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Three poles in the sun.

Yu Jiaolong opened his eyes blankly.

I saw myself lying on the bed, and the sunlight poured into the room through the window lattice, bringing a touch of warmth.

Its daybreak.

“I actually fell asleep?”

Since she came out of the ten thousand years of ice, she has suffered from cold poison, and she has to survive every night under the paralysis of spirits.

When has there been such a sweet sleep?

Feel it carefully.

The meridians in the body are stable, the spiritual power is unimpeded, and the cold has completely subsided.

“Really survived!”

Yu Jiaolong looked surprised.

Yesterday’s cold poison was extremely ferocious, even if her resolve was as strong as a rock, she could only reluctantly choose to admit defeat.

But even if she gave up herself, someone did not give up on her.


Thinking of the man who was desperately burning himself, Yu Jiaolong’s eyes flashed with an inexplicable look.

Just then, she noticed something.

Slowly turned to look.

I saw Su Shi lying beside her, big hands tightly around her slender waist, and the two stick closely together.

He heard even breathing, accompanied by a strong heartbeat.

Yu Jiaolong’s body instantly stiffened.

It seemed like a piece of wood was motionless, staring blankly at the ceiling.


At this time, Su Shi also slowly woke up.

Looking at Yu Jiaolong in his arms, he smiled and said, “Sacred Jade, are you awake?”

He fought the cold poison with all his strength last night.

The Heaven and Human Sutra, Spirit Marrow, Golden Marrow, Spirit Stone… exhausted all means to replenish spiritual power, and finally lasted until the moment of dawn.

The cold poison receded like a tide, and he also lost his strength and fell into a drowsiness.

Yu Jiaolong’s eyes flickered, “Thank you yesterday.”

“It’s okay, this is what I promised you.

Su Shi said: “When I break through Yuan Ying, or when Shen Yan transforms again, I should be able to completely remove the cold poison.”

The ten thousand years of coldness are like gangrene attached to the bones.

Now he can only wear it slowly, and it is not easy to get rid of it completely.

“As long as you have plot value, you can exchange for pure source fire seeds, the transformation of divine flames is not as difficult as imagined~

“And I still have the Mysterious Sand Divine Pearl, maybe it can also play a role?”

Su Shi thought to himself.

Seeing his serious thinking, Yu Jiaolong’s eyes softened a little.

This man really wants to help himself.

“Su Shengzi…”

“What’s wrong?”

Yu Jiaolong turned his head and said softly, “Why don’t we get up first?

Only then did Su Shi react.

The two are still hugging each other very closely!

Yu Jiaolong clenched the quilt tightly, and said in a low voice, “Please turn around, Holy Son, I’ll put on my clothes first.

Su Shi quickly turned his head.

There was a rustling sound behind him.

“All right.”


Yu Jiaolong was neatly dressed, standing beside the bed, clasped his fists and said, “Thanks to the Son of God for saving me yesterday, I will remember the kindness in my heart, and I will repay it in the future.”

His face was as usual, and his expression was calm.

It was as if nothing had happened just now.

Su Shi’s throat moved, and he said with difficulty: “Sacred Jade, you are smoking. 35

I saw bursts of white mist rising above her head, which seemed to be the water vapor produced by the fusion of cold and heat.

“I went out first.

Yu Jiaolong lowered his head and walked quickly towards the door.

As a result, it slammed into the door frame with a bang.

She hurriedly wanted to push the door and leave.

But the door didn’t move at all, and it couldn’t be opened no matter what.

Su Shi reminded in a low voice, “This door opens inward…”

Yu Jiaolong opened the door and ran away.

Looking at the flustered back, Su Shi pinched his chin, “The Jade Saint Messenger isn’t shy, right? 99

Because of shyness, the body temperature rises, and when it encounters cold, it produces water mist?

I’ve seen people with blushing heartbeats, people with weak legs and feet, but it’s rare to see smoke from their heads.

What a weird physique!

Su Shi shook his head amusingly.

“No wonder I’ve never seen her blushing, it turned out to be the reason for the cold entering the body?

“However, after expelling the cold air, it is still very warm to hold.

Su Shi’s heartbeat quickened when he thought of that beautiful figure that was as clean as jade.


So foul!

in the dining room.

The three sat at the table.

Yu Jiaolong looked calm.

The slender hands hidden under the dining table were clutching the clothes tightly, and the eyes were erratic and never dared to look in the direction of Su Shi.

Bai Qing looked back and forth on the two of them.

The little face was flushed, not knowing what to think.

Su Shi wondered, “You two won’t eat?”

“Not hungry.



Su Shi continued to keep his head down.

After he was full, Yu Jiaolong asked, “Holy Son, when are we going back?”

When she came out this time, she was ordered to take Su Shi back to the sect.

Yesterday has already been delayed for a day, if it is delayed any longer, I am afraid that the Holy Master will be angry again.

Su Shi thought for a while, “Let’s go after dinner.”

The crisis in Sandstorm City has been lifted.

Although he killed an unknown prince, even if the other party knew that he did it, he would never dare to make trouble in Linlang territory.

The fate of the tiger clan is still vivid in my eyes!

“Going again?

Bai Qing was stunned.

The son has been out for so long, and he just came back yesterday.

The two haven’t said a few words yet, and are they going to be separated again today?

Su Shi nodded and said, “I’m the sect’s holy son, it’s really not a good idea to not go back for so long.””

“makes sense.

Bai Qing felt lost in her heart, but she still forced a smile and said: “Young master, go and do your work, and leave it to me in the house. I will work hard to cultivate and wait for you to come back obediently.”

Having said that, his voice couldn’t help trembling, and his big eyes were covered with a layer of mist.

“You can’t cry, as a maid, you must be sensible, and you can’t hold back the Son of God.

Bai Qing pinched her thigh hard.

Su Shi shook his head and said, “You don’t need to take care of things in the house.”

Bai Qing’s heart trembled, and she hurriedly said: “Is there something wrong with me? Young master, just say it, I and I will change it!”

The son wants to drive himself away again?

Is it because I ran into that scene in the morning?

Su Shi frowned and said, “What do you say? I asked you to go back to the sect with me.

Leaving Bai Qing in Fengsha City, he was always worried.

It will definitely be much safer to bring back the Nether Sect.


Bai Qing couldn’t believe it.

Su Shi nodded, “Of course it is true, although you are not a sect disciple, the Holy Master has agreed…”

Before he could finish speaking, Bai Qing had already plunged into his arms.

Suppressed tears welled up in his eyes.

“Wow~~ scared me to death!”

“I thought you didn’t want me anymore, woohoo~”

Su Shi was angry and funny, “What are you thinking about in your head?”

With tears in her eyes, she hugged him and sobbed: “I thought I saw you sleeping with the Eastern Saint Envoy, but you think I know too much.”


The atmosphere fell silent.

Bai Qing hurriedly covered her mouth.

It’s over, let’s talk!

Yu Jiao Long Zhen lowered her head, her pupils trembling slightly.

Has anyone even been seen?

Su Shi swallowed.

“Jade Holy Envoy, you’re smoking again…”


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