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“Commander means…”

Su Shi didn’t answer, but instead asked: “How long have you guys been stuck in the late stage of foundation building?”

“Six years.”

“Eight years.”

“It’s been more than seven years now.”

Several people have given answers.

“It’s been so long?”

Su Shi shook his head and said, “With your talents, I’m afraid you won’t be able to form a golden elixir in this lifetime.”

Several people looked at each other with bitter expressions.

Although the words are very straightforward, I have to admit that this is the truth.

They are just ordinary people with neither talent nor resources, and the later stage of foundation building is the limit that can be achieved.

As for the Golden Core Realm?

Don’t even think about it.

“I wait for the aptitude to be dull, and it is a great blessing to be admitted to the sect. How can I dare to expect more?”

“It’s good to have self-awareness.”

Su Shi smiled, “But what if I said, I can make you break through the golden elixir?”


“Jindan? Commander, stop joking.”

“How is this possible?”

Several people obviously did not believe it.

I know my own situation. I have been stuck in the foundation building for so many years, and the root bone has already rotted away.

Even if they are given more resources now, their realm will not be loosened in the slightest.

Su Shi said lightly, “I’m joking? Wu Mang.”

“Subordinates are here.”

A strong man stood up.

This person was standing behind several people, and he had been silent for a while.

Su Shi gestured, “Let them see.”


Wu Mang’s eyes changed.

There is no wind in the clothes, and the whole body is surging with spiritual energy, like a stormy sea!

Feeling the terrifying breath, everyone’s expressions couldn’t help changing.

“Wu Mang, you, you are…”

Wu Mang’s voice was low, “Thanks to the commander’s love, I have entered the realm of golden elixir.”

Everyone’s eyes were dull.

Although I can’t believe it, Wu Mang in front of me is indeed a real golden pill!

Does Su Shi really have the ability to make people break through the realm?

Their breathing is a little rough.

If you can enter the Golden Core Realm, let alone Sandstorm City, even in the Southwest Prefecture, there are a number of powerhouses.

If there is a chance to become a ghost general, then the future is even more limitless!


There is no free lunch in the world, will Su Shi be so kind?

Su Shi took out five talisman papers and threw them in front of them.

“If you swallow this talisman, you can enter the golden pill, but from now on, your life will be in my hands, you can make a decision after considering it.”

Looking at the dark talisman paper in front of them, everyone’s expressions changed, and they quickly thought about the pros and cons.

The atmosphere was quiet for a while.

Su Shi didn’t rush, and tapped his fingers lightly on the table.

Every time it seems to ring in the hearts of everyone.

At this moment, Wu Mang said: “In this chaotic world, the foundation building does not even have the ability to protect himself, and one day he will die on the street. Why not seize the opportunity, change the fate, and follow the commander of the Soviet Union to achieve a success. Pan Domination?”

“You already have nothing, so what is there to hesitate?”

“Damn it!”

One of them grabbed the talisman paper, stuffed it directly into his mouth and swallowed it.

The next second, the breath skyrocketed!

The rest of the people couldn’t hold back and swallowed the talisman paper one after another.


The wind whistled, and the spirit was surging.

In an instant, all five of them entered the Golden Core!

“Is this the power of the Golden Core Realm?”

Feeling the unprecedented power in the body, everyone was extremely excited.

This feeling is really wonderful!


Wu Mang knelt down on one knee and said loudly, “I am willing to follow Commander Su to the death!”

The other five people reacted and fell to their knees one after another, their eyes awed and fanatical.

“Swear to follow Commander Su to the death!”

Su Shi nodded in satisfaction.

These people were carefully selected by him.

The foundation is very clean, and most importantly, no worries.

“The five of you should be named ‘Shadow’. The serial numbers are from one to five. All of you will be dispatched by Wu Mang.”

He couldn’t remember everyone’s names.

“Xie Commander for the name.”

The five bowed their heads.

Su Shi waved his hand, “Wu Mang stay, everyone else go down.”


The five bowed and retreated.

After they went out, Su Shi said: “The position of the deputy commander, you can sit for the time being.”


Wu Mang did not refuse.

Su Shi asked again, “How is the situation on the Zongmen side?”

Wu Mang replied: “Let’s go back to the commander, the Zongmen messenger arrived in Southwest Prefecture yesterday. If we count the time, we should be arriving at Fengsha City soon.”

“it is good.”

Su Shi stood up, “Come on, follow me to meet the messenger.”

He looked calm, and a cold light flashed in his eyes.

The magic station.

In the lobby, the black-clothed messenger Dalala sat in the first place, “Where is Commander Shi, why haven’t you come to see me?”

The Demon Sect people below bowed their heads and said nothing.

Seeing this, the messenger in black frowned and slammed the table.

“I’m asking you, everyone is dumb?!”

The crowd remained silent.

It was as if the collective were deaf.


Just when he was about to get angry, a faint voice sounded:

“I don’t know if the messenger is coming, and if you miss it, I hope the messenger will not blame it.”


The messenger in black looked up.

I saw a tall and straight figure walking in slowly.

The people who had been silent just now responded to the sound, fell to one knee and said in unison, “I have seen Commander Su!”

Looking at that fair and handsome face, the black-clothed messenger couldn’t help frowning!

“Su Shi?!”

This man is not dead? !

Su Shi walked up to him.

Condescending and smiling brightly:

“Please let me go, you are sitting in my seat.”*


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