitate to send troops to the Western Regions, but he is flirting with other women, and he has become a son-in-law?”


The steaming spiritual spring turned into ice in an instant!

The graceful figure stepped on the ice and walked out slowly, Huang Huang coercion made the female official kneel on the ground involuntarily.

Feng Chaoge’s indifferent voice sounded: “Tell Wei Su to bring Su Shi back to me immediately.

“I want to ask him carefully, what’s so good about the wild women in the Western Regions!”

“If he doesn’t dare to come to Weiyang Capital… in this life, don’t even want to see me wearing that dress! 35


The female officer responded with a trembling voice.

She seemed to hear a trace of grievance in His Majesty’s voice?

Thinking of seeing the two of them sleeping together before, an unreal thought came to mind.

“Your Majesty isn’t jealous, right?!

“and also……”

“What does that dress mean?

The female officer scratched her head.

Her intuition told her that Duke Zhen Guo was going to have bad luck this time! Qian.


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