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On the shelf in front of him lay a piece of amber with a flame sealed in it.

Even if it is isolated from the air, it still burns quietly.

Su Shi’s eyes lit up.

“It turned out to be Tinder?””

Tinder is hard to come by.

Although it cannot be refined and used by itself, it is a precious nourishment for Shenhuo.

If the number is large enough, it can even cause a magical transformation.

It may be useless to others, but to Su Shi, it is invaluable – a treasure.

Although the fire in front of me is not as good as the pure source fire sold in the mall, it is purer than the one obtained in Qianyang City.

“Good stuff! 35

Su Shi picked up the amber and spit out the strength in the palm of his hand.

The case shatters and the spark falls into the palm of the hand.

The Desolate Star Divine Flame ignited, and the fire naturally blended into it.

The fire suddenly rose!

I saw the color of the Desolate Star Divine Flame has become deep, and the originally pale golden flame is now transitioning to the golden color.

Su Shi frowned slightly, “It’s a little bit worse.”

Desolate Star Divine Flame’s appearance is too high.

Even if this kind of fire is pure enough, it only increases the divine flame by less than 10%.

If you want to transform again, you need not a small amount.

Su Shi shook his head helplessly.

Where can I get so much fire?

At this time, Yun Qiluo said: “Do you want this thing? I remember that there are still some.””

Her divine consciousness covered Wanbao Pavilion, her mind moved slightly, and a pile of amber crackled in front of Su Shi.

“Have you seen enough?”


Looking at the fire in front of him, Su Shi couldn’t help swallowing.

Maybe this is the rich woman?

After a stick of incense.


The divine flame was burning.

I saw that the flames had completely turned into gilded gold, as if a pool of golden water was slowly surging in the palm of his hand.

At least the power has increased by more than 80%!

“It’s still a little bit short, and it is estimated that a pure source fire seed is needed.

It’s a pity, but Su Shi is already satisfied.

After all, Desolate Star Divine Flame has just transformed.

“If it can transform again, Taihe Fu should also be able to enter the second rank. 55

Su Shi is now a complete first turn.

If you can successfully break through the realm, you can logically break the pill and become a baby!

After absorbing the fire, Su Shi walked up to Yun Qiluo, “Holy Lord, let’s go.

Yun Qiluo asked, “You don’t pick anymore?”

Su Shi shook his head and said, “No need.”

His practice is all top-level exercises and supernatural powers, and the storage ring is also filled with treasures taken from the Qingqiu treasure house.

Although the things here are good, they are not necessary for him.

“All right.

Yun Qiluo said: “When you break through Nascent Soul, this seat will take you to the second floor for a walk.

Su Shi smiled and said, “The Holy Lord is so kind to me.”

Yun Qiluo raised her head and snorted: “It’s good to know, don’t make me angry again in the future.”

Su Shi whispered, “Who made the Holy Master a vinegar jar?

“What did you say?”

Yun Qiluo pinched his soft flesh again.

“…wrong, wrong, just kidding!


In Yugan Palace, Feng Chaoge asked, “How is the situation in Northern Xinjiang?”

The female official bowed and replied: “After the boundary monument was pushed forward, the aliens did not move for the time being, it seems that the barbarian world should have acquiesced.

Feng Chaoge nodded, “Let Yu Ze continue to be stationed in the northern border, and those who dare to cross the boundary monument are considered to be invading our country.”


The female officer asked: “When will the boundary monument be brought back? 35

After all, what was said at the time was “temporarily pushed forward”.

Feng Chaoge sneered, “How could it be possible to spit back the meat that has reached the mouth? Let the staff department redraw the map.

The concession of the barbarian world exposed the weakness of the alien race.

This three-hundred-mile territory, Linlang Kingdom is about to be settled!

The female officer was secretly startled.

This is truly a frontier!

The Holy Emperor’s wrist is still as tough as ever!


Feng Chaoge seemed to remember something, and said casually, “Is there any news from Duke Zhenguo?”

The female official replied: “The country of Mochen has not responded. It seems that there will be no further investigation. Duke Zhen Guo arrived at the Nether Sect yesterday.”

Feng Chaoge nodded, “It’s pretty good.

Weak countries have no diplomacy.

It’s just a prince of Xiaoshacheng, and if you kill it, you will kill it.

If the other party dares to look for trouble, she doesn’t mind letting the desert have a dazzling flag!

Thinking of that handsome face, Feng Chaoge shook slightly.

Since Su Shi left, her life has returned to “normal”.

After reading endless memorials, dealing with endless affairs, eating only one bite of breakfast, going to court on time every day, she has changed back to the indifferent queen who ruled Kyushu.

But in the dead of night, sitting alone in the empty palace.

The great loneliness almost swallowed her up.

Although she didn’t want to admit it, she missed that warm embrace very much.

“I really seem to be inseparable from Su Shi.

“But after this incident, Yun Qiluo will not let him go easily.”5

“Hmph, since the other party doesn’t give it, then I will take it myself!”

Feng Chaoge’s eyes gradually became firm, “Destroying Demon Sect, grab Su Shi, it is urgent!”

·Seeking flowers»

Nether Sect, Holy Son Mansion.

The sky was getting dark, and candlelight shone through the room.

A figure leaned against the wall and walked under the window, looked left and right, and after confirming that no one was there, he silently rolled in through the window.

Candlelight flickered.

Illuminated the handsome face of the “thief”.

It was Yu Jiaolong.

She walked slowly to the edge of the bed, looked at the human figure wrapped in the quilt, and said softly, “Holy Son, are you asleep?

The man in the quilt shook a little, but didn’t say a word.

“In order not to be discovered, I can only come in through the window, and hope that the Holy Son is not to blame.”

The atmosphere is quiet and the needles are falling.

Yu Jiaolong whispered: “I know you haven’t slept, this cold poison seems to be more violent than usual, if you don’t mind, can you still hug me tonight?

“I promise not to move, try not to touch the place that shouldn’t be touched.”

The man in the quilt remained silent.

Seeing this, Yu Jiaolong lost his expression and forced a smile: “Sorry, it seems that I was abrupt.

“Thanks to the help of the Son these days, I… I will never forget it.

“Holy Son, rest early, I won’t bother you again in the future. 99

After he finished speaking, he turned and walked towards the window.

She clenched her slender hand tightly, her nails deeply embedded in her palm.

“It’s me being too brazen, it seems that I was hated by the Son of God.”

“It’s just cold poison, you could hold on before, why can’t you hold on now?

“Why am I so weak?”

Yu Jiaolong’s heart was full of depression and regret, “Sure enough, I’m still more suitable for a person…”

“The Jade Holy Envoy stays.””

Suddenly, a crisp voice came from behind.

Yu Jiaolong’s footsteps stopped, and her body stiffened.

Slowly turn around and look.

I saw Bai Qing sitting on the bed and said with an embarrassed expression: “Young Master was called away by the Holy Master, and he has not come back yet, I am helping Young Master to warm the bed, I did not eavesdrop on purpose.

“Otherwise, can you see me hug you?

Yu Jiaolong stood there blankly.

It was too close to the Holy Master’s bedroom, so she was afraid of being discovered, so she didn’t use her consciousness.

Unexpectedly, the person in the quilt is not Su Shi?

What you just said…

It’s over, it’s all heard!

With his white eyes wide and round, he stammered: “Jade, Jade Holy Envoy, you are smoking!

Rakshasa Palace.

Su Shi sat on the phoenix couch and looked at Yun Qiluo with a puzzled expression.

“Holy Lord?” Qian.


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