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Yu Jiaolong sat cross-legged, his eyes closed slightly, and bursts of cold air rose from his body.

The lashes and hair are covered in a light frost.

The temperature of the whole room dropped to freezing point.

Even at this distance, Su Shi felt the chill.

It is conceivable how much pain she is suffering.

“No wonder she keeps drinking.”

“Such a terrifying cold poison, if you don’t use alcohol anesthesia, I’m afraid no one can endure it.

Su Shi sighed.

Yu Jiaolong’s body was surging with spiritual energy, trying to suppress the cold air.

But still can not stop the spread of frost.


She opened her eyes, looking a little helpless.

During the day, the yang energy is strong, and the cold poison generally does not attack, and only in the middle of the night will it erupt from the bones and meridians.

Using his own cultivation base to fight against it, plus immortal brewing anesthesia, at least it can last until dawn.

But this time things are different.

The illusion of the human-faced demon spider had completely evoked the cold poison, and she couldn’t suppress it by herself.

Su Shi said, “Let me help you. 99

Yu Jiaolong nodded 12 times, “I’ve troubled the Holy Son.

Su Shi sat across from her and held her icy, slender hand.

A pale golden flame ignited in the palm of his hand.

The Desolate Star Divine Flame was slowly and gently injected into the body, constantly dispelling the chill in the meridians.

Yu Jiaolong trembled.

The numb body finally regained a sense of consciousness.

But how easy is it to get rid of the ten thousand years of cold?

As soon as Shenyan entered the body, he was attacked by a swift and violent counterattack.

The cold air seemed to sense the threat, and kept gathering towards the divine flames, and soon regained possession of the meridians.

Su Shi frowned slightly, increasing his spiritual power output.

The flames rose suddenly.

But then ushered in a more ferocious counterattack!

“I still don’t believe it!”

Su Shi ran the Sutra of Heaven and Man at a high speed, and at the same time took out the spiritual marrow and drank a drop, continuously providing fuel to the divine flame.

A tug of war started in Yu Jiaolong’s body.

But this cold air seems to be endless.

Continue to gather from other places, chasing and blocking the desolate star Shenyan.

It quickly gained the upper hand.

Yu Jiaolong looked at the frost spreading on his body and sighed: “Holy Son, don’t waste your energy.

Desolate Star Shenyan is of high quality, but Ten Thousand Years of Cold Qi is not a vegetarian.

After so many years, the cold poison had already invaded the bone marrow.

Now that it has erupted in an all-round way, Su Shi has been able to solve it.

Su Shi shook his head and said solemnly, “If you don’t suppress the cold poison, you may freeze to death!

Even so during the day, how dangerous is it after nightfall?

Not to mention the elimination of the cold, whether it can last until the next day is unknown!

Seeing that it was getting late, the cold poison became more and more active, and Yu Jiaolong’s face became paler.

The whole person was covered with frost.

But even though he suffered so much, he still did not complain.

“It’s okay, it’s already earned.”

“The moment I was frozen, I was actually dead, and I didn’t expect to be rescued by the Holy Lord. 35

“Since that day, every day I live has been an extra.””

Yu Jiaolong’s expression was indifferent, as if he really saw through life and death.

“I don’t want to admit it, but I did lose this time.”

She picked up the jug from the storage ring and raised her arms with difficulty, “However, I can finally drink. 39

The jug was brought to his lips, but not a drop of wine could be poured out.

In just a few seconds in his hand, the immortal brew in the pot was already frozen into a lump of ice.

Seems like the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Yu Jiaolong clutched the jug, his eyes trembled slightly, and said in a low voice, “Why do you always make me regret?”5

It was already very painful, but he couldn’t even drink a sip of wine.

This fate is too cruel.

Seeing her aggrieved look, Su Shi was silent for a moment, then stood up slowly.

Then he started to undress himself.

Yu Jiaolong was puzzled and asked, “What are you doing?”

“This dress was given to me by someone else, and I don’t want to ruin it.

Su Shi took off his python robe and put it in the storage ring.

Standing tall and straight, with knotted muscles, he stood in front of Yu Jiaolong.

“The reason why cold poisons are difficult to expel is because they hide in every corner of your body. 55

“Just shaking hands, the contact area is too small, and the divine flame will easily be extinguished.

“We just have to hug.

The flame on Su Shi’s body exploded, instantly turning into a human-shaped torch!

Yu Jiaolong shook his head and smiled bitterly: “It’s useless, it’s going to be night soon, you can’t last that long.”

After all, Su Shi only has the Golden Core Realm.

This kind of unrelenting burning, it is not easy to last for half an hour, how can it be possible to survive tomorrow morning?

“I understand the kindness of the Holy Son…”

“The Jade Messenger. 35

Su Shi interrupted: “I know that my ability is limited, and I can’t help you eradicate the cold poison for the time being, but there is one thing I can still do.”9

The golden pupils stared at her, and the voice was slow and firm: “This long night is long, I will spend it with you.

Yu Jiaolong was stunned.

Before he came back to his senses, he was pulled into a fiery embrace.

Su Shi hugged Yu Jiaolong tightly, the raging flames completely wrapped her, and the rough clothes instantly turned to ashes.

The cold air and the flames collided, and the house was filled with steam.

Su Shi said in a deep voice, “Hold on, I’ll invite you to drink enough tomorrow.”

Yu Jiaolong stared at him blankly.

This man 423 burned himself desperately, as if he wanted to melt the glacier with his body temperature.

The heart beat violently.

“Fool. 35

Yu Jiaolong turned her head away, her eyes were complicated, but her arms were wrapped around her strong waist.

The frost on the body gradually melted away, and the pale cheeks returned to blood.

“Although a little embarrassed.””

“But he’s really warm. 35

Yu Jiaolong’s eyes narrowed slightly, like a lazy cat basking in the sun on the roof.


The next morning.

dong dong dong.

Bai Qing knocked on the door.

After waiting for a while, no one in the room answered.

“Young master is still sleeping in? Then I can come in. 55

Bai Qing cautiously pushed open the door, “Master, it’s time to get up and eat…”

The words stopped abruptly.

She stood there like a statue, with disbelief written all over her face.

I saw on the bed, the two were sleeping hugging each other.

One of them was of course Su Shi, and the other turned out to be the Holy Messenger of the East!

The key is,

Neither of them are wearing clothes!

Bai Qing hurriedly covered her eyes, her pretty face flushed and hot.

“No wonder you didn’t use me to warm the bed yesterday, it turned out to be with the Holy Messenger of the East…”

“Didn’t you say it happened to be with you?”

“Did they happen to sleep together again? 35

“My son is so outrageous!


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