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The envoy in black froze.


Su Shi?

Didn’t this person die at the hands of Zhan Qingchen?

The Sect had just decided not long ago to let Shi Meng take over the post of Commander of Fengsha City.

However, this Su Shi in front of him seemed to be in good health.

“Envoy, you have taken my seat.”

“You ……”

The black-clothed envoy was just about to say something when his eyes met Su Shi’s.

The pair of eyes were dark and deep, as if they were a bottomless sea, concealing waves of tyrannical and turbulent horror.

The black-clothed envoy’s heart trembled and he stood up uncontrollably.

Su Shi sat down indifferently and said, “Go, bring a chair for the envoy.”


Wu Mang picked up a chair and placed it beside Su Shi.

“Mr. Envoy, please sit down.”

The black-clothed envoy came back to his sense, and his face suddenly looked a little ugly.

I had actually been bullied by this brat?

“Commander Su is actually unharmed? It seems that your ability to escape is indeed good.”

The black-clothed envoy’s tone was full of mockery.

Su Shi sighed, “I am ashamed to say that Zhan Qingchen is truly exceptional in her strength, I used all my strength and she was still able to escape.”


The black-clothed Envoy said amusedly, “From what you said, it seems like you have the upper hand?”

Su Shi thought seriously and said, “Actually it should be considered a draw.”

He kissed Zhan Qingchen twice after she stabbed him with a sword.

So it wouldn’t be wrong to call it a draw.

The envoy in black was almost exasperated.

Brat, you can still boast when you were made to almost die?

Zhan Qingchen is the Chief Disciple of Tianji Pavilion, the number one genius of the Righteous path’s younger generation.

You are only at the Realm of Foundation Establishment, how are you qualified to compete with her?

At that moment, the envoy in black remembered something and looked around, “Where did Shi Meng go? Why haven’t I seen him yet?”

“Oh that’s unfortunate, but it’s a long story.”

Su Shi sighed, his voice low, “I have always treated Deputy Shi as a brother, but he attempted to kill me, fortunately I found out in advance and had him executed on the spot.”

“Executed on the spot?”

The envoy in black froze, and then exclaimed, “You mean you killed Shi Meng?!”

Su Shi corrected, “It was an act of self-defense.”

The envoy in black swallowed.

Shi Meng was a person in the Realm of Golden Elixir, and he had just died so easily?

“You said that he attempted to kill you, can anyone prove it for you?”


“We can all testify for Commander Su.”

“Shi Meng deserves to die for plotting that assassination.”

The crowd below advanced one after another.

Su Shi stretched out his hand with an innocent look as if to say “see?”

The envoy in black saw this and frowned.

The previous Fengsha City could be described as scattered chaos.

Although Su Shi was the commander, he was completely unable to control the people.

Moreover, after several failures, his prestige had fallen down.

But now.

This group of disciples looked at him and their attitude was completely different from before.

The envoy in black was puzzled, “Even so, Shi Meng is a powerful Golden Elixir Realm, how did Commander Shu kill him?”

Su Shi smiled and said, “It’s not like Fengsha City only has one Golden Elixir Realm practicioner.”

The envoy in black startled.

“You mean….”

Unable to continue his words, the envoy fell silent only to see a faint light flickering in Su Shi’s eyes, as if two green lotuses were slowly blooming, emitting a terrifying aura that destroyed everything.

The black-clothed envoy’s spine tingled.

Su Shi had actually broken through to the Golden Elixir Realm!

No wonder he could kill Shi Meng with his own hands!

For being a Golden Elixir cultivator at age of twenty, one could already be ranked among the top heavenly talents!

So he wasn’t bragging when he said he had a draw against Zhan Qingchen!

The black-clothed Envoy had completely put away his disdain.

With Su Shi’s age and endless future potential, even he didn’t dare to offend him so easily from now on.

“I believe in Commander Su, but Shi Meng has a position, I still have to report this matter to the sect.”

Su Shi nodded and said, “It should be.”

The envoy in black breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile, “Many thanks to Commander Su for understanding.”

There was a one hundred and eighty degree change in attitude.

“I came here this time to inform Commander Su that the sect is preparing to completely rid of Righteous force from Southwest Region.”

“Commander Su is requested to lead the Fengsha City backbone to Yulin City as soon as possible to discuss this matter together.”

“Yulin City?”

Su Shi’s eyes flashed.

The timeline was basically the same, it seemed like the main storyline was about to begin!

His heart was turbulent, but on the surface he still seemed calm, “Understood, I will go there as soon as possible.”

“Alright, then I won’t bother you any further.”

The envoy in black stood up and cupped his hands, “I’ll take my leave first.”

Su Shi nodded his head, “Take care, envoy.”

“May Commander Su be blessed with good health.”

The envoy in black turned around and walked out of the lobby.

Looking at his back, Wu Mang whispered, “Commander, if Shi Meng’s matter is known by the sect, it might be a little troublesome, should we escort the envoy halfway ……?”

He said and made a motion of cutting his throat.

Su Shi shook his head and said, “No need.”

It was Shi Meng who had intended to kill him from beginning, so even if the sect investigated this he was not afraid.

If he pursued the envoy in secret, he would be asking for trouble instead.

“Pack up and prepare to leave for Yulin City!”



There were nine cities in the Southwest Region.

Except for Nanli City, which was still under the control of the imperial dynasty, the other eight cities had been infiltrated by the Demonic Sect.

Yulin City was the richest and most powerful among these cities.

Its city walls were tall and sturdy, and above its gates were the words ‘Yulin’ painted with silver and iron hooks.

The streets of the city are wide and paved with bluestones, and the streets are lined with shops and pavilions with ancient charm.

The town was bustling with people.

A man and a woman walked slowly through the streets.

The man was tall and erect, with a handsome face, while the woman had clear eyebrows and a graceful figure.

It was Su Shi and Bai Qing.

They were like a beautiful couple, very eye-catching, attracting the attention of pedestrians.

At this moment, a group of merchants passed by, and the streets became a little crowded.

“Be careful.”

Su Shi naturally grabbed Bai Qing’s hand.

Bai Qing shuddered.

Feeling the heat coming from her palm, her heart almost jumped into her throat.

Am I really holding hands with master?

It’s so intense!


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