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Western Desert.

A bustling city-state sits atop an oasis.

The buildings seem to be made of yellow sand, and the sun shines with golden light.

Inside a luxury palace.


Damour smashed the wine glass and said coldly: “What is the situation?”

The guard knelt on the ground and said in a trembling voice: “Your Majesty, the second prince was attacked by the enemy in the desert. General Kachar went to reinforce, but neither of them came back.”5

“The jade slip of the second prince’s soul has been broken.

The people around took a breath of cold air, and their faces were full of disbelief.

The second prince is dead?!

The atmosphere is cold and chilling.

“Who is it that dares to harm my prince!

Damour’s expression was extremely ugly.

In this oasis, although Mochen Country is not a big country, its strength is definitely not to be underestimated.

Dare to kill the prince, “four two three” is declaring war on the entire desert country!

“Who did it?”

“Quicksand Country? Or Tulong Country?

On the oasis, dozens of sand cities are dotted, and each sand city is almost a small country.

There are both trade exchanges and frequent conflicts and frictions between them.

When the second prince was killed, it was hard not to think that it was a conspiracy of another country.

The guard said: “The second prince has been swallowed by the quicksand, and the body is difficult to excavate, so this thing was only found in the yellow sand.

The guard presented a broken jade stone.

It is the second prince’s personal jade pendant.

Damour looked at the black-robed man beside him, “National teacher, can you see if you can find any clues?

“As ordered. 33

The man in black robe came over and picked up the broken jade.

The palm lit up with a faint light, and the yellow sand condensed in the air, reflecting a fragmented picture.

The silver spear pierced Kachar’s chest, and the second prince was squeezed by the sand wall, leaving no bones.

Yellow sand buried everything.

At the end of the screen, a figure in white flashed by.

Damour frowned, “It doesn’t look like this dress is from Oasis…

The national teacher looked surprised and said: “I recognize this person!


Damour hurriedly asked, “Who is this man?”

The national teacher said: “Your Majesty should have heard of it, the Holy Son of the Nether Sect, Su Shi!

Damour was stunned, “It turned out to be him?”

This magic genius has recently gained fame.

He is not only the holy son of the devil, but also the hero of the human race.

“Why did he attack me Mochen Country?”

Damour frowned.

It’s tough this time.

The country of Linlang is strong and powerful, with vast land and resources, and it is a first-class power in the entire Shuojin world.

What’s more, there is the Supreme Empress.

Because the Tiger Clan threatened the wasteland city, they pushed the northern border three hundred miles forward!

What a means and audacity this is!

Damour did not want to offend such a strong man in his heart.

But if you give up on this, I am afraid that you will not be able to raise your head in the oasis in the future!

Damuel thought again and again, and said solemnly: “Su Shi, as a minister of Linlang, brutally killed my prince Mochen, this is tantamount to starting a war!

“The national teacher obeys.

“The minister is here.”

“I ordered you to hold the envoy’s talisman letter and go to Weiyang Capital as soon as possible to inform Empress Linlang of Su Shi’s evil deeds, and let her give me an account of Mochen Kingdom!”

“…I will obey the order.

The national teacher’s face was a little ugly, and he obviously didn’t want to be this early bird.

But there is no way to disobey the emperor’s order.

The national teacher took the envoy to leave the palace, and the pot suddenly exploded in the hall.

“Su Shi is too much!”

“Rampant, so rampant! Years

“Killing the prince and the general, Linlang Kingdom must give us an explanation!

Hundreds of officials are excited.

Damour’s eyes flickered slightly.

After all, Su Shi’s identity was there, and he didn’t expect to let the other party die.

But whether it’s an apology or compensation, Linlangguo must show an attitude!

After all, this involves diplomatic relations between the two countries!

“No matter how strong the country of Linlang is, it can’t be unreasonable, right? 35

An hour later.

The national teacher flew back to the main hall in a dusty manner.

Damour wondered: “I’m back so soon? What does Linlangguo say?

The national teacher shook his head and said, “I failed to see Empress Linlang.”


Damuel frowned and said displeasedly: “When such a big thing happened, Feng Chaoge didn’t give any explanation?

“There is an argument.”

The national teacher said: “Although I haven’t seen the Empress, I have received an oral order from the Empress…”

Damuel’s expression softened a little, and he asked, “What did the other party say? I have died of a prince, so there should be at least some compensation, right?

The national teacher’s voice moved and whispered: “She asked His Majesty to have another…”

The hall was silent.

The ministers looked sluggish.

Damour frowned wildly.

regenerate one?

Is this what Lin Langguo said?

I thought Su Shi was arrogant enough.

As the ruler of a country, how could this Feng Chaoge be so unreasonable?

“Too deceitful! I want to cut off relations with the country of Linlang!”

Damour was furious.

The national teacher carefully reminded, “Your Majesty, we have not established diplomatic relations with Linlang.

“…Then I will tell the world about Su Shi’s evil deeds, so that the world can see his ugly face!

“Your Majesty, Su Shi was originally a man of the devil’s way.”


Damour fell silent.

The national teacher leaned over and whispered: “Your Majesty, there is not only the female emperor behind Su Shi, but also the demon emperor, think about the tiger clan…

Damour shuddered.

That Demon Emperor is far more cruel than the Empress!

Damuel’s expression changed, he hesitated for a long time, then cleared his throat and said: “Cough, why don’t you take a look at the national teacher, are you sure that the man in white is Su Shi?”

The national teacher suddenly realized and said: “I seem to have misunderstood, that person is not Su Shi at all, but a robber who is wandering in the desert.”

Damour nodded, “I order you to investigate this matter clearly, catch the real murderer, and give justice to my son.

“As ordered.

The national teacher bowed.

The ministers looked left and right, pretending that nothing happened.

They knew in their hearts that the so-called clear investigation was just a random scapegoat.

The 4.2nd son of the Second Emperor and General Kachar should have died in vain…

Oasis Center, Sand Heart Country.

Chen Xiang curled up in the bedroom.

The girl in a gorgeous palace dress sat on a chair and asked, “Are you sure it’s the Mysterious Sand Pearl?

The sound is crisp and sweet, like an oriole out of the valley.

The golden-armored guard bowed and said: “It should be right, the place where Mukar died is exactly where the ruins of the Shavan Kingdom are located.

“The greed is not enough to swallow the elephant, and there is not enough strength, but it is delusional to compete for opportunities. 35

“It is estimated that Mo Chenguo can only swallow this breath.

The girl leaned on her chin, her handsome brows slightly furrowed, “How can I get Su Shi to come to the oasis?”

Sand City.

In the bedroom, Su Shi looked at Yu Jiaolong.

“Sacred Jade, are you ready?””


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